cuddle buddy!!!

i need a friend/cuddle buddy

message me if ur 18 and under, lgbtq+, over 5'10 bc i like feeling small lol, are preferably a cg, n live in/near klamath falls, oregon/within 2 hours of sprague river, oregon, is polyamorous, &can drive/have someone drive them over sometimes 😊 if not, please boost it i havent had a hug in ages and im touch starved

skydraws-sketches-va  asked:

Got any hc's for the pups? I would like to hear them

I call this segment: Brook resists the urge to talk about Maria for three hours


  • lives off of milk, french toast, and energy drinks, admittedly a strange combo
  • he grew up eating authentic Mexican food, so it’s very hard to find something spicy enough to phase him
  • pansexual and trans (ftm)
  • has a running joke where whenever he meets someone and they bring up his name or birthday, he just acts completely clueless
  • can fall asleep literally anywhere, one time Daniel found him asleep in his closet
  • Whenever he tells people he majored in chemistry he is always met with jokes about it being for drugs; he laughs, but it’s very fake and forced,.
  • him, Garroth, and Daniel are cuddle buddies
  • he and the other pups have custom made shirts that say ‘Daniel Protection Squad’ (also @ Jess if your reading this I think I have a new idea for your merch shop hmu)


  • though he was never much of a fighter, with his mothers help, we became a fairly good medic
  • he is always there to patch up Blaze or Maria after a fight
  • very much allergic to cinnamon, and because of this finds it funny that he was dubbed the cinnamon roll of the group.
  • when he was repeating his final year at PDH he tried to learn how to fight, being taken under the wing of another werewolf, but it never stuck
  • He is absolutely terrified of elevators because, 1, it is a box of doom where, if it were too fall, would leave very little chance of survival, and 2, g e r m s everywhere
  • homosexual demiboy
  • weirdly good at origami 
  • Aph and him have a day, at least once a month, where just they two of them do something fun together


  • I
  • don’t
  • know
  • shit
  • about
  • Rylan
  • sorry T_T


  • bi/ace
  • makes the most amazing muffins, but can’t really bake anything else
  • can cook almost anything, though, just give her a recipe and it will turn out lovely
  • the go to gal if you need your hair or makeup done, which Blaze always takes advantage of
  • really enjoys the horror genre, though most of her campaigns don’t take it will 
  • she is training to be a journalist, she hopes one day to write a story exposing Ein
  • though she is great with new people, she has trouble forming close bonds, so her friend group is mainly contained to her current friends
  • pronounces dab da-bee and no one ever says anything for some reason


  • is self taught ambidextrous
  • she thinks of Aaron as a brother, and although she’ll challenge and tease him, she would to anything to keep him safe and happy; she has endless amounts of respect for him
  • was on a botball team in high school; she was okay at programming, but pretty great at building things, she also loved watching competitions 

eldritchlunch  asked:

A little more of Walter the awkward third wheel roommate might be fun.


(Apparently I have a thing for harmless!Walter accidentally jump scaring Henry. Also, I love this AU - oops. There’s another ask for this AU being posted today, I don’t know which will come first though.)

Eileen curled closer to Henry, the bridge of her nose resting against his neck just under his jawline. As usual, he was a warm, quiet presence and the show he’d picked for them was boring her near to sleep. She had her arms around his waist and he had an arm slung around her back, a heavy and comforting weight after a long day of many mistakes at her new job as a receptionist at the hospital. The hours were long and her boss was wretched. The only coworker she spoke to much was Lisa, and the woman was still vastly shy with her.

With a heavy sigh she curled further into her cuddle buddy, who was watching The Whatever Show with rapt attention. It was relaxing and quiet and dark and just what she needed, but just as she finally started to drift off to sleep, it seemed as though every light in the room flipped on with all the intensity of the sun. Walter, who they had thought had been sleeping for several hours, was now standing ominously in the doorway, hunched over with a dark hallway behind him.

The surprise entrance made Henry squeak and jump a little in her arms. There was a single moment of silence while Eileen’s body shook with suppressed laughter and Walter and Henry made uncomfortable and irritated eye contact. “Walter…”

“We’re out of lightbulbs.” Walter spoke in his usual soft tone and Eileen wheezed, burying her face in Henry’s shoulder. He was still breathing a little faster from the scare. “You should buy some.” There was another short pause. “It’s your turn.”

Henry was squinting at him from the couch, the talking coming from the TV a background noise, as he shook his head and looked over his roommate. “Y-… uh… Yeah… O-okay…”

“Okay.” Walter turned around and headed back to his room at the end of the hall. When they heard the door click, Eileen couldn’t stop herself from snickering out loud. Henry stood up with a sigh to turn off the light Walter had left on and she buried her face in her hands, giggling loudly, unable to control herself.

sometimes all you need is a hot cup of alien tea, a huge blanket, and someone to hold you and let you know that everything is gonna be okay

Totally craving:

• flirty conversation
• cuddles
• kisses
• night owl, flirty texting buddy
• butterflies in my stomach
• a girlfriend

how desperate
  • Voldemort: So I just have to lie??
  • Pinocchio: Yup
what I miss in a relationship…

The cuddling .

Something about being wrapped in someone’s arms or just the simple touch. I even like to feel their heart beat against my back or as I lay across their chest. It just comforts me to a point I can’t explain. I love to touch , I love affection. I’ll be fine with being single until I have nights where I really would just love the comfort of being in someone’s arms…