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Levi’s Character Growth

Levi: *fuck this guy*

Levi: I hate Erwin. I hate Erwin. I hate Erwin.

Levi: I’m Gonna Kill Him!!!

Levi: I guess he’s kinda endearing in an asshole way.

Levi: Okay, we’re friends now.

Levi: I’m never leaving your side.

Levi: I’d literally die for you.

Levi: also your jacket’s mine.

Levi: *cuddles jacket*


Levi: I love you.


Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader
Summary: Seb and the reader attend a photoshoot to promote their new movie. Sparks fly, and who knows what will come out of it? 
Words: 1′238

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You (crush) falls asleep on his jacket and when he tries to take it back you cuddle it more (GOT7)

JB: -he tried to take it because you were laying on the zipper and he didn’t want it to leave a mark but you simply cuddled it closer- “alright. I guess you can have the teeth marks”

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Mark: -he only tried to take it once but after that he found it too cute to do it again- “it’s too cute to do it again”

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Jackson: -he would get scolded by the others as well when he was trying to take it so he could cover you with a blanket instead- “the blanket is longer it will keep Y/N warm”

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Jinyoung: -he would sigh as you wouldn’t let him take it back- “you shouldn’t sleep with a winter jacket”

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Youngjae: -when you wouldn’t give it back he thought it was cute- “I didn’t think someone cuddling a jacket could be so cute”

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BamBam: -he found it adorable and was trying to be tricky by moving it so he could lay down beside you but you seemed to want the jacket more- “I guess it’s cuter this way”

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Yugyeom: -he would try and take it and you would roll away and wouldn’t give it back- “I mean I could cuddle you, I’m warmer”

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For: Anon

Imagine: Getting caught in the rain with Dallas Winston.

“Dally, you two should go, you really don’t need to walk me home,” You tell one of your closest friends, Dallas Winston.  You were at Buck’s place for a party, Dally was walking Sylvia home, and he was insisting on taking you with him since your house was on the way to hers.

“Ya wanna get jumped again Y/N?” Dally has always been so damn blunt, and to be completely honest you were a little afraid, not that you’d ever admit it.

“Dallas, let’s go!” Sylvia says rolling her eyes, this bitch was Dally’s stuck up girlfriend and she hated you. She was constantly two-timing Dally, yet she couldn’t stand the fact that Dallas’ best friend was a girl.

“Alright Sylvia, Y/N will be coming along,” Dally responds, dragging you with him.

“Ugh, fine,” Sylvia says in pure disgust. You join the couple and the three of you head out. You instantly regret it as Sylvia practically throws herself on to Dally. Fuck this, just get me home already.

*Boom* You screech and jump at the sound of the booming thunder as Sylvia grips onto Dally, he chuckles slightly and rolls his eyes.

“Looks like it’s gonna rain, we should take a short-cut through the park,” Dally calls before making his way towards the grass.

You take off your heels and run after him, and Sylvia tiptoes through the grass trying to avoid getting her dress and shoes dirty. Suddenly you hear Dally cry out, “Fuck!”

You look around and see Dally lying on the ground in the mud, you burst into laughter, “What happened?”

“I slipped,” He says, forcing himself to look annoyed.

“Here,” You say giving him your hand, “Let me help you up Dal.”

Dally takes your hand and you pull him up half way before pushing him back into the mud, causing it to go splashing everywhere, he curses and you continue laughing, at this point you can’t tell if there’s tears streaming down your face or if its rain, “What the fuck Y/N?!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Dal, here, give me your hand, I actually help you up this time,” He looks at you reluctantly, and tries to get up himself, but he slips again in the process, “I promise I won’t let go this time Dally, trust me.”

“Will you hurry the fuck up?!” Sylvia says, getting annoyed.

“Alright doll, I’ll trust ya,” Dally takes your hand, and just as you’re about to pull him up, he pulls you down instead, you cry out as you fall on top of him. He takes advantage of your shock, and rolls you over so that you’re in the mud and he’s on top of you, “But you shouldn’t trust me.”

“DALLY!” You squeal as the mud surrounds you. You reach to the side and grab a handful of it, quickly splashing it up into Dallas’ face.

“You little bitch,” He growls playfully, before smearing some on you.

“You think you’re real strong huh Dal?”

“I know I am doll,” He smirks as you struggle under his grasp.

