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Sirius Black x Reader

Part 2

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„Slow down, please!” Lily’s voice echoed in the corridors as she tried to grabbed your arm. You felt dizzy, although the potion brought a relaxing feeling over your entire body. Lily stopped you in front of the Great Hall and cupped your face. „Look, are you sure you are okay?”

„I feel wonderful.” – you whispered a same tone as her before you pecked her forehead. She laughed at you as you stepped into the hall, heading to the Gryffindor table to your friends.

„Good morning to my favourite boys!” – you shrieked, kissing the boys on their cheeks. Remus smiled but frowned, Peter flushed, Sirius kissed you back, James grinned like a kid.

„Evans, what have you done to her?” Sirius asked with an amused face. Lily played with his hair; her eyes avoiding the boys’ face.

„Well, you know… she had this horrible headache, so I made her a potion… don’t look at me like this, I made it a thousand times before! But I probably added a little bit more bitterroot than I should… BY ACCIDENT, of course!”

„So, technically, you drugged her.” – James said, trying to suppress his laugh as you placed a lots of toasts in your plate before started to build a house from them.

„No, I didn’t!” She protest, and looked at you with a big sigh. „I should take her to the Hospital Wing. She can’t go to the classes like this.”

„Are you really want to deprive us from this? Look at her, she’s so cute, I wanna watch her all day.” You snapped your head up at Sirius words with a long „Ooooooh” and made your way to him. Sitting down next to him, you embraced his neck with one hand and murmured with a mellifluous tone, inches from his face. „YOU are the cute one, you know? So cute.”

„Well, if you insist…” He looked like a five year old kid on Christmas morning and you were his present. Lily jumped up. „Okay, I really take her to Madam Pomfrey.”

„NO!” – you yelled, standing up too. „I have to go to Magical of Care Creature. Magical for… Creature… so, you know. That.”

„Calm down Evans, we’ll take care of her. She’s just all funny, she’ll do no harm.”

Lily sighed again. „Alright, alright… But don’t do anything stupid with her!”

„What are you talking about? We would never do anything stupid.” James smiled, taking Lily’s hand.

Ten minutes later you were sitting on the grass between James and Sirius with a bowtruckle in your left hand, a quill on your right, and a parchment on your lap. As the time passed, you weren’t so exhilarated anymore, but you felt yourself groggy, so sometimes you just leaned to either James’ or Sirius’ shoulder, earning an even bigger sigh from Lily than earlier. „We really should’ve taken her to the Hospital Wing…” – she repeated.

„Lily, I’m fine!” – you assured, showing your drawing to her. „See?”

„That’s… a unicorn. We have to draw… where is your bowtruckel?!” She shrieked, but James lifted up his hand with two creature.

„Right there, my love.”

Lily shook her head with a smile and continued his work before you spoke up.

„James, wanna know a secret?”

„Y/N, for your own good, I suggest you to SHUT. UP.”

„Shhh.” James leaned closer to you, grinning. „Tell me.”

You giggled before you whispered so quietly in his ear, it was a miracle that even he could hear. „I’m in love with Sirius.”

He let out a girly scream, still grinning. „What did she said?” Sirius asked, leaning closer to you and James.

„Sorry Padfoot, I won’t tell my friend’s secret.”

He huffed, looking at you next. „Then you tell me, Y/N.”

You reached out and ruffled up his hair. „I can’t.”

„Keeping secrets from me and touching my hair? You playing a dangerous game, darlin’.”

A small chuckle left your mouth before you rested your head against his shoulder. „I know you secretly love it.”

What was his answer, you haven’t heard, since you fell asleep. But only for a few seconds, until you felt two big hands around your lower back, keeping you steady. „Easy there. Hey. Are you alright?” Sirius asked with a concern in his voice, lifting your chin up so your eyes could met. With a sleepy blink, you just nodded.

„I think she really should go to the Hospital Wing.” This time it was Remus, but now all of them agreed with him.

„No, no I’m okay, we still have classes.”

Sirius lifted you up from the ground and cupped your cheeks. „I’ll go with you to your dorm so you can sleep. Don’t worry about the classes, one day skipping is not the end of the world. Can you do that for me?” He stroked your cheeks with his thumb; his gaze burned into yours.

„Mhm. Okay.”

He told the professor you feeling ill, so he should escort you up to the Hospital Wing. Of course you didn’t go there but your dorm where he helped you to get into bed and threw a blanket over you.

„Need anything else?” – he asked, sitting next to you on the bed, stroking your upper arm.

„Stay with me, please?”

„Encouraging me to skip my classes?” – he said with a cocked eyebrow.

„Like it’s big deal for you.” He laughed. „Please. I want cuddles.” With an innocent smile, you batted your eyelashes at him.

His eyes widened. „You want me to cuddle with you?”

