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All right but guys, can I just say how much I love them carrying each other?? Like Genos, the giant hunk of metal and firepower, adores being cradled up in Saitama’s arms like some kind of delicate flower - and likewise, Sai likes being carried up on his big strong bf’s shoulders YES <33


In which Bakugou is me

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OK so I HC that once they start dating officially (after the Big Talk), for a little while they'll both be avoiding arguments/conflict like the plague because they're in the honeymoon phase, and it would probably take a while to fully believe "Wow this is happening, he actually loves me and won't leave even if we get angry at each other for some reason." What will their first official fight be over? Something serious or silly? (or even better -- if you're feeling up to it -- a top ten list?)

Top Ten Viktuuri Fights:

10) When they first started living together there was an adjustment period where they had to learn to work around each other’s bad habits and compromise so the ‘fight’ mainly consisted of Yuuri getting silently annoyed that Viktor kept coming back with really expensive elaborate things from the supermarket for dinner but forgetting to buy basics like the milk and Viktor passive aggressively tidying up after Yuuri who still had an ingrained student habit of leaving his clothes lying everywhere and not doing the laundry until absolutely necessary. They worked it out in the end by talking about it and making up a chores rota where Yuuri did the shopping and Viktor did the laundry and they both did the cleaning together to make everyone happy

9) Non-serious fights over who Vicchan and Makkachin like more. Enough said.

8) An argument when they were adopting their new puppy because Viktor wanted to adopt every single dog in the building and Yuuri did too but he had a more realistic idea of how many dogs they could fit into their apartment

7) They had a bad week at one point when they were living together but both training very hard for the upcoming competition and barely saw each other which made them both snappish and irritable. They both got a bit insecure that the other one was drifting away from them. It all came to a head one night when Viktor made a snarky comment and Yuuri snapped back at him and devolved into crying and talking about feelings and cuddling. After that they made a big effort to specifically reserve time to do things together and by the time the competition came around everything was resolved

6) While they were still long distance they ended up having a minor fight because Viktor kept forgetting about the time difference and calling at really inappropriate times but they solved that one pretty quickly

5) They had a reasonably serious argument during one point where Yuuri was reading all the negative comments from people about their relationship online and getting really insecure which made him start to pull away and isolate himself and ended in an argument which was eventually resolved by lots of reassurance and cuddling and him promising to come to Viktor if he was ever feeling like that again rather than pulling away and starting to doubt

4) They have fought a lot over who loves the other more but as you can imagine these are not serious fights at all and usually result in either cuddles, tickle fights or sex

3) They had a fight over money and finance because Yuuri was used to saving every penny and sending almost everything home or putting it in a savings account and Viktor was much more lax with money and enjoyed buying Yuuri expensive presents and that made them clash. They talked it out eventually and found a balance in the end, although Viktor still couldn’t help buying Yuuri elaborate presents every now and then

2) Someone once dared them to try and land a quad axel and being the competitive idiots that they were they ended up spending a ridiculous number of hours trying to do and arguing over who was going to manage it first

1) Most of their fights were little things that got solved pretty quickly and they only ever had one really horrendous screaming-yelling-crying awful fight. It was while they were living together and started over something really stupid but rapidly spiralled out of control and Yuuri ended up saying some hurtful things out of insecurity that he regretted and Viktor ended up saying some hurtful things out of thoughtlessness that he regretted and it set both of them on the defensive and lashing out and it got really, really bad. A lot of old dirt was brought back up and old wounds were reopened and they both got very hurt and upset. It ended with Viktor completely shutting down after something Yuuri said and just walking out the apartment because he knew he was furious and about to cry and needed some space which sent Yuuri into a really bad downward spiral and subsequent ‘sobbing into Vicchan’s fur’ kind of breakdown. After a few hours apart to cool off they both could look back and see where they were each in the wrong. Viktor showed up at the door with a bunch of flowers to find Yuuri cooking borscht in the kitchen and they hugged it out and then sat down and talked it out because by that point they had got pretty good with the communication stuff. They both apologised and worked out how to get to the root of the issue and forgave each other very quickly.

Newt Scamander Master List

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Why do people feel the need to write dub con/ non con or unhealthy relationship fanfiction? Like? It doesn’t make people happy? Its not Good? Why not write about them cuddling? Or fighting crime? Or literally anything else.

I was just trying to find a gif for something and I found this and…

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dating brad would include...

• forehead kisses

• bear hugs

• cuddle, pizza & movie dates

• falling asleep while cuddling

• neck kisses

• tickle fights

• “can I kiss you now?”

• calling him cute all the time

• “stop calling me cute, I’m manly”

• only getting into fights when he’s jealous

• him pouting when he wants a kiss

• waking up in his arms

• him complimenting you during sex

• “you look so pretty right now babe”

• playing with his hair

• this boy is definitely a top

• “come her princess”

• your parents loving him

• he’s cheeky when no one is around

• slow and sweet kisses


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Master List

Eric Harris


Being pregnant

Eric starts liking you

Cuddling with Eric

Asking Eric on a date

Lunch time teasing (smut)

Deep converstion under the stars

Eric taking care of you

A night at Eric’s

Eric teasing you 

You fighting in school

Hanging out with the boys

Eric makes a move

First time with Eric (Smut)

A date with Eric Harris

Eric’s first kiss

Dylan Klebold

Will this help ?