“Asshole,” You say as Dally leans in, before you know what’s happening, Dally’s lips are a meer inch away from yours. It’s finally happening, I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. Your happiness is short lived as Sylvia coughs; you’d forgotten about her.

“I’d hate to interrupt, but this is disgusting and I’m leaving Dallas, if you want to you can join me,” She says, before tiptoeing away.

Dallas grunts and pushes himself off you before helping you up, “Let’s go Y/N.”

“Dal, go after Sylvia she’s your girl, besides my house is close by, I’ll get there,” You say, looking down. You’ve liked Dally for years, you’re one of the few people who, unlike his girlfriend, can actually see the good in him, he’s not just a sex tool for you, but of course, you’ve never had to guts to tell him.

“Fuck it, I’m gonna drop you off first, she always does this,” He says rolling his eyes.

The two of you continue to walk in silence, the only sound that can be heard is the sound of your shivering and a few sneezes here and there. You hear a rustling next to you and suddenly Dallas wraps his jacket around you, you look at him and raise an eyebrow, “Look at you being a gentleman.”

“Do you want the fucking jacket or not,” You stick out your tongue and the two of you continue walking, trying to break the silence from time to time. You finally get home only to realize that you are missing your keys, you mentally curse at yourself, and spend the night at your neighbours’ house, the Curtis brothers.

“Alright Y/N, I’m gonna go now, g’night doll,” He leans in once again, before he realizes what he’s doing, he saves himself by just going for an awkward hug. You hold on for just a moment too long, taking in Dally’s scent. He eventually pulls away, and walks off, leaving you in the Curtis’ yard.

You walk in and see the brothers along with Johnny and Two-Bit sitting in the living room, “Mind if I crash here boys?”

They all look at you as if you’re crazy, you look down and realize that you’re soaking wet, covered in mud, and wearing Dally’s jacket, “Oh this? Let’s just say there was a mishap on my way home.”

“Is that Dal’s jacket?” Two-Bit questions.

“Yeah,” You say nonchalantly.

“Dally never gives anyone his jacket,” Johnny says, smiling a little, this kid has always been trying to set the two of you up.

“So?” You say before walking into the bathroom, you shut the door and finally let your smile break out, as you cuddle yourself in Dally’s jacket. Maybe he does care about me!

A/N: *Please read* Finally another post!! K I know the reader asked for a fluffy Dally imagine so I tried to make it as fluffy as possible while staying true to Dally’s character, I obviously didn’t want to make him seem soft or anything. Also DISCLAIMER, I never really liked Sylvia’s character so I made her sound like a little bitch, but if you guys actually liked her, don’t hate, just change up her name for the sake of this imagine and pretend it’s about a different girl. ILSYM and I hope you liked it!

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I know everyone is like: “IF THEY SHOW DICK MOURNING WALLY I WILL LOSE IT,” but I am seriously hoping they show it.

I want to see Dick and Artemis and Barry and the team trying to deal with the fact that someone they loved so much gave their life for the ultimate mission.

I want to see Artemis refusing to move out of their apartment even though it hurts like hell because there are so many memories she refuses to forget. I want to see her cuddling with a jacket that smell like the man she loved so much, and still making way too much for breakfast out of habit.

I want to see Dick dealing with the fact that his best friend is gone. I want to see him sat in front of that damn hologram talking to it about everything that’s happened since Wally’s been gone. I want to see him avoiding Artemis and Barry like the plague because he thinks they blame him for what happened.

I want to see Barry slipping up and saying something like: “Nice job, Wally!” to Bart when they’re in the thick of things and Bart does something especially impressive. I want to see him visiting the hologram and sighing and just being like: “I miss you, kid.”

I want to see the team trying to come to terms with everything. I want to see Kaldur defend Dick’s decisions, and snap at anyone who dares even insinuate that Wally’s death was their Leader’s fault.

I want to see flashbacks of off-camera moments, and even clips we’ve seen. I want everyone to deal with this fully and in character.

“We started this team together, and without him…” without him it isn’t the same, and it never will be. Something is missing. There’s a hole that can never be filled.

Show me how much the people closest to him are suffering.


