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Your art gives me life! Can I pretty please get HamLaf just cuddling? Maybe John walks in and Lafayette gives him a death glare?

The sequel of this

I love making Laf’s hair a mess

Bakutodo Week. Day 1: Feet; First Impressions; Hands. 

The boys catching up on some sleep.

Used reference for the feet.

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Hey, I don't know if someone already asked this (kind of new to the fandom), but the post about how would Gon react if Ikalgo couldn't save Killua kind of made me think. If Killua had died in Kite's place, would Gon react any different, harsher maybe? Ps: I LOVED THE IDEA IF A SENSE 8 AU!! P.s.s: sorry if something is wrong english is not my first language😅

Hello, anon! So, first off, your english is fine! Don’t worry, you’re doing well! And I’m glad you liked the idea of a Sense8 AU, I’m unsure what the next writing venture will be after my planned ones. After CSM, the Assassin AU will be a long multi-chap fic. Also, no one has asked this question before but just like last time, I’m going to put this reply under a Read More.

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More Monday morning doodles!

The middle of a star destroyer hangar is, of course, a terrible place for a nap. But after fighting Palpatine the twins are (rightly) worn out. And if Vader moves, he’s going to wake them. So he’s pretty much stuck until someone comes to rescue him.

God dang it, I am crushing hard on Jason Isaacs since watching Star Trek Discovery and A Cure for Wellness.

I mean, look at him:

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I’m doomed

RFA+Saeran & V Wake Up Morning Affections


-Light kisses all over to make sure you know your loved

-Going in and out of sleep for hours on a lazy day just enjoying each other’s company

-Will pull the blankets over both of you when the lights come through 

-Likes all positions of cuddling  

-Does not like cold feet


-Determined to make you smile or laugh every morning 

-Playful and energetic cuddling even upon waking up

-Zen prefers to be the big spoon 

-Hates his hair getting in the way and stuck/pulled 

-Loves to be woken up with lots of affection (wink wink, nudge nudge)


-Slow starts to the morning 

-Jaehee feels safe waking up next to you

-Pulls you to her when there’s any distance 

-Hates leftover makeup because it gets all over the bed

-Loves running her fingers through your hair


-Jumin has a high body temperature so cuddling is hard sometimes (but makes for a good excuse to get naked)

-Prone to talking in his sleep early in the morning 

-Try to wake him up by rubbing against him and he’ll pet your head

-Hates getting scratched by your feet

-Loves being scratched by your claws and nipped at


- Hard to wake up if if he does get disturbed to early he’s very moody

-If you try to leave he’ll hug you tight

-Hates being woken up by bright light especially 

-He’ll reach out at random times to make sure you’re still there and if your not he slightly panics 

-Loves when you stroke his hair because it puts him to sleep 


-Caresses your skin from face to back

-Easily woken up but is never upset

-You catch him watching you and it’s because he’s fascinated by how different lighting looks painted over your body

-Hates being interrupted or someone waking you up

-Loves talking while you guys are in each others arms, makes him feel closer to you


-Has a bad habit of overthinking why your next to him

-Prefers you to be asleep so he can study your face and engrave the peaceful moment in his mind

-Enjoys seducing you until you wake up 

-Hates being surprised or woken up by loud noises 

-Loves when you take his hand and trace around, over, and under with your fingertips