Enoch being very overprotective

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- When you go out for walks and when you go out anywhere, he does not allow you to wear skirts that fall above your knees. You say you’d look like an oldie if you don’t but he hisses at you and tells you your thighs (and butt) are only for him. He becomes very selfish when it comes to you and does not allow anyone to check you out.

- If ever he catches someone’s eyes on you, he directly pulls you to him or laces his arm around your waist. You think he’s being sweet and so you snuggle into him more but not only is he being sweet, he’s making you unawarely not notice his smirks and scowls at the guy who’s checking you out. He even pulls you in to kiss you and you think he’s just being cute and silly but also very, very protective.

- “Piss off, Jacob. Nobody asked for you here.”

- If ever a guy tries to gentlemanly court you and give you the hand-kiss thingy or tell you you’re beautiful, he gets pissed off.

- “Yes, she’s beautiful and she’s mine.”, he says with a sarcastic smile.

- When you guys go to sleep, he spoons you but his arms are carefully tucking you against his chest and his leg is hung around yours so you can’t escape or leave him. When you guys just argued, you get grumpy and you don’t want him spooning you but in the middle of the night, without him knowing you’re still awake, he cudddles you so hard, you can’t help but get flustered.

- Everytime you separate for a while, he always tucks hair out of your face and checks for anything that hurt you and you look like an agitated child but you’re really just touched inside.

- If anybody hurts you, you just need him for comfort and he’s just spoiling you all the way.

- “All you have to do is tell me who hurt you, love. I won’t do anything to them.”

- “You promise?”

- “Nah, imma cut them.”

- He just becomes very dominant over you in the presence of other males and constantly pulls you to his lap or give you a heated kiss or snake his arm around your waist and peck your cheek.

- “God, you’re just so beautiful, I can’t share you with anyone.”, he repeats and groans when you tease him or give him unfinished kisses.

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Lmaoo truu, but just imagine the one day you tell him no to cudddling you like that because you simply don't feel like it and he'd just be a whiny grumpy mess😂

he’d be acting like such a baby aw every like 5 minutes, he’d be like “what about now?” 


Being in a relationship with Namjoon:

⦁ Lets be real, he’d probably try and use gross, cheesy pick up lines on you when you first met
⦁ But then probably realise how dumb they make him sound and just talk to you normally
⦁ He’d mess up your first date by doing something clumsy like spilling his drink all over you and he’d think you’re never going to talk to him again
⦁ But you’d find it cute and funny and the story of your first date would be one of your favourties to reminis/talk about
⦁ Because he’d get all embaressed and flustered, especially if one of the other members are there when you’re telling it
⦁ #1 aestetic couple
⦁ All  your pictures together would be so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing
⦁ If you enjoyed reading like he does, he’d love to sit and discuss books you’ve both been reading and love it when you recommend him stuff to read
⦁ He’d probably buy two copies of each book so you can have one and you guys could read through them together and discuss the plot as you go along
⦁ Taking his Kim Dailys for him
⦁ And featuing in them when you guys have coordinated your outfits
⦁ I bet he’s into forehead kisses
⦁ Especially if you’re a lot shorter than him
⦁ Intellectual conversations all the especially after a long day of messing around with his members
⦁ Getting to read all of his lyrics and little poems
⦁ Even the ones he doesn’t share with anyone else
⦁ He’ll probably write some in your birthday cards and in letters
⦁ You need to be prepared to do all of the cooking and driving in this relationship
⦁ Because as Namjoon once said “My members tell me not to cook and drive, for the sake of world peace.”
⦁ But he’d help you out and be a kind of helpful sou chef when you needed him to be - unless it’s onions
⦁ and he’d play some killer tunes for you when you’re driving him places that you can both sing along to
⦁ Getting ready for bed in at night with him would be super cute
⦁ You’d brush you teeth next to eachother and wash your faces and stuff next to eachother
Getting to see him bare-faced with scruffy hair!!!!!
⦁ And then you’d both lie in bed reading/talking until you were tired
⦁ It’d all be super chill and cute
⦁ But I have a feleing he’s like a deadweight when he’s sleeping - so the only cuddling you’ll get is if you cuddle upto him
⦁ But he’d adore waking up to you snuggled into his side and he’d make it up to you with cudddles in the morning

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boyfriend (preference original 9)

Nash: I feel like a relationship with Nash would be so adorable. you would go on cute dates and cudddle and he’d wrap his arm around you while you watch netfix at midnight. he’d always kiss you on the cheek and on your forehead. his cute gestures always meant the world to you. 

Cameron: damn, a relationship with cam would be so cute but really deep and passionate you know? you would do cute stuff together like water balloon fights, but at the same time he’d take you to fancy resturaunts and lay outside at night to look at the stars with you. he’d always show you how much he loves you.

Carter: I think Carter would be the type of boyfriend to take you out and show you off. not in a, ‘oh look at my sexy girlfriend’ kind of way but in a, ‘I’m so lucky to have this beautiful girl’ kind of way. he would always take you on fun dates and do everything in his power to keep you happy.

Aaron: a relationship with Aaron would be so cute. he’d always kiss you on the forehead and hug you from behind. he would be supportive and loving. not to mention how he’d come home from a tour and bring you cute little gifts that made him think of you.

Jack G: well shit. Gilinsky would be so perfect. he would be really sweet and cuddly and have you wear his sweat shirts. because all he would want is to keep you happy. but we all know he can turn it on. he would bite his lip and give you the look.  im dead good bye

Jack J: Jonson would be a total cutie. he’d always hug you and talk about you all the time with his friends. he would never be ashmed to be with you and he’d love everything about you.