Passing by his room was the worst. Keith would always here the sound of Lance’s feet stomping around in there from dancing or his angelic voice belting out a tune. He remembered his smell and the way Lance held him in that bed; the way his soft skin felt against Keith’s. Sometimes Keith stood in front of it and just stared; remembering all the times he spent in there. It was Keith’s fault Lance was gone. If he had been paying attention Lance wouldn’t have jumped in front of the bullet. Keith slowly walked past hunk cooking in the kitchen. He was always cooking now. Hunk cried a lot and always encouraged Keith to cry. Keith decided not to let Hunk know he was there. Walking past the lounge he saw Pidge on the computer. She started to get more isolated and occasionally you could see her staring blankly at the screen with tears streaming down her face; she never noticed them. Shiro spent most of the time comforting the team. He was often seen hugging Allura as she cried on his shoulder or talking things out with Coran. Coran spent most of his time building random items and repairing things on the ship that didn’t even need repairing. The whole team walked around Keith like they were stepping on eggshells; waiting for him to finally let it out. Keith was the only one who hadn’t done anything yet. He was in denial. “What do you mean? Lance is here, he just won’t come out.” The team would try to remind him that he wasn’t. They talked to him about what happened, but it did nothing. He trained more than usual and often was begged to sleep. The team decided to wait until he came to complete understanding. One day, Keith went into the room for the first time. Finally understanding that Lance was not coming back. Keith shifted through some drawing of himself. Lance loved drawing Keith. Whenever Lance got the chance he would draw Keith. Keith walked over to the bed and got under the cover, just lying there. Smelling the scent of Lance and imagining himself snuggling into Lance’s chest. Keith eventually couldn’t take it anymore and quickly walked out away from the room. Keith went straight to Shiro who was in the Lounge with the team. They all turned to face him and Keith letting out a chocked sob ran to Shiro who quickly got up and wrapped his arms over Keith’s shoulders guiding him the couch. The team had went to grab some items. Hunk went to the kitchen to make some earth tea that he has picked up at a shop and brought it to Keith, while Alurra and Coran wrapped some blankets around him. Shiro whispered reassuring words into Keith’s ears while he cried that Lance was gone. Pidge had finally come back holding her laptop and a peace of paper. “Lance left letters for us and gave them to me to protect incase he ever… you know. He made these a few days before he left saying he had ‘a feeling’ and I guess he was right,” Pidge whispered. Pidge had given Keith the letter while pulling up a recording left for him. Keith took his time and read through the letter carefully. “Keith, I had a sudden feeling. A feeling that I was going to die. So I wrote letters and last wills. Yours was the hardest to write considering I have so many feeling for you that is hard to put into words. I think you are extraordinary. I am so grateful to have you. I sometimes feel like I don’t deserve someone as great as you. You always played the rolls I needed. A shoulder to cry on or someone to make me laugh. I would cuddle into your shoulder when I need support. When I’m missing home I always counted on you to be there to hug me and whisper reassuring words into my ear. Eventually, you became my home. What I meant to say is that… I love you, Keith Kogane, I love you so much that it hurts. I hoped to have stayed with you much longer, but not every wish comes true. I wish for you not to mourn me for to long. You have a war to win. Maybe we will see in the after life!! That would be amazing. Goodbye my galaxy we will meet one day(hopefully not anytime soon). Love, Lance. Keith was bawling by the end of it. He missed him so damn much. Eventually Pidge showed him the audio recording of Lance singing “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors. It only made Keith cry harder causing Shiro to hug him tighter. Hunk had started crying somewhere in the middle of the song and Pidge had her lips in a tight line holding Keith’s hand for comfort. They stayed like that the whole night and Pidge gave Keith a recorder to play the song whenever he felt like it. Keith and into Lances room more often. Cuddling his Jacket and listening to the song. ONE YEAR LATER The team huddled around Keith crying. The wound from his stomach was heavily bleeding and Shiro was screaming for Keith to stay awake as they rushed to get out of the Galra base. Keith was dying, they already knew that. Keith saw a flash of blue. “Lance?“ @celestialqueenofdragons (thanks for the suggestion)

💤 Sleeping next to Jake McKenzie would include 💤

▪ okay, so just imagine waking up next to him first

▫ his voice would be a bit deeper and extremely sleepy

▪ “Did you sleep good?” - “Hmm, I did.” - “Let me guess, you dreamed ‘bout me, right?”

▫ he would totally try to give you one if his cocky grins, but it wouldn’t work


▫ his soft hair being all over the place

▪ you know, after you messed with it the night before


▪ oh gosh, the marks,,,,

▫ pressing you closer against him

▪ “To keep you warm.”

▫ [yes, suuuure Jake, keep telling that yourself]

▪ straddling his lap when he won’t wake up

▫ “What a great way to wake me up!”

