Pairing: Sam x reader

Song: Can’t Keep My Hands Off You - Simple Plan ft. Rivers Cuomo

Request: Can you please do a SamxReader where they’re together and the reader want to cuddle but Sam needs the research done and throughout the whole day reader gives him kisses? I just want a whole lotta fluff! ❤️

Words: 947

Warnings: boob touching, in detail. 

 A/N: this feels kind of haphazard… No, that’s not the word… Half hearted? I don’t know, it seems a bit short. Requester and readers, please let me know :)  

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“Saaaam” you whined. 

“Yeah?” Sam glanced up from his laptop.

“I’m tired and I want a cuddddle” you complained. “If you’re tired then go to bed and get some rest, y/n! I thought you’d be able to work things like this out by now” Sam’s sarcasm was apparent in his voice, but he was joking around. 

“I can’t sleep when I’m not in your arms, though” you said in a quieter voice, nervous of his reaction.

“Well, we can do that later, as soon as I get this research done, alright? It’s important. Maybe just relax for a bit, watch some TV or something.” Sam’s tone was soft and kind now. He had always been intent on looking after you and making sure you’re alright. 

You grunted in answer and left the room.


You tried everything you could think of to get Sam to focus his attention on you. You racked your brains for everything he found cute or even attractive about you.First you came out in one of Sam’s plaid shirts and your underwear, no bra. You’d just been wearing that and a top, anyway. You walked over to Sam and kissed his cheek, nuzzling yourself against him. He loved your scent mingling with his. Sam shook his head. “Good tactic. Nice move. You’re seriously cute, but no.”

By the time you came back into the room, Sam was onto a book. This time, it was just underwear that you were wearing.“My boobs are cold” sitting on Sam’s lap, you gently placed the book Sam had been reading down on the table and took his hands, bringing them up to your breasts. “Warm them up for me?” You smiled seductively.

“Change of tactic, huh?” Sam asked a question he already knew the answer to. “Come oooon, y/n” he groaned, throwing his head back. “We got intimate all last night." 

"Exactly! So I’m extremely tired. Fucking you is really hard work, you know” you told him, attempting to sound sincere. Unable to keep a smile off you’re face, though, you knew you’d almost lost this one. As a final battle strike, you leaned into him and kissed him, your torso rubbing up against his. 

Sam was determined not to get hot and bothered. He squirmed in his seat a little before lifting you up off his lap so he could cross his legs in an attempt to conceal his arousal. 

“Close, but not close enough” he informed you, returning to his research. This time, you undid a couple of buttons on Sam’s shirt and placed a few tender kisses to his chest. You knew he loved it when you did that. “Ugh, will you stop being so adorable?” Sam had nearly given in.

“Does that mean-” you rushed out your words.

“No” he told you firmly. “I’ve still got quite a bit to do today. Later, okay, baby?” You could never say no to him when he called you that.Your body drooping a little, you left Sam alone to his studies, realising you were probably annoying him. 


You tried on every single piece of clothing you had to find something Sam might give in to. Nothing sufficed, however, and you settled for the plaid shirt of Sam’s that you’d worn at the beginning of the day. You made no attempt to put anything on over your underwear. You were completely worn out from the previous night, and running back and forth constantly trying to win your boyfriend over certainly wasn’t doing your energy level any favours. You couldn’t take it any more. You could barely keep your eyes open. 

Trudging into the room Sam was doing his research in, you shivered a little from the smooth coolness of the bunker. “I’m really sorry” you admitted sleepily to Sam as you climbed into his lap. “I know this case is more important than whatever I want or need. I’m sorry for disturbing you. Maybe you could do your research while I’m here.” You spoke slowly.

“Don’t you ever think that any stupid ‘case’ is more important to me than you, y/n” Sam pressed his lips to the top of your head as you fidgeted in his arms, getting comfortable. His book was resting on the table once more by this point. 

“I’m sorry I was such a jerk." 

You muttered something gruffly and unclearly as you were dozing off. It sounded awfully like "I love you, Sam”, though. 

“I love you too” Sam told you in a hushed tone. He knew you couldn’t hear him at this point, but he wanted her to know it all the same. 

This wasn’t the first time you’d exchanged the three words, but he still saw value in telling you them regularly.

One of Sam’s arms wrapped around you tighter. Meanwhile, his free hand subtly slipped under the front of his shirt. He let it sit on your stomach for a while. Afterwards, he took his time in skimming his fingers across your skin slowly. His forefinger traced a circle around each of your nipples. He freed up his other hand and began massaging your breasts afterwards. At this, you awoke, but you didn’t mind as you’d prefer to be awake while feeling that sensation.You let out a contented “mmm” sound when Sam’s thumbs brushed over your nipples and following that his fingers slowly moved across each breast repeatedly. “You do know how to make me feel good, don’t you?” Your voice sounded huskier than usual.

“I think I’ll always put that first from now on” the man decided. You drifted back off to sleep after that, with the Winchester at hand joining you in slumber.