Asking Dylan for a date

Dylan being obessed with you (in a good way)

Being Dylan’s crush

Dylan’s blind girlfriend

Daddy Kink (smut)

Finding Dylan selfharm

Overhearing Dylan

Dylan liking a chubby girl

Taking care of Dylan

Dylan taking care of you 

Cuddling with Dylan 

You fighting in school

Hanging out with the boys

Camping with Dylan 

Waking up to Dylan


Back In Time

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Love Triangle - Dylan/Eric

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Are You Insane

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

To be continued …

im that friend with no boundaries so if any of yall ever meet me irl pls do give me the run down of ur conditions abt hugs/touch etc bc like… i will usually Contain Myself but if i start 2 feel relaxed i’ll want 2 be closer to / touching u way more nd i dont want to make anyone uncomfortable

Sweet Malec

I can’t wait until Malec’s relationship reaches the point where we finally get to see some domestic Malec bliss! I mean could you imagine a shot of them just lounging around on Magnus’ couch, reading, completely peaceful and comfortable with just being together.

Or maybe a scene like what book!Magnus very briefly described of them lounging around in bed, both lying on their sides facing each other. Magnus telling stories of his past in the most dramatic way possible just to see the way Alec will throw his head back and laugh – even if it wasn’t that funny.

Or domestic couple bickering like “no alexander the curtains can most certainly NOT be black do you even know what color is??” and “black is a color” “do you wanna bet?”

Or maybe some cuddling…? No further explanation needed, truly.

I am just all here for some sweet, nonsensical, funny, domestic scenes and conversations between Malec without everything being so doom and gloom.

It’s going to be fantastic!

“Just tell me what you want.” He says, running his hands through his hair, frustrated.

I glance at the boy who in just a few months of knowing him has become more than my best friend.

“I want you.” I whisper.
“I want you to hug me and protect me and keep me safe.
I want you to laugh with me and at me. I want you to flirt with me and tease me. I want you to annoy the shit out of me.
I want you to make me smile. I want you to be reason for my tears and smiles. I want your voice to be the last before I fall asleep and the first when I wake up.
I want to yell at you and scream at you for being a jerk. I want you to forget my birthday just so I can make you suffer to make it up to me, because I know once you remember it, I’ll never forget the way surprise me. I want you to ignore my messages. I want you to break my heart. I want you to make up with me and promise never to hurt me again.
I want to care for you and look after you. I want make breakfast for you in the morning. I want to cuddle with you and kiss your face. I want to fall asleep in your arms and I want to steal the covers away from you. I want you to tickle me and call me cute names.
I want you to tell me everything is going to be okay.

But, most of all, I want you to love me.”

—  I want it all. The good, the bad, the ugly, the happily ever after. // things I wish I could say to you. (teeexxh)
How NCT U would cuddle you


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He is so sweet and cute, he would want you to hold him. You would talk to him about your day as he falls asleep in your arms.


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He would spoon you, wrapping arms around you so you’re warm. He would kiss your back and tell you he loves you.


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This guy is sly, real sly. One minute your just lying there, the next he’s running his hands along your body. “How was your day baby?” 


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He would love to hold you and help you sleep. He would sing to you and find it adorable whenever you mumble in your sleep. 


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This boy will never stop with the pillow fights, tickle fights, cuddling with him is rarely taken seriously. His main priority is to make you laugh and have fun. 

BTS’ Reaction to Their Boyfriend Showing Up at Their Hotel Room When on Tour

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He would grab you and whip you into the room so fast while shouting “Babe! I missed you! Did you miss me? Of course you did, I’m the most amazing person you know~”, demanding that you two cuddle and eat for the rest of the night. 

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“Ahhhh! Baby boy, I’ve been so stressed, I’m glad you’re here.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  He would try and balance out your alone time with his schedules, making sure he had enough time to spend with you without missing anything important.

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Your ear drums would most likely burst with just how loud he screams when he sees you. Expect 1,000,000 kisses before you even get a chance to say hello.

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

He would feel all the pent up stress melt away the minute he saw you, pulling you into a tight hug, soflty kissing your head. He would smile adorably while thinking, This is exactly what I need right now. 

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After a long and exhausting concert, you showing up at his hotel room alone would make him feel so relaxed. He would probably suggest that the two of you hop in the shower together before cuddling in bed.After fighting about who got to be the big spoon, of course. 

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He would freak out, before abruptly stopping and asking if you brought his favourite snuggle blanket. The second you pulled it out of your bag, he would tackle you to the bed. “My baby boy is THE best!” He would kiss all over your face as a small thank you - vowing to give you a much better and more pleasurable thank you later on. 

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When he opened his door and saw you standing there, he would immediately pick you up and spin you around while you both laughed. He’d thank the gods for sending him an angel, so happy that he was blessed with such an amazing boyfriend. He would constantly remind you of how amazing you are the whole time you two were together. “I’m so happy that you’re here, babe. I was getting tired of my hand.”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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- angus  ♡ ♡ ♡