▪ (hitting him with a pillow, 'cause he deserves it)

▫ pressing soft kisses all over his chest

▪ or being awoken with his lips on you neck or thighs

▫ the actual sleeping part is really cuddly


▫ he was alone for so long, tbh


▫ “Don’t drool on me, got it?”

▪ but let’s be honest, he wouldn’t mind that much anyways

▫ cause he’s whipped af

▪ sleeping face to face most of the time

▫ he just loves to see your beautiful face first thing in the morning, alright?

▪ playing with you hair when you’re asleep before him

▫ softly tracing along your jaw with his fingertips

▪ sometimes you awake with his head on your tummy and his arms around you

▫ tightly pressing you against him, to make sure that you’re safe


▫ or sleeping with your head in the crook of his neck

▪ (that’s when you wake him with small kisses on his shoulder and neck)

▪ & and he loves it

▫ okay, but you totally take naps

▪ like a lot of them

▫ [you’re both just really exhausted, and literally nobody can blame you???]

▪ covering you with his jacket

▫ and cuddling you to his chest when you shiver

▪ before actually falling asleep you sometimes talk about everything and nothing, just enjoying eachothers company to the fullest

▫sloppy goodnight kisses, you miss eachothers lips but the smile won’t vanish for a very long time

Snake Skin part 4

“It’s not what you think!” Betty ripped her arm free of Jugheads grasp, creating a healthy amount of distance between herself and the boy currently drilling holes into the side of her face.

“He’s just here to help me with a .. situation regarding Noah.” Betty mumbled, cheeks bright pink as she crossed her arms defensively.

A slow smirk spread on Archie’s face
“Oh sure a situ…”

Veronica cut her dense husband off with a swift elbow to the ribs, she could read the tension in her best friends shoulders and the sadness in her eyes. Veronica’s own deep chocolate eyes turned angrily towards Jughead, the way he had hurt Betty was unforgivable, he hadn’t had to pick up the pieces of the broken girl next door, venom seeping through her words

“Well, I’m sure we have things to discuss. But right now Betty why don’t you show me to the kitchen.” She shoved past Jughead deliberately, gripping Betty’s hand and pulling her into the kitchen immediately wrapping her up in her arms as the blonde sobbed quietly.

“It’s okay B. It’s okay.”

Betty held Veronica tighter
“I thought I could handle it. I thought it would be okay. Ya know? I’ve grown up, I’m stronger than this. But now he’s here and.. and he’s staying here to … to protect me.. just like with Jason Blossom and I’m an adult, I’m happy, I’ve moved on.” She sniffled, pulling away and wiping her eyes.

Veronica nodded, placing a soothing hand to her best friends shoulder.

“But are you? Happy I mean. Every time I see you, you’re thinner and you’re tired, you haven’t gone on a date in two years.”

Betty looked away
“I’m fine, and I date, just last month I went out with that anesthesiologist .” She defended

Veronica smiled lightly
“You had to deliver a herd of calves on Long Island, I wouldn’t consider him helping you a date.”

Betty’s shoulders deflated
“He bought me a coffee.” She sighed, weakly.

The raven haired beauty held her best friends hands in hers

“B, it’s time you face this head on. Maybe it’s time for some closure.”

Betty looked towards the living room, Archie had Jughead in a headlock as he struggled playfully.

“Yeah.” She whispered, a nostalgic smile playing on her lips “closure.”

Meanwhile Archie was teasingly wrestling Jughead trying to get the mopey pout off of his face, Jughead smacked his shoulder in a tap out . Pulling away and adjusting the leather on his back.

“Your wife hates me.” He stated, matter of fact.

Archie dropped down on the couch
“Yeah she does. Can you blame her? I mean you weren’t here for the aftermath, even I hated you for a while.” Archie shrugged, his eyes turning to Jughead curiously “she was a mess man, that’s Veronica’s best friend, hell thats my best friend. It wasn’t an easy thing to see.”

Jughead sat beside him, his face scrunched In pain

“I never wanted any of that to happen, I had to let her go, I was… I was getting mixed up in some bad stuff.” He gestured to the serpent emblem on his back “I couldn’t have her be a part of it. But look at her now, she’s successful and beautiful and happy.” He looked desperately to Archie for assurance.

Archie smiled a sad, knowing smile
“She’s not happy, hasn’t been happy since the day you left. Gotta look in her eyes dude.”