„Pretty please?”

„How could I say no?” – he sighed with a smirk as he crawled next to you, arms wrapped around you from behind with legs interwined. His warm body pressed to yours, his calming scent made you relaxed and sleepy again.

„You’re so comfy.”

„Am I?” – he mumbled; his hot breath tickled your skin as he buried his face into your neck.

„Mhm. So soft. Like a puppy.”

He laughed loudly and kissed your cheek. „Funny mood, aren’t we?”

You turned around, a hand pressed against his chest, an other cupped his cheek. He smiled at you kindly whilst rubbed your back, and you slowly leaned on, placing an open mouthed kiss on his soft lips. His hand stopped from the surprise, but kissed you back almost immediately. After you pulled back, you rested your head on the crook if his neck, with a smile on your face, ready to fell asleep.

„What was that?”

„I think you can recognize a kiss, Pads?”

You could felt his smirk against your forehead as he started to rubbing your back again gently. “S’all right. Sleep now, my silly girl.”


Good morning.

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Your art gives me life! Can I pretty please get HamLaf just cuddling? Maybe John walks in and Lafayette gives him a death glare?

The sequel of this

I love making Laf’s hair a mess

No matter what

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Writer: Athena 

For?: Anon

From prompt list here

The cold air of the night made my hands and cheeks practically freeze off, I was on my way to Peters house to study. If you hadn’t noticed he’s like freaky smart so I conned him into helping me with free food. 

“Hello, is anyone home?” I asked as I made myself welcome, it was kinda the usual. Peter never knocked on my door either, not sure when we picked up the habit of just walking into each other’s homes unannounced. Most times I was scared I would catch someone naked. Peter and I have been friends for a long time hence the walking into his house, he was my only friend when I first moved here so we have an amazing bond and a lot of mutual love for each other it’s not romantic love its just I love you. 

No one answered so I made myself at home in Peters room waiting for him to come home, where has that boy been lately? So, I started working on the parts of my homework that I actually understood. 

“Ugh, this makes no sense at all!” I yelled with a red face, throwing my pencil.

“Woah,” Peter said dodging the flying object.

“Oh Sorry,” I faked apologized, my anger fading. “Where have you been?” 

“Stark,” Was all he said sitting down on his bed. I hummed in response, knowing for a fact that was not it. But he did look exhausted like he would melt if I asked him to do anything. 

He noticed me looking at him with a worried expression.

“No, (y/n) don’t start worrying about me,” he waved a hand.

“How can I not when you look like a sad puppy,” he chuckled as I shrugged.

Feeling like I had to comfort my sad puppy boy I sat next to him close enough to lean my head on his shoulder and wrap my arm around his waist in a half hug which he returned by putting his arm around my shoulders, his hand squeezing my shoulder every now and then.

“Whats wrong Peter?”


I brushed it off not wanting to push it, I hated when he got pissy so I just left it alone, I already knew what it was about anyway. 

 But It was peaceful sitting here with him, the noise of the city seeping into his room making it a warm atmosphere. I couldn’t help but to take his sent in, he always felt warm like a comforting wash of energy came off of him, I’m in love with him real love but I play it cool because I can’t lose him. So, I just sit and enjoy the moment, soak it in, save it for later whatever I can do to not forget the feeling.  But then he broke the silence by asking a question, I didn’t hear it so he asked again.

“Do you want to watch a Movie?” “I’m honestly to beat to make my brain work,”  he looked at me with pleading eyes 

“I can’t say no to a movie,” I smiled  “I’ll meet you on the couch?” I started to get up but he placed his hand on my arm gently. 

“Can we stay in bed and cuddle?” He playfully smiled at me. 

“Awe, does the one and only Mr. Peter Parker miss my cuddles?” I teased playfully pushing his shoulder. 

“Yes, will you pretty please give me the best cuddles in all the land!”  

He fell back onto his bed in a dramatic way as to say he will die if we don’t cuddle. 

“Fine but I get to pick the movie, this also means I’m spending the night because its,” I paused looking at his alarm clock. “9:04,” 

He faked gasped “Not 9:04?! That’s four minutes after bedtime!” 

“Whatever,” I smiled rolled my eyes as I jumped into bed.

The only light in the room was coming from the T.V sitting on his dresser casting blue light to fall on both of us. It was warm and peaceful his breathing and the slight noise of the television lulling me to sleep. I was the big spoon, as I always am it was more comfortable and less weird to see if you happened to see us cuddling, Aunt May thought it to be adorable and we found it comforting. I want to hold him more these past months though, to protect him somehow. So I squeezed him a little tighter he hummed grasping my arm. 

“whats wrong,” he whispered in a tired voice. 

I justed hugged him a little tighter pushing my face into his back. 

“Whats wrong?” he asked again.

