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Can I have BTS reaction when their girlfriend follows them all day, doing aegyo to ask for their dick ('cause she wants it so bad) 😂 thanks!

BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Doing Aegyo to Ask For Them:


Jin had been busy for the past two weeks which meant the only contact you two had was strictly phone calls and occasional video calls. So when he had finally come home, it annoyed you that he decided to spend this time home cleaning or doing other house chores instead of spending time with you. He wasn’t ignoring you but you wanted to have him and he just wasn’t getting that. “Jinnie~” You cooed for the millionth time that day, giving him the cutest pout you could muster. The older male had caught on to what you were getting at but he found entertainment in letting you drag on. Moving closer to him, you locked eyes with him, that pout still plastered on your lips “You’ve been home for three days already and you haven’t touched me once.” With one last attempted, you squished your cheeks together. “I want you Jinnie, pleaseeee~” Jin chuckled, his heart already won over. “Anything for you, princess.”

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Something about him just never ceased to turn you on, from his sunshine like personality, his radiating smile, and the way he stole everyone’s attention when he danced. You found it hard to control yourself around him and it didn’t make it better that you knew just how amazing he could be in the bedroom. That dancer body of his sure knew how to work. He had dance practice today and you had tagged along, maybe being a bit too clingy if you had to admit it. You watched as he worked for hours, every hip thrust and body roll caused your cheeks to flush hues of red. “Hobiii” You called out, dragging out his name with a smile. His body came to a pause, chest raising and falling rapidly, sweat running down his face, even in this state he was perfect and it was just eating at you. “Yes?” With a smile, you pulled him over to sit. “Don’t you thing you deserve a little break?” You asked with a cutesy grin, your fingers softly trailing up his arm. “I guess, maybe i can just sit down for a few minutes.” You frowned and shook your head. “That’s not what I meant Hobii~ I think I can help you relax.” With an arched eyebrow, he looked towards you, a smirk on his lips. “And how are you going to do that y/n?” You laughed softly, creating a heart with both of your hands. “With my love, of course!” Though you tried to act cute, your eyes spelled out lust more than anything. “Then, show me how much you love me.” Hobi said lowly, opening his legs while shooting you a wink.

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You felt as if you were being annoying but you didn’t know any other way to get what you wanted. Yoongi had been stressed out with work, you had been frustrated beyond belief and so intimacy was something the both of you could use. Now you just had to get him on the same page. You had been attached to his side, constantly trying to get his attention. “Yoon-” Your voice was quickly silenced as he began to talk. “Look, y/n, can you please stop being so fucking clingy? I have a lot of work to do and you aren’t making it an easier on me.” His voice had some bite, your facial expression falling into a frown. He had never spoken to you that way and you wanted to believe it was because he was stressed out but you couldn’t help but take what he said to heart. “I just thought we could both use some ‘us’ time.” You murmured, eyes prickling with tears as you tried to hold them in. His heart ached as he realized the situation and immediately regretted his words. “Y/n, I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean any of that, I just haven’t been in the best mood lately.” He looked up at you with an apologetic yet straight face. “What do you wanna do?” He said with a sigh, your cheeks turning red as you thought of your answer. “You, if that wasn’t obvious enough.” 

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

You had tagged along with Namjoon and the rest of the boys as they went place to place filming different interviews. You enjoyed watching the energy all the boys had while speaking about their love and appreciation for their fans and work. But you always kept your eyes on him. You loved the way he always included all the boys even when questions seemed to be directed towards him. He was such a great leader and person overall, you couldn’t help but think how lucky you were to be able to call him yours. As the day went on, you couldn’t help but be turned on by his mind, the way he thought and the answers he gave that were always wholesome and well thought. It didn’t help that he was definitely serving looks like nobodies business this particular day. As you guys traveled from place to place, you never let his side, maybe even being a bit too clingy but Namjoon loved it. It wasn’t usual that you were this latched on so he was just sucking it up, being equally as clingy to you. The lingering touches, the way you were only calling him by a nickname, your cute faces and actions. “Babe, you seem different today. Is something up?” He murmured to you as you all stepped out the car to walk into the next building. Your eyes met his as you gave him a tiny shrug. “I thought it was pretty obvious what was up, Joonie~” You cooed gently back, biting your lip as you parted from him so the boys could set up for their next interview. You sat behind the camera, watching as the interviewer threw questions at the boys. With a smirk, you puled out your phone, sending Namjoon cute yet naughty messages. He felt his phone vibrating but ignored it as he didn’t have the time to check his phone. Your eyes met with his before you excused yourself form the bathroom. There you snapped a quick, suggestive picture, underneath reading, “I need you, Joonie oppaa~” A you walked back in quickly,pressing send and watching as he finally took out his phone in curiosity. His thumb quickly scrolled through each message, his eyes widening as he got to the last one. He couldn’t believe you had sent that kind of picture while in a public place. He looked back towards you with an amused expression before mouthing the word ‘home’.

