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Thirsty Zayn is my fav. No kidding though he looks like he's gonna pounce on Liam 24/7.


Listen thirsty Zayn is one of my all time favourite things too, not only because I relate with Zayn on an atomic level, but also because he cannot conceal it at all. For instance, look at this picture:

I geddit, Liam looks amazing and you both look hella sharp withyour matchy matchy business but come on, Zayn. And I know people say that it’s just a picture, he might have been looking for a moment and it got captured, means nothing. Okay but explain this:

If you drew a tangent and connected Zayn’s line of sight to it, you’d know Zayn is looking at Liam. With lust.

But tbh mayyyybe we’re being extra and Zayn just looks, I mean Zayn does like Liam’s ass, look at the focus:

If you draw a dotted line extending Zayn’s hand. you’ll find it ends at Liam’s ass

The intensity of the gaze (also just looking is never enough.mp3)

Zayn also likes Liam’s chest (Zayn was thirsty that day, jokes, he’s all day everyday so)

Bruh is wiping his mouth, like, that’s fairly obvs

Zayn likes Liam’s face

Look at how he gets lost

External image

Zayn likes Liam’s lips

Look he gulps a little also the eye movement kjshjkdhkjhfjkgsjk

Zayn likes Liam’s hands

Zayn likes the back of Liam’s head


I am both Zayn and Niall tbh


But also Zayn just likes all of Liam

External image

But the best part is that sometimes all of space and time suspends as Zayn gets completely entranced by Liam, so much that he completely zones out

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

So yeah Zayn looks like he’d pounce on Liam anytime but like, can y’all blame him?

I just wanna talk to my best friend about my crush so damn bad, but my best friend is my crush… and that’s a major problem.


This act is so intimate. You’re senses are enveloped by this person. In a dark room the only thing you can really see is them, limbs draped over you and coiling as both your brains yearn to imprint on each other. Craving skin to skin contact while you relish in their scent and the feel of them pressed softly against you. Their heartbeat and breathing, combined with the subtle ways they shift and turn their bodies, is a language all of it’s own that can let you into their mind, once you’ve learned how to understand. During this time all pretense and facades are dropped, you don’t worry about the make up or if the shirt was pressed. It’s a beautifully simple moment. Sometimes you have conversations, and sometimes you don’t, and that’s just fine either way. When you do they can be serious, or whimsical. The grandeur of cuddling lies in the knowledge and exchange. Each time you will learn more, about each other, and yourself. To me, that delight is a splendid wonder.