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Ok here it is! I’ve been spending the last week diligently sewing custom curtains, seat covers, and all the cute things to match in my dreamy camper.  I still have a few few more final touches to add. This is going to be the coziest tour van ever! Cant wait till tour. <3<3 Thanks again to drawinwolf, grumpyoldprick and cudeastbound for all your help <3<3


Dreampipe Vermin // Full of Whatever (Cud Eastbound Cover)


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Upon arriving in Halifax prior to Harbour Water Fest, I learned that my dear friends, Snail Party, and Cud Eastbound, were playing a show in a north end bar. I hastened over there, bringing my light meter with me this time (I’ve had some terrible experiences shooting shows lately! I need to either get more comfortable using a flash, or give up on them entirely. And I’m not ready to give up yet), and took these pictures, while trying to avoid the impressively drunk person who was in the process of spilling two thirds of every drink they bought upon everything and everyone within arm’s reach.

And for those of you who don’t know, there are actually at least 5 people in snail party, it’s not actually the All Beyon All The Time Show. It just kind of looks like it here. Sorry to all the other equally awesome band members. This is just how it turned out this time.

Musician to Watch: Cud Eastbound

He’s the powerful answer to modern artists with his vulnerable voice and poetic lyrics, some of which take cue from classic novels such as Watership Down. He belongs to a network known as Folk Routes, a syndicate of anti-corporate artists that release all of their music free of charge and free of advertising. He has made stops throughout the world with his guitar and banjo in hand; yet you have never heard of him. His name is Cud Eastbound. 

Cud E’s profile on Folk Routes is poetry in itself. 

“It was before becoming Eastbound that Cud sunk into music in a place where sound met wave and courage met constraint.  Like most who are exceptional and disproportionally vibrant, the suburbs stifled his heart.  Though he would never leave behind his love for purity and sylvan contemplation, Cud needed first to face the intraurban poison, following its stench which seeped even deep within holy ground at the borders of the forest." 

The Canadian-born singer, nay, artist has created a universe for his fans through allegory and transcendental introspection. It becomes difficult to describe his style. At first look he seems to be the standard young man in a flannel and skinny jeans, trying to emulate people like Pete Seeger or Woody Guthrie in a contemporary fashion, but his music says otherwise. On the title track from the record Fiver’s Warning, he and his colleagues sing together in accelerando, "I’m sick and tired of the bottom of the barrel while the scum floats on top and soaks up all this sunshine from getting to me…I’m never gonna give up or give into them.”

Cud E doesn’t have the same ideals as other musicians. He doesn’t do it for the fame or press. He doesn’t want to make heaps of money. He wants to spread his beliefs using his compelling and efficacious music. For that, he deserves to be listened to and respected by all. 

A live video of his song, “Full of Whatever,” is embedded below.