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Jimin had been home for a few days, resting as he was finally given a break from all their promoting. You guys had finally been able to spend time together, the days had consisted of lame movies, cuddling, snacks, and just quality time overall. But it had been a while since you guys had been physical and you didn’t really know how to bring it up to him. “Jimin.” You cooed softly as you guys sat on the couch, laying your body across his lap. “Yes, y/n?” You looked up at him with a pout, your hands playing with the fabric of his shirt. “I’m bored, why don’t we have some fun~” Jimin looked down at you, his face obviously in deep thought. “Well, we can go out and do something?” He suggested, causing your eyes to roll. He definitely didn’t get what you waned. You sat up, straddling his lap as you looked into his eyes. “I want to have fun here though.” You whispered, nuzzling your nose against his cheek as you pressed your body against his. “M-maybe we can find something around here to do but their isn’t much but the tv.” You chuckled, leaning in to leave tiny kisses on his face hat trailed slowly down his neck. “I want you Jiminie~ We can have fun with each other.”

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Saturday had rolled up and luckily Taehyung had a day off. You had wanted to spend the day with him but the weather had something different in mind. Due to the downpour, you and Tae were imprisoned in your home. You didn’t let this ruin the day though and instead went on a quest to pamper your boyfriend. He had been working late hours, coming home beyond tired, so today you felt he deserved to just stay in bed and rest. Tae noticed this care and accepted it with open arms, wondering how he had gotten so lucky. You started with breakfast in bed, making all of his favorites and presenting it to him clad in one of his oversized shirts. You knew he loved when you wore his clothes and you could see already that he was happy. As the day went on, you continued to tend to him, making him lunch, cuddling up to him, even giving him a much needed back massage. “Y/n, I don’t think I could thank you enough for today.” Taehyung murmured as you guys laid in bed, your body encased in his arms. “Well, there is one way.” You murmured, flashing him a large smile as your hand slowly trailed down his body to his waist. Tae’s eyes widened slightly before he gave you a knowing smile. “Ah-” You cut him off, standing up from the bed. “How about me and you take a hot bath Tae Tae~?” Within seconds, he was up, dragging you to the bathroom.

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You had Jungkook had been dating for a while and of course the talk of taking the next step came up numerous times. Except, your boyfriend just so happened to be the biggest tease in history and would always get you worked up before leaving you to suffer and finish yourself. He always used the excuse of being busy or having to get up early the next morning for practice and you were fed up with it. Two could play this game and you were ready for your turn. You knew if there was one thing Kookie couldn’t resist, it was when you acted overly cute around him. It was something you used to get your way occasionally but of course he knew this. You spent the whole day holding his hand when you guys went out, giving him surprise kisses here and there, even calling him by his nickname more than ever. The male knew what you were doing but he couldn’t tell exactly what you wanted. “Baby, what do you want?” He asked with a smile as you guys finally made it home after a long day, the two of you sitting in your bedroom. “I want you, Kookie.” You whispered, climbing onto his lap. “We haven’t had us time in so long and I’ve been craving you..” Your voice cooed softly, your hands slithering under his shirt. Jungkook wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer. “You’ve been so adorable all day, how could I say no?” You giggled, your lips attaching to his neck as you pressed your hips against his. “Then don’t” Your kissed up his neck before connecting your lips with his. They molded perfectly together and from that pressure against your thigh, you could tell he was enjoying it. His hands went to work on your shirt, pulling it off quicker than you can react. Now to get him back. You pulled away, heavy breathing between you two, a smirk growing on your lips. “Don’t you have early practice tomorrow? Wouldn’t want you being tired.” You quickly rolled off of him, getting up grab a glass of water. “Get some sleep, Kookie~” He looked stunned for a moment before he got up with a chuckle. “That was hot.” He commented before grabbing your wrist. “But we both know you want this as badly as I do.” He said, dragging you back to the bed. “Now lets finish what you started.”

