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Could you do a how RFA+V and Saeran react to MC staying the night for the first time and she has a stuffed animal that she apparently can't sleep without, thank you. I love your blog ^^


  • MC feels super awkward about it? She tries to leave it in her bag, but she just keeps tossing and turning and can’t sleep.
  • Zen is trying to make her more comfortable, even offering to take her back home if she thinks she needs to go there to sleep.
  • When she finally pulls a raggedy old stuffed lamb out of her bag, he’s like “ok, pls come sleep”
  • Triple spoon. Lamb is little spoon, MC is big spoon, Zen is bigger spoon.


  • She sort of tries to hide it at first, but he has a couple stuffed animals around his room, so she chills out about it.
  • Yoosung doesn’t say anything about it. He thinks it’s cute.
  • If the stuffed animal falls to the floor in the middle of the night, he picks it up in the morning and tucks it back into bed with MC before he goes to make breakfast.
  • Ends up buying her more stuffed animals so she has variety.


  • oh thank g o d
  • She sleeps with a stuffed animal too, so as soon as she sees MC’s, she doesn’t feel like she has to be embarrassed.
  • They both have plush pigs,,,,,,, fate pigs,,,,
  • Their names are Snorter and Prof. Piggles, respectively.
  • They end up facing each other as they sleep and their stuffed pigs cuddle together.


  • He doesn’t think anything of her sleeping with a stuffed animal. He only cares about how old it is.
  • “MC, I could buy you a new stuffed rabbit if you’d like. Maybe one that has two ears…”
  • When she explains that she can only sleep if that rabbit is in her arms, he’s all “Oh, well I hope that I don’t disturb your sleep. Please let me know if I do.”
  • lol no Jumin I’m sure I’ll sleep just fine with you.
    • I hope u don’t let me sleep tonight tho eheheh


  • When she crawls into bed with a stuffed bear in her arms, he cracks a couple jokes.
  • “What, am I not good enough???”
  • “No babe I just can’t sleep without him.”
  • “Well I can’t sleep without you, get over here.”
  • Low key ends up accidentally stealing it in his sleep. They end up basically sleeping on top of each other with the bear squished somewhere between them.


  • Why is there a sloth in her bag????
  • He didn’t mean to snoop, he just saw it. 
  • Lays out the sloth on her pillow while she’s in the shower.
  • Does not say a single word about it.
  • He just assumes that she likes sloths?????? He just. He ends up buying her everything sloth related. 


  • “Hah, you still sleep with a stuffed animal?? Don’t most people outgrow that before they’re nine?”
  • “… I mean… Yeah, I guess…”
  • “Oh, well I do too.” He pulls out a stuffed owl. “His name is Rosebud.”

Okay so hear me out!

 I was rewatching Roadside Attraction and I noticed that Mable didn’t bring Waddles with them. And we all know that Ford stayed behind.

Which made me realize, Ford had to watch Waddles.

And knowing Mable she definitely would’ve left behind some instructions for caring for her pig! Including cuddles!

Why were we denied such a cute scenario!?

Sportacus got Robbie a guinea pig to cuddle with when he’s not around

Robbie named her Cupcake because she’s small and sweet

Guinea pigs make little noises all the time so Robbie lets her sit on his chest and he pets her and she talks and he listens and sometimes they take naps together

Robbie actually starts a garden and grows fresh wegetables for her (but only the kinds that guinea pigs can eat) because when he bought them from the store he noticed they smelled weird and were half spoiled and he wants the best for his sweet ball of fur so he plants a whole bunch of stuff and actually goes outside and arranges her really nice salads and he even shared a carrot with her but he will NOT tell Sportacus that

He once brought her outside and put her on the grass and she got so happy she started popcorning (thing guinea pigs do when they’re happy) and Robbie is so happy to see his baby is happy and so he lays on his belly and watches her eat grass and all the kids want to pet her and ask questions about her and Robbie is glad to talk all about her

(All of this started based on one picture I wanted to draw while holding my own guinea pigs haha)