Almost on cue, Betty and Veronica walked in to the living room, he knew she had been crying, could see the tracks on her face.

“I think I’ll wake Noah up.” She cleared her throat and left the room.

Veronica turned to Jughead

“ you broke her. You killed her when you broke her heart. You better not expect to just walk back into her life, I will not let you hurt her again.”

Jughead shook his head

“I won’t hurt her, I can’t hurt her again. I know that I lost my chance, I get that. But I love her, always have always will. I’m not hurting her, not again.”
His voice was strong but his heart was pounding in his chest.

“Everyone, this is Noah.” Betty’s whole demeanor had changed, a bright smile on her face as she held out the little boy.

Veronica cooed and reached her hands out for the baby.

“Oh look at you! You are so cute! Archie! We need to get one.” Veronica turned accusingly towards her horrified husband

“Uhh, we can uhh, we’ll talk about it.” He smacked Jughead who was smirking.

Noah looked around and his gaze fell on Jughead, his arms reached out and he made some sort of noise .

Betty looked down confused as she walked towards Jughead and handed Noah to him.
The little boy instantly cuddled into the leather jacket wearing man. “Hmmm” he hummed.

Jughead looked shocked but quickly reciprocated, squeezing Noah tighter against his body.

Betty smiled softly
“He likes you.”

Veronica scoffed
“He probably smells like food or something.”

Archie grinned
“Daddy Jughead”

Jughead looked around at his friends and cleared his throat, still clutching the baby
“I think someone mentioned dinner at Pops?”

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Can you write something about Robert walking in on dadsona cuddling his jacket

Dadsona was fumbling around Robert’s house, eyeing all the odd things he’s collected over the years. As expected, many of the items were either cryptid related or happened to be memorabilia from his youth. Robert was in the bathroom getting ready so to pass the time Dadsona occupied himself as such.
Robert’s jacket caught Dadsona’s eye, it was slung over the back of the couch. He made his way around and lifted it up, flipping it around here and there to check out the craftsmanship. It was heavy, and surprisingly not as worn out as he thought it would be. It also smelled like Robert, woodsy cologne and hard liquor. Dadsona was curious to see if his leather jacket would fit, he slipped his arm into one sleeve, then the other and adjusted it a bit. There was some extra room in it, than again Robert was a bit more built than he was. 

Dadsona stepped in front of the tv and checked himself out. It was a little bit roomy but he thought it made him look like a total badass. Is this what it feels like to look like Bobert? Dadsona snuggled inside the warm jacket, it was quite comforting.

Robert walked in fully dressed spare for his jacket and his lips curled up into a sly smirk. “Looks like you really like my jacket.” 

Dadsona whirled around, flushing softly, “Uh yeah, haha I think it’s a little big though-” Boy was he embaressed. Before he could take it off, Robert crept up behind him. His arms wrapping around Dadsona’s waist as he leaned over him, kissing him on the cheek. 

“Don’t, it suits ya.”

Being Best Friends With Archie Andrews Would Include:

• Going to all of his football games, even if you didn’t want to

• Him letting you wear his jacket

• Platonic cuddling at your houses

• Constant teasing from the others

• “You two got some friends with benefits thing going on?”

• “Jughead, cut it out”

• Archie confessing July 4th to you once Jason Blossom was found dead, and you saw him and Grundy

• “Archie that’s fucked- that is so fucked”

• “(Y/N) we love each other”

• “She is using you Archie! Why can’t you see that?”

• Forcing yourself to help Archie figure things out despite being upset with him

• “(Y/N) look..”

• “Nope, we need to figure things out. I’m not in the mood for this”

• Deep conversations with each other about Jason and everyone else’s choices and what you thought about them 

• Trying to get Archie to hook up with Veronica after finding out he didn’t like Betty

• No secrets

• Constantly scolding him about his choices

• “You’re going with Cheryl? Not just her, her whole family? You can’t just kiss their asses to get things handed to you”

• “I’m not, I just…”

• Constant sleepovers at each others houses, and watching movies throughout the whole night

• Always having to tell Archie to be quiet because he keeps asking questions

• Trying to stop him from fighting the serpent at the bar

• Scolding him for letting Betty throw Jughead a birthday party, knowing he wouldn’t want one

• “Arch, you damn well know Juggie doesn’t want a party with all these people. I’m really disappointed that you let Betty do this shit”

• Archie telling you about getting with Veronica

• “Arch, you finally got someone else to annoy the shit out of!”