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-I really hope this was okay! Sorry for being gone for so long ;; School has been kicking my ass and I just haven’t had the time to sit and write. On a good note, I went to my first BTS concert on Thursday and it was amazing! I wish I could go back omg-

the asagao boys rated on their snuggle ability

jon - a squish boy!! good hugs and even better snuggles. maybe a bit tight but he’s just excited. 10/10

pbg - he loves cuddles!! honestly if you’re short enough he could probably envelop you and it’d be really nice n warm n snuggly. 10/10

jared - he’s been deprived of touch for a while so he’ll probably cry the first time you hug him, but he appreciates it. warms hugs. 10/10

shane - it’s a bit awkward at first but once he warms up to you his cuddles are really snug n nice. 10/10

jirard - more squish!!! he’s got big bear hugs and it’s always super tight n warm, quality snuggles. 10/10

satch - lots of squish to go around! his hugs are really comforting and great in need of attention + care. 10/10

paul - really giggly cuddles with lots of forehead kisses. a bit loose but he’s really warm so it makes up for it. 10/10

nick - snug boy!! like jirard he has nice bear hugs and he likes to hug his friends a lot so there’s lots of nick hugs to go around. 10/10

josh - really affectionate to whoever he’s cuddling and is down for hugs + cuddles anytime. v quality. 10/10

ian - again he’s awkward at first but he warms up to it, puts a hand around your shoulder most of the time but sometimes lets you sit in his lap. 10/10

caddy - his hugs are so tight and warm they’re the best!!! really affectionate but doesn’t like letting go. 10/10

luke - GOD!!!!! his cuddles are the best if you’re feeling sad bc he’ll sit you in his lap and hug you for a while. affectionate too. 10/10

wallid - more squish!! he loves cuddling to death, super warm + affectionate. cuddles w the rest of hidden block all the time. 10/10

jeff - warm boy, hugs are a little loose but he gives forehead kisses so that makes up for it. 10/10

jimmy - wraps up in a bunch of blankets w you and never lets go. v clingy but it’s worth it. 10/10


Imagine cuddling with McCree on a rainy day.

I was going to do sex with McCree but I couldn’t get good audio for the moans ಥ_ಥ Maybe some other day, when I do get some audio. Should I make a longer version of this?

Please follow or send in requests if you’re interested in more audios! I’m planning on doing the female characters as well ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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David Tennant reacts to his tribute video @ National Television Awards 2015

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Hello! Could I have a fluffy request about what the RFA crew does with MC on a lazy rainy day? I didn't see it in your masterlist, sorry if I overlooked it and you've done it!

I have not done it yet so I will do it. I love rainy days so lets do this !

I hope you enjoy this anon.

Gender neutral

spoiler free


  • It is raining so bad that Zen can not go out and do his morning run it makes him uneasy.
  • You wake up from Zen walking around in the apartment you see how bad it is raining outside.
  • You know that will make Zen really unhappy so you get up and look for Zen who is looking outside the kitchen window.
  • Zen feels so bad that he woke you up specially when it is your free day.
  • You don´t mind tough now you can spend more time with him when was the last time he ever just relaxed on a day ?
  • Zen can not remember that and so you tell him that then today you two will relax together.
  • You make breakfast for you two Zen is helping you with it.
  • Then you eat together and move on to the couch to cuddle and watch some movies.
  • Zen enjoys this time with you a lot he talks to you about all his roles and his plans for future roles.
  • You talk about your hobbies and what happened at work to you.
  • You both really enjoy the quality cuddle time together its almost sad when the rain stops the next day.