“I’m Scared,” 

He turned over so he was on his back facing me, both getting comfortable again. ‘okay,’ he said under his breath as to say continue.

“I know your Spiderman,” 

He froze not saying anything for a moment. 

“H-How do you,” He shook his head in disbelief 

“I’m not stupid,” I smirked “But I am stupidly scared of you getting hurt, or someone you care about getting hurt,” I looked up at him from my place next to him.

“Who, like you?” he questioned 

“Or Aunt May,” 

“Don’t be scared,” he shook his head “because I’ll protect you, no matter what…even if it kills me, 

I got closer, cuddling up to him laying my head on his chest. I took a deep breath in relaxing a little. 

“I love you,” He hummed 

“I love you too,” I smiled into his chest. 

We say ‘I Love You,’ to each other every day, but this felt different.

Drunk - Steve Harrington x reader

KPairing: Steve Harrington x reader

Summary: The reader gets drunk and calls Steve to come take care of them

Warnings: Drunkenness? 

Steve’s home phone began to ring as he sprung up to see who was calling at 11pm, but then again it was a Friday and Tommy probably wanted to hang out, but he was shocked to hear a small female voice chime out. “Steve… Is that you?” Y/N hiccuped through the phone. He was caught off guard but quickly maintained himself, “Yeah, it’s me. Are you okay?” It was unexpected for her to even call me in the first place. “Tommy and Carol left me alone and I’m bored, I saw your number on the pegboard and decided it was worth a shot?” Steve let out a chuckle and felt himself blushing, “Sit tight, I’ll be there in a minute.” He hung up the phone and made his way to his car.

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furball ; b. baekhyun

— cat!baekhyun is the cutest shit ever
— im actually deceased
— fluff

Baekhyun woke up nicely, his gaze immediately falling on you. Sleeping peacefully while your limbs were spread everywhere, your position made you look like a human starfish. But nonetheless, Baekhyun found that really cute.

He stretched for a bit before crawling over to you, his hand rested on top of yours, shaking it gently.

“Wake up human! I’m hungry!” He whined as he continuously shook you to wake you up.

Moments later his hopes got reached and he beamed as soon as he heard you groan. You opened your eyes only to be sighted with Baekhyun leaning closely to your face, a curious look on his face.

“It’s too early for this. Go make food yourself.” You turned around leaving him to stumble back on the space left on the bed. He huffed, half annoyed half amused. He crawled back to you and laid down, shoving himself in the comforter with you and wrapped his arms around you.

You shivered as soon as his cold arms touched your skin and you heard him laugh.

“As much as I want to cat cuddle, I’m really hungry so can you pretty please make me some food? I’m really hungry.” He mumbled.

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My parents are fighting again and it's just getting hard to cope with. Is there any way some of the boys (preferably Light and Anti) could give me some hugs and cuddles pretty please with a septiceye and tiny box tim on top?

I can never deny a septiceye or tiny box tim!

Light swept into the room quietly, smiling warmly as he approached and opened his arms for you to lean into. His embrace was strong but tight, holding you against his chest as he rested his cheek against the top of your head.
“Do not worry, love, you’ll be ok. Your parents will calm down soon. I’ll stay with you till they do.”

Night Shift

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Night Shift

“But jagi why….”  Dong Gab whined as you kissed him goodbye. “I took the evening off so we could spend time together…I missed you.”

You smiled holding his hand. “I missed you too Oppa, but I got called in. I’m sorry. I can’t do anything about it. We’ll spend tomorrow together I promise.” He pouted as you wandered around the apartment looking for your badge. “What are you doing tonight anyway?”

“Since you’re abandoning me, I guess I’ll hang out with Joon Kyung, and Sungbin. We’ll probably just drink and grab something to eat.”

Clipping you badge on your uniform you raised a brow. “Stay out of trouble. I know how you three can get.”

“Jagi I’m a grown man, I can handle myself.”

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Heal me, baby (M - Jimin)


Word Count: 3,318 words

Request:  sinful Sunday request, for when Jimin fakes being sick, and his gf knows he’s faking it, so she decides to dress up as a nurse, and ‘look after’ him and all that

Teasing little

It was dawn, the early sun rays hitting your face and you wished to sleep more. You opened your eyes, seeing Jimin still fast asleep and his ruby lips in a perfect pout. His chest was steadily rising and falling, you smiling at how peaceful he looked. You softly stroked his bleached strands, constantly complimenting him for how pretty his hair looked. His hair messily hooded his eyes until you noticed his jade eyes staring back at you.

“Having fun there, baby?”

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hey will you write me a little ace jim?? you wrote ace bones pretty dang well and relatable and stuff and i LOVE seeing cool people write cool characters as ace but jim is the asexual one in my brain and i was wondering if you could write me some cute cuddling or something??? pretty please!!

