“My first dog, Cucuy, mated often with my aunt’s dog, Coco. With Coco’s first litter, she had multiple dogs that looked just like Cucuy. Since I lost my baby boy, it’s been hard trying to think of him fondly since he didn’t pass peacefully. One of their puppies, named Lilo (because my cousin loves Lilo and Stitch) is a spitting image of him and I only wish I could get a few pictures of her so i could always honor my baby.”

Hey Latino tumblr! I need your help! 

I am working on a story about two young latina girls who investigate latino folklore monsters! This is a concept drawing of one of the girls and of La Mano Peluda, The Hairy Hand. Eventually I want to pitch this idea to studios to be made into a cartoon series. 

I would love to hear stories that you grew up listening too! About La Llorona, El Cucuy or La Chupacabra, or ghost stories! I always loved hearing these stories from my friends and family growing up that it’s a huge factor of who I am and what Im inspired by. I know I haven’t heard all of them, so I know the best way to hear them is from you personally! I want to make them into my series! Send me your stories that your abuela told you of monsters or personal encounters with Latino folklore. Send them to me here! I will be creating an anthology that these girls will be having adventures with! Thank you!! 


AN: Okay so I got the idea to do this while I was looking up this old Mexican urban legend El Cucuy, and someone in like a comments section was talking about how they were told that El Cucuy was another form of the devil, and that he’d choose one girl to dance with at a party and then take her to hell with him and I was like ooooooo so now we have a nice little one shot!

Word Count: 2.2K

Warnings: None!

Summary: Kylo Ren finds himself fascinated by (Y/N) (Y/L/N), a senator from Naboo. Fortunately for him, he finds the opportunity to watch her from up close when he finds out that she frequently attends the parties of some of the biggest socialites in the galaxy. Deciding to go in disguise, the night ends in a way that neither of you predicted.

The night air was still, but beginning to chill as you made your way up to the pavilion where the elegant party was being held, a tent hanging high over the party-goers, covering them from the stars in the night sky. The glow from the top of the hill was warm and familiar, soothing to you. These parties were nothing new to you, and were in fact something you reveled in as you interacted with senators and royals from nearby planets. They all knew you, always wanting to talk with the most frequent party-goer. Reaching the top of the steps, you walked into the tent, the elegant shawl you adorned alongside your ornate dress resting comfortably in your arms, revealing your bare shoulders.

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Inktober is tomorrow! I am hoping to do more development on my long over due story, Radio, as well as a lot of fun things.

Here is an ink sketch of el Cucuy from Radio! He has gotten a make over!