  • You come home and you are soaked you see Yoosung who just came in as well he just finished to  dry himself off.
  • He gets you a towel and some dry clothes you change your clothes and dry yourself off but you still feel a bit cold.
  • Yoosung is worried that you will catch a cold so he wraps you in a blanket and makes you some hot soup.
  • You get comfortable on the couch and then you eat the soup what really helps you to warm up.
  • Yoosung is still a bit cold him self so you offer him to join you under the blanket he blushes and agrees to it.
  • You play some video games together while cuddling under the blanket.
  • Yoosung defiantly likes rainy days more now.


  • On a day where both of you had finally off you wanted to go out with her but then you saw the terrible weather and had a much better idea.
  • You two would just be lazy all day you make breakfast and eat with Jaehee you talk about your plan and she agrees.
  • You spend the entire day in you pajamas and watch movies and talk about what ever is on your mind.
  • You cuddle up with her on the couch and enjoy the feeling of being close to each other.
  • Jaehee really enjoys to be lazy for a day she feels really relaxed from her day off.
  • Later you order pizza and then you take a nice relaxing bath.
  • Jaehee thinks you should spend all your free days like that with her her and you are agreeing.


  • He had actual plans for that day for you two to go outside in a park but that plan fell into literally water.
  • It was raining really hard outside you found Jumin standing at the window and staring outside to the dark sky.
  • You know what he is thinking and you know how you can turn the day into something better.
  • You get comfortable on the couch and tell Jumin to join you and just be lazy today together.
  • He is curios and agrees.
  • You watch some random TV Jumin finds some of the random soap operas interesting even when neither of you have a idea what is going on.
  • Its funny to make some plots up for how they ended up like that.
  • You have some lunch together and then you watch some movies you wanted to show Jumin but never really got a chance to do so.
  • Its a really relaxing day and its sad to Jumin when he rain calms down by the evening
  • But you just keep cuddled up to him and tell hi you can make that more often even when its not raining.


  • You heard the rain outside and it made you a bit gloomy you really wanted to get out today but now you can´t .
  • You sigh a bit and then you see seven behind you and he sees how sad you are and wants to make you better.
  • He tells you to get on the couch he will join you in a bit and so you do.
  • Seven comes with chips and soda but also a good chunk of board games you play with him he wins in chess of course but you can beat him in monopoly.
  • You have fun with that after you played enough you just spend the rest of the day cuddling and talking about all kind of thinks mostly seven tells you made up adventure stories but they are really fun to listen too.
  • Seven loves rainy days with you and you end up looking forward to that too

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theotherstarkbastard i know you asked for anders playing with ser pounce and I’ll most likely actually do that later, in the mean time have (some sort of modern au because tshirts are easy to draw) Anders n Pounce sleepy cuddletimes

WINNER reaction to you being stressed because of school/uni/work.

Jinwoo: Will be taken aback and won’t know what to do at first. Should he give you an embrace, say something encouraging or order your favorite food? Eventually, he’ll do everything from the list and even add extra stuff, like bringing some plushy toys, gently brushing your hair or waking up your interest in watching one of the most trendy K-dramas with him just so you can loosen up.
“I know that the times are getting hard for you right now, but you’ll live through this, I promise,” he’d say in his unique and calming tone of voice as he lays down his head on your shoulder, “And why do you look at Gong Yoo-sunbaenim like that, jagi??” 

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Seunghoon: Will try to support you but in his own exclusive way. Your room will look like a mini-zoo because of all the dorm’s pets that Hoon lured into in order for you to pet.
“Y/N, does it really worry you so much? Having good grades/be successful at work is important, but I want my girlfriend’s nervous system to stay pretty much functional too. And there are a lot of things and people who deserve more of your attention now – me, for example. So stop thinking about it today! I’m going to turn on my console now, we’re playing Overwatch, no objections. Imagine your foes as someone who keeps bothering you and kick their ass!” 

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Mino: Will try to cheer you up with jokes, impersonations of famous people, funny faces and silly dances (using Jhonny as his dance partner as well) and then feed you a lot of sweets.  
“Still having this sour expression on your face? I got it, that’s because you’ve never seen me dancing that dance for you. Be ready, Y/N, it’ll change your life forever.” *shakes his body in the weirdest way possible*
“Wait, did I just see a… smile?”  
“Ya, don’t throw a pillow at me!”   
Also, you can count on a quality cuddle session where Mino’ll be whispering right in your ear about the necessity to forget all the troubles and enjoy other aspects of life. 