I’m glad you liked my ace Bones! Thank you for your nice words~ I’ll give it my best shot, tbh I’ve only thought of an ace jim in passing so this might be a little rough since I haven’t had any pre-planned thoughts about ace jim. We’ll see how it goes I guess! 

Very, VERY slight allusions to Tarsus IV and its effect on Jim. 

* * * * * 

The first time Jim kisses a girl, he’s ten and she’s eleven. It’s after school at the local ball park during a softball game. If he’s being honest, she kisses him. He barely has time to respond before kids are jeering all around them and Ruth is asking him to be her boyfriend. He says yes, but retracts it later when there are fewer people around. She spreads rumors about him for a year and he endures it silently until he skips a grade six months later.

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Lapidot Tuesday - "C'mon, Cuddle with Me!"

“Pretty please?” Lapis gently tugged her girlfriend’s arm. Peridot chuckled and stroked one finger mindlessly.

“No,” She said simply, other hand swiftly flying over her keyboard.

“That essay isn’t due till next month, Peri!” Lapis whined. “C'mon, cuddle!”

“Lapis,” Peridot sighed. She swiveled around in her chair. She looked deep into the ocean colored eyes she so dearly adored. “I want to get this done as soon as possible.”

“Do that tomorrow!” Lapis huffed. “I wanna cuddle with my dorky girlfriend!”

“Oh Lapis,” Peridot looked away from her puppy dog eyes. “Let me write one more paragraph then we’ll cuddle.“

“Deal!” Lapis sprung planting a short chaste kiss to her girlfriend’s lips. She stared at the blonde as she went back to typing. It took maybe five more minutes before Peridot hummed in satisfaction and closed her laptop.

Lapis squealed and pulled the nerd on top of her. Peridot snorted and kissed a trail up the blue haired girl’s neck to her lips. She flopped to her side, allowing the taller girl to pull her close. She nuzzled her face to Lapis’ neck, breathing in the scent of the beach and sea. She felt Lapis burrow her head into her messy bun. Before long, they drifted off to sleep, comfortably mushed together on Lapis’ bed.

The Next Morning

“Fuck that last paragraph didn’t save correctly!” Peridot screamed.

Lapis simply shut the computer and pulled her girlfriend back into the bed.

Cuddle Me? || Michael Clifford

“Anonymous said:

this is just like a short imagine but like sick michael and hes super cuddly and clingy and like whines whenever you leave and is alL grAbbY hands and yeah”


“Hello?” You called out as you entered your house. There was no answer but a loud coughing noise instead. You kicked off your boots and hung your jacket on the coat rack.

“Michael? Are you okay?” You called out again before entering the living room where the noise came from.

“No,” you heard a raspy voice say. You looked down at your red nosed, messy haired boyfriend curled up on the couch under a blanket.

“Aw babe, are you sick?” You asked and sat down beside him.

“Yes. When I woke up I was feeling terrible and you weren’t here,” he said and pouted.

“I were at work remember?” You said and winked.

“I know I know, but I miss you when you work late, come cuddle with me now, pretty please?” He pleaded and gave you his irresistible puppy dog eyes.

“Let me just change into something more comfortable,” you said and gave him a warm smile.

“Nooo don’t leave me again,” he whined as you stood up.

“I’ll be back in a second Mikey,” you yelled as you were running up the stairs to yours and his bedroom. You quickly changed into one of Michaels t-shirts and sweatpants before walking back downstairs.

"Now cuddle me!” He demanded and you giggled and snuggled up next to him under the blanket. He wrapped his arms around you and held you close. You gave him a quick peck on the lips before burying your face in the crook of his neck.

After just laying in a peaceful silence for about five minutes you decided it was probably time to make some dinner.

“Hey I’m gonna go make some dinner, okay?” You said and tried to get up but Michael held on to you for dear life.

“Don’t go please babe don’t go,” he pleaded and let out an adorable sneeze. “It’s so cold without your body next to mine,” he whined and you awed at him.

“But what about dinner? It’s almost 8,” you asked.

“Can’t we just eat later?” He begged and you agreed.

“You are the best girlfriend in the world,” he said and yawned. “I love you.”

“Aw I love you too babe, and you’re the best boyfriend in the world.”

“I could stay like this forever,” he mumbled with his face in your hair.

“Are you tired?” You asked.

“Mhh.” He mumbled. You laid in silence for awhile until you heard Michaels breathing becoming heavier. You tried to get up as carefully as you could to not wake him up but as soon as you tried to sit up he whined and pulled you back.

“Don’t go please, I need you,” he wailed and you giggled at how needy he was being.

“Okay fine, but just for a little while because I’m hungry.”

“Mmm.” He mumbled. After a little while you had fallen asleep too and the two of you ended up spending the night on the couch in each other’s arms.