Taylor: the thing with Taylor is he’d be a love bug or he’d be a sexy ass. when he is in a sweet mood he’ll always give you kisses and hold your hand but when he gets in the mood (if you know what I mean), he’d be possessive and pin you against a wall. oh hot damn I should stop now.

Matthew: awww Matt would be so loving. always making sure you’re okay while he’s on tour. he’d be the one sending you the cutest texts and holding your hand and randomly kissing you to show you how much he loves you.

Shawn: omg. Shawn would be such a sweetheart. he’d always cuddle with you and engulf you in bear hugs. and when he’s away on tour he would send you good moring and goodnight texts. not to mention how you’d skype for hours to just talk to him and hear his voice. Shawn would be the type to always take care of you and keep you safe

Dean gets cuddled for 24 hours straight on his birthday. Dean gets cuddled a whole fucking lot. Dean gets smooshed between Sam and Cas in his bed on his birthday and they cuddle the living fuck out of him. Cas rubs his back. Sam kisses his forehead. Cas strokes his hair. Sam makes him laugh with bad jokes. Cas bakes a cake and the three of them eat it in bed and then cuddle some more. So many fucking cudddles.

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Are there any gifs of Jungkook doing skinships to Taehyung? :) I love your blog❤️

As i mentioned before…we are missing a lot of VKook moments through fancameras.. A LOT.. and that includes skinship of both sides among other things! ..i don’t know when that reality will change but there has been improvement about that so i keep my hopes up!!xD 

..I usually put together lots of moments in each post,even when the quality of the video is bad,so take a tour on the 1rst tag,although it’s a mix of anything they do! ..but i still haven’t fill up this tag of my gifs on everything they have done,cause others post too and i reblog VKook gifs too,so for everything,you would have to go to the 2nd tag cause beside pics/gifs/videos,there are also mentions of their moments that we haven’t even seen in pics yet!



To sum it up though…what kind of KookV skinship you want to see?!

He pretty much has touch ..every part of him!

..somehow i end up posting 40 gifs..for more though,check the tags above!xD

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Preference #1: (requested) meeting your boyfriends band mates

Calum: calum knew you were the nervous type. being around new people really freaked you out sometimes. when you guys meet last year it had taken you several weeks to finally open up to him. you knew sooner or later you would have to meet the band. it was the biggest part of his life after all. after the show, the boys were already all on the bus but calum stayed back with you. “its okay y/n. dont be nervous. Im right by your side” you sighed but shrugged off the nerves. he took your hand and kissed it before he lead you out of the arena and onto the bus where you were greeted with an overwhelming scream of “hi”s and “hello”s and a “its finally nice to meet the inspiration for calums writing” coming from ashton. calum pulled you close and whispered “not so bad right?” nope. not bad at all.

Ashton: Going on vacation with ashton meant it was finally time. time for you to meet the one and only 5 seconds of summer all together. luckily you’re just as bubbly and talkative as your boyfriend. you could make conversation with almost anyone about anything which is why you and ashton would always trail off talking about the most random things until you fall asleep together. so you werent to nervous about getting along with the other boys. it was a beautiful day so ashton had asked you to meet up with them at the beach. you put on your tiffany blue bikini and flip flops and left the hotel room heading toward the beach. when you got to the spot where you were supposed to meet the boys, you couldnt see them. but suddenly you heard a voice that you thought might have been michaels. “luke. look at that girl over there shes smoking hot!” it was followed by a very familiar voice which was ashtons “MICHAEL! thats y/n!!!” you turned to see ashton push him as they all walked toward you. you laughed. how about that for a first impression.

Michael: you didnt know who was more nervous. you or him. michael knew that the boys would love you he was just worried they might scare you off. youre on the shy side and it was obvious that they were not. he knows show insecure you are so he tried to help make you feel reassured. you were waiting with michael in the car before going into the venue where the boys were waiting backstage. michael pulled you into his lap and let you rest your head on his shoulder. “shh it will be okay” he said. he could feel you shaking a little in his arms.”they are going to love you just as much as i do”. he finally convinced you to go backstage and sure enough he was right. you and the other boys clicked right away and they treated you like gold. anything for the girlfriend of michael.

Luke: It was a weird feeling. not actually knowing the three other people closest to luke besides you. because you guys had tried to hide the relationship for the first few months, you had been dating him for a while without knowing the other boys. one day while cudddling on the couch at lukes house, you picked your head up off his shoulder and untangled his arms from around waist so you could face him. “i really wanna meet them all lukey” you said to him. ” them as in…” he replied trying to play dumb. “you know who. they are coming to the party tonight arent they?” you asked giving him a warning look. “yes. they are.” he answered. “why are you so nervous? am i doing something wrong i dont understand” you started to get upset and started babbling like an idiot about how you know you’re not the greatest or the prettiest but luke sat up and silenced you with his lips. ” you are perfect. its not you. you know i love you and how proud i am to call you my girlfriend. its just that i get a lot of shit because im the youngest. they always tease me and stuff and i dont want you to take that the wrong way or think its about you.” he said shyly. you looked him in his baby blue eyes and said “luke. don’t worry. it will be fine. i know it.” he smiled slightly glad you felt reassured again and kissed you a while before pulling you back into his arms. Later that night, when the boys finally arrived you saw luke was saying. they did tease him tremendously about having a new girlfriend and they tried to get him to spill all the details. but you knew it was all jokes and didnt let it get to you. besides, they had been so nice to you. “i hear you are some kind of fucking real life angel and you are really living up to my expectations luke set for you” michael said. “michael! dont swear around our new lady friend!” ashton shouted at him. you couldnt help but giggle at how funny they were. you were so happy to finally meet them and felt at home with luke by your side, his fingers intertwined with yours.