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Seungyoon: Will give a lasting backhug and convince you to take a rest.
“You know, hard-working people amaze me, especially you, but not when they have to sacrifice their health and sleeping hours. I hate to see you being exhausted and nervous like that. You should lower the importance of your problems sometimes for there’s nothing you can not solve, there’s always a back-up plan for everything. Okay, maybe if you’ve killed someone, then not… But you haven’t done that, right? Anyway, make yourself a top priority. Because I already did that. Do you want me to show you how easy it was? Well then, me and this bottle of wine are gonna be waiting for you at the rooftop.“

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Taehyun: Will probably not say a lot of words, but do everything to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Wrap you into a blanket cocoon? Done. Play slow and calming music on his phone? Done. Light some cinnamon spiced candles? Done a long time ago. He’ll find your hand under the blanket, carefully take it into his, and start rubbing soothing circles on your skin with his thumb.  
“Sometimes life is just… too much. But I’m with you.”
When you finally fall asleep after a long tiring day, he will turn what he said into the lines of his new song’s lyrics.

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Topp Dogg: anniversaries

P-Goon:  would wake up extra early and try his best to make you the most elaborate and tasty breakfast ever. He’d wake you up with gentle kisses, and teases you about not knowing what day it is. “It’s our anniversary, silly…I can’t believe you don’t remember, I think my heart is broken….” doesn’t matter what you do, he’d love just spending the day with you and making some memories.

Hojoon:  takes the day off and makes some reservation at a nice restaurant or take you both on a trip for a couple days. He makes it seem like it’s not that big of a deal for him, but he’s so happy that you’re enjoying your time. And he’s now even more appreciative of you and how you stuck with him for so long, and makes sure to thank you in more ways than one.

Sangdo:  will hint at it even weeks before the actual day, for some reason thinking that you’d actually forget. Doesn’t want this to be a normal day, and will casually ask what you’ve been wanting to do before going ahead and setting up plans. Makes everything so romantic and special, starting from breakfast in bed, to the river cruises in the afternoon, to the peaceful dinner in the evening.

Nakta:  he doesn’t always feel like he tries hard enough for you, so he’d try and make this day as special as he can. Will ask some of the members of they had any advice for him, and he sorta just does whatever they say, some things sounding too cheesy and weird. He’d then regret writing a letter and being too romantic, and he’d just let you spend the day together in whatever way you want.

Hansol:  as already bought you hella presents and left so many adorable little notes all over the house when you wake up. He leaves a trail of clues, where you’d end up at the place where you two first met. Before anything else, he’d confess to you that he had no idea you’d be by his side till this point, and could never repay you for everything you’ve done. Might end up getting on knee and taking things to the next step, if he felt that you were ready.

B-Joo:  doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning. He tells you that it should be like any other day, and that you should spend it being lazy and staying in bed all day bc you already do everything together. He’ll shower you with kisses and cuddles all day, never once letting go.

Xero:  he’d want to spend the whole day out, just doing whatever you please. He’d spoil you with little gifts from every store that you enter, and by the end of the day you’d be so exhausted. This wouldn’t feel different from any other day, since he’s always giving you little gifts and spoiling you, he’d just make sure to voice his feelings and tells you that he truly will always love you.

A-Tom:  probably forgot…but he’s like oh well, you know how much he loves you so it shouldn’t matter. So unless you were upset at him for forgetting, he’d be more than happy to spend the day with you on the couch, watching your favorite movies and TV shows,

Yano:  obv he’d never forget, and he knows how important this day is for the both of you. Not only will he make it special, but he’d be saying I love you every other minute. Would surprise you with flowers, and probably cry if you forgot lmao. He’d ask you how you want to spend this day, whether you wanted to go out or spend some quality time cuddling together.

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Imagine cuddling with Reaper on a stormy winter night.

the last Reaper audio seems kind of… weird? after I listen to it again ;A; I’ll try redoing it another day. hopefully this one will make up for it!!

guy sss s   s, a reminder that requests are closed! I love getting them from you guys, but I have to complete the ones I already have. Please feel free to request when they’re open again!

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