• “Yeah yeah, you’ll be begging me to come hang out with you by tomorrow”

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Please let us have more small Malec moments. For example, I would love to see Alec coming home to Magnus’ place and just ‘collapsing’ on Magnus’ bed, still dressed, and in a later scene, Magnus returns to his loft, finding Alec deeply asleep and just takes off his jacket and cuddles up next to his man (cuz after a while I think 'boyfriend’ just does not really match it anymore), and both peacefully sleep through till the next morning.

the signs based on things my friends like
  • aries: musical theatre and lesbians
  • taurus: doing ballet to nicki minaj songs
  • gemini: red lipstick and opera
  • cancer: bad puns and the trombone
  • leo: flirting and backhanded compliments
  • virgo: cross country and eating french fries
  • libra: being flamboyantly homosexual and cheesecake
  • scorpio: fire and cool lights
  • sagittarius: stargazing and learning languages
  • capricorn: leather jackets and cuddling
  • aquarius: hair gel and sarcasm
  • pisces: buzzfeed and hair dye
WRONG - MAFIA AU [Chanyeol]


Genre: Angst, Romance

Words: 884

Warnings: Violence, swearing & slight nswf content, [please remember that organized crime is a serious issue and not comparable with fiction]

Gif is not mine – credits to owner

Inspired by: Wrong – Zayn ft. Kehlani

 ,,You’re looking in the wrong place for my love,
Don’t think because you’re with me this is real’’’


His eyes were dark and his black hair was a mess on his head. His lips were sucking on a cigarette. The living room was filled with smoke but you could still make out a flowerily fragrance that did not belong to you. His shirt was unbuttoned so you know something had happened between him and god knows whom. Chanyeol sat on a lathe, his legs crossed.

His father and your mother were both big bosses of some organized crime. They wanted to connect their business so they arranged a marriage between you two. At first you hated it to be with him. He was a player and hot-headed and the worst thing was, that you saw yourself in him. You both quickly agreed to do whatever the f*ck you both wanted to do and see the marriage just as something that was dealt with on papers. You had lovers and he had lovers but things still happened when both of you were alone at home. At first it was all physical but last Valentine’s Day Chanyeol actually bought you a bouquet of roses: ‘’It’s a tradition and you are still my wife, don’t misunderstand it, okay?’’ he had growled angrily but that was the moment something in you had started to like him. Not physically but emotionally.

Now you were standing there after some work you had done for your mother and Chanyeol sat there with that innocent but yet sharp face.

‘’Who was here?’’ you asked, your voice was shaking and you tried to contain yourself. I mean, you were not in a position to complain about anything… but still.

‘’I had some lady’s over.’’ He shrugged the situation off, which made you even angrier.

‘’Well, I don’t want any woman to come here again.’’ You suddenly busted out. You were surprised, you actually sounded really… jealous.

‘’Where is the problem? I had some issues with our rivals in a casino and as a punishment I took two of their girls with me, who gladly followed…’’ A big smirk appeared on his handsome face and you felt your heart starting to race like a rollercoaster.

‘’F*ck, (Y/N), you are actually acting like you are in love with me or something.’’ He added now, laughing with his deep voice that sent chills down your spine.

Your eyes widened and you felt your cheeks becoming hot. You could not believe what you just had heard. When Chanyeol noticed that you were not laughing with him, he stopped abruptly and stared at your reddened face. ‘’Unless…’’ he said confused: ‘’you are actually in love with me-‘’

That was enough, you clenched your fists and with an: ‘’f*ck yourself!’’ you turned around and stormed off. You could hear Chanyeol scream: ‘’Hey! (Y/N), wait!’’ and for a second you thought the door opened again and he would come out. But to be honest you did not care anymore. It was cold outside and you were running around alleys to get away from home and to clear out your mind. How dare he? How dare he to buy you flowers and sleep with you and call you his wife when all he did was sleep with other girls in your apartment. Maybe you should get a new lover too and as revenge you will just call him over when Chanyeol and you had dinner? You huffed in annoyance. As if you could do that! You were head over heels in love with your ‘’husband’’. You cuddled more into your jacket. Dark alleys were not your favorite place to be. Suddenly you heard a dark voice. ‘’There is she, Park’s cute little wife, let’s get her as a revenge for what he did to me in that casino…’’

You froze in shock. You had no weapon with you; You only did paperwork for your mother today. You turned around but it was too late. You felt something strong pulling you up and covering your mouth. You wanted to free yourself so you wriggled, but he was too strong. Suddenly you heard a familiar voice and it screamed your name. Your eyes widened and then you saw it. A tall figure was running down the alley.  You wanted to shout Chanyeol’s name but it was only muffled. When he realized what was happening his eyes ripped opened and he screamed: ‘’HEY!’’ he started to run faster and the man who held you said: ‘’F*ck boss, he found us!’’. With that he pulled you further into the alley. You heard car doors opening and you were pushed inside. Without turning around to look who your abductors were, you only pulled yourself up to look out of the window to see what Chanyeol was doing. The engine started to roll, but he was still running. ‘’(Y/N), no, Babe!’’ he was screaming. It was the first time he called you that. You felt yourself tearing up. In shock you pushed yourself closer to the window so he could see you. His face was red from running but he still kept going for you. ‘’If you dare to touch her I will kill you!’’ he shouted.

The last thing you remembered was the face of the man you loved, not giving up, before something hard hit you on the head and you passed out.

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How would UT Sans, UF Sans, US Papyrus, SF Papyrus and Horrortale Sans react to walking in on their sleeping s/o who is cuddling up to their jacket/hoodie because they missed them while they were out working?

Aww this is so cute!




Classic always thinks about you whenever you two aren’t together, so when he’s at work, you’re on his mind the whole time. When he comes home, he wants to go up and give you big hugs and kisses, but instead, he doesn’t find you in the living room. So he looks around a little and finds you sleeping on the bed, holding onto his sweatshirt. His cheekbones turn blue and he smiles a wonderful, pleasant smile. He goes up and sits at the edge of the bed and just kind of looks at you for a few minutes, how you look so peaceful cuddled up to his jacket, and how your hair is so adorably messy, too! Eventually, he gently shakes you to wake you up, and hugs you, laying next to you. You’re thankful he’s home and you explain that you missed him in a lazy tone, but Classic doesn’t care. He tells you you’re adorable and kisses you, and the two of you take a nap together.



Red likes to call out when he’s home so you know it’s him, he knows you get defensive when you’re not sure what’s going on. So he calls out, “I’m home, sweetheart,” and gets a little nervous when he doesn’t hear you reply. The first place he looks is in the living room, and you’re there- but you’re asleep. Your back is facing toward him so when he walks around you to see your face, he notices that you’re cuddling with his jacket, and he blushes a little. He finds himself staring at you, and then realizes it’s probably really creepy and looks away. Red lets you hold onto his sweatshirt and covers you in a blanket, and lets you wake up on your own. When you do wake up, Red is asleep next to you, cuddling with one of your shirts as well.



Usually, you greet Honey when he comes home, but when you aren’t by the door when he walks in, he restrains from freaking himself out. He’s a very logical guy, so he already assumes you’re just busy doing something in the house and couldn’t be by the front, or if you aren’t home, that you’re just out and about, and you’ll answer when he texts. So he casually walks to the bedroom and sees you sleeping, holding onto his jacket. Like every other skele, he ends up blushing a little, and then lays next to you. He finds it so cute how you cuddle with his jacket that way, how it covers your cute little nose and your hair is adorably messy, and how you’re all curled up around it. Honey curls up around you and falls asleep, and when you wake up, you just roll over, cling to him, and fall asleep again.



Rus comes home and actually sees you at the kitchen table, leaned forward and head resting on his jacket. You must’ve just been waiting for him to come home, got bored, and fell asleep. He loves how you hold onto his sweatshirt the way you do. Rus gently picks you up, and you wake up in his arms as he carries you to bed. Since you’re still sleepy, you softly smile and mumble a “Welcome home” and NOW his cheekbones flush. He sets you in bed, kisses you, and lets you fall asleep with his jacket again, sitting next to you rubbing your back until you do.



Since Horror’s job tends to get gory, whenever he comes home, the first thing he does is showers, since he knows you don’t wanna hug him when he’s got someone else’s blood on his bones. So he just goes straight to the shower first, and when he comes out, he goes to the laundry room to put his clothes in there and heads to the bedroom to grab clean ones. He finds you curled up to his jacket and freezes, looking. He slowly dresses into shorts, at least that, and then climbs onto the bed next to you. You wake up from the movements and a little smile spreads on your face as you see him next to you, looking at you with a soft expression. You turn and kiss him, and hug him tightly, and he holds you as you fall asleep again in his arms. He eventually falls asleep too.