Was reminiscing on the lullabies my mom use to sing to us about the boogeyman coming to eat us and another one about asking for bread and not giving it to us and then asking for cheese and instead give us a bone and having it stuck on our throats.   

Duérmete niño, duérmete ya…

Que viene el Coco y te comerá.”

I mean, it sounded so cute when I was little.

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- Admin Abby

• He high key loves your cooking
• he was triggered when he tasted a Mexican candy and it wasn’t sweet.
• he was like ?????
• he loves flan
• for some reason he really likes Selena songs
• he really likes the song Dreaming of You by her
• whenever you aren’t in the mood and he’s being a little sarcastic shit, you aren’t afraid to launch a chancla at the back of his head.
• once you told him about the el cucuy (the boogeyman cx) and he was like wtf
• lowkey scared because of all the stories you told him
• When you have kids he tells his kids about the el cucuy so they won’t misbehave


AN: Okay so I got the idea to do this while I was looking up this old Mexican urban legend El Cucuy, and someone in like a comments section was talking about how they were told that El Cucuy was another form of the devil, and that he’d choose one girl to dance with at a party and then take her to hell with him and I was like ooooooo so now we have a nice little one shot!

Word Count: 2.2K

Warnings: None!

Summary: Kylo Ren finds himself fascinated by (Y/N) (Y/L/N), a senator from Naboo. Fortunately for him, he finds the opportunity to watch her from up close when he finds out that she frequently attends the parties of some of the biggest socialites in the galaxy. Deciding to go in disguise, the night ends in a way that neither of you predicted.

The night air was still, but beginning to chill as you made your way up to the pavilion where the elegant party was being held, a tent hanging high over the party-goers, covering them from the stars in the night sky. The glow from the top of the hill was warm and familiar, soothing to you. These parties were nothing new to you, and were in fact something you reveled in as you interacted with senators and royals from nearby planets. They all knew you, always wanting to talk with the most frequent party-goer. Reaching the top of the steps, you walked into the tent, the elegant shawl you adorned alongside your ornate dress resting comfortably in your arms, revealing your bare shoulders.

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Legendary Creatures [C]

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I have a Latino character (15-16 yr old) whose family life is super important to his personality. He's an only child, and his parents are neglectful. Except, they aren't verbally or physically abusive, they just ignore him. Both parents work jobs that pay around 100k annually(which, in California, is enough to live comfortably, or 'middle class'), so they're more concerned with their work than their child. However, this makes me feel like i'm ignoring his culture completely. Any advice?

Culture in Character Design for a Latino Teen 

I think that your issue will solve itself as you build his character.  

Look at the traditional holidays.  From my Mexican-American perspective: do they do tamales for Christmas like we do, do they set up an altar for their loved ones come the weeks before Dia De Los Muertos? Since family life is important to him and these sorts of things are an opportunity to connect to family, maybe you could incorporate culture and characterize his family orientedness by his desire to participate in some traditions as a family. 

Then there’s the dinner table, which is a stage for setting family dynamics one way or the other. What do they eat as a family?  Throw in some traditional staples. I’m not sure if you are talking Salvadorean, Mexican, Honduran, or what, but if you do have a dinner scene, put it with some traditional food.

The way he connects to his family also can be portrayed in how much Spanish is spoken in the house versus among his peers.  Does he just hear it when his parents are angry or have something rude to say in public, does he hear it all the time and not so much around his friends and he tries to teach them, does he feel disconnected from fellow Latinos because he’s no good at it? Et cetera.

You can incorporate culture into his memories. Maybe there’s some music that he’s picked up from the times he was younger and his parents were happier and they used to rock out together to some specific band, like with my mother it was Eydie Gorme, Celia Cruz,  and Kumbia Kings, and with my grandmother it was Julio Iglesias (one of her favorite songs was begin the beguine).  You can also put in superstitions, like scaring the crap out of him as a kid with el Cucuy. 


voltron HCs that no one asked for: Tejano Keith edition
  • keith’s dad is 2nd generation Tejano. his grandparents migrated to texas from mexico city, one of the many places in latin america with a notable korean population.
  • navigating the american racial system….let’s just say at this point keith is Tired and cant find it in himself to explain how korean-mexicans can exist
  • his love for cryptids began from adamantly refusing to be scared of stories about el cucuy
  • (im sorry oh god but imagine keith’s memories of his galra mom being referred to as el cucuy by his dad and when he’s in different foster homes and the younger kids cry about being scared he just says “dont worry the cucuy is my mom and she protects us”)
  • obviously he grows up forgetting about this beyond thinking it was a weird childish imaginary friend he made up with his dad
  • boy grew up speaking at least 3 languages so he’s very quick to pick up new languages
  • no really, like pidge is the one dedicated to learning altean, but keith is able to absorb conversational language a lot quicker than most
  • keith: “im a master of Language” lance: *says anything in cuban spanish* keith: “im a master of all Language except that”
  • keith: “cant u like….breathe between words…” lance: “idk can u like…stop sounding as if ur singing while out of breath”
  • as much as lance and keith bicker over whose spanish is better, they still bond over their exasperation with The Gringos
  • keith cries every time “amor eterno” plays
  • i could make an entirely separate post on what “amor eterno” means to keith but i’ll uh…stop right here lmao

love the concept of “hey Texan Keith probably knows spanish bc there’s lots of hispanics in Texas!” but……let me have Korean-Tejano Keith bc that’s even Better (and i like to project onto m’boy keith…and there’s nothing to say he’s NOT tejano lol)

“My first dog, Cucuy, mated often with my aunt’s dog, Coco. With Coco’s first litter, she had multiple dogs that looked just like Cucuy. Since I lost my baby boy, it’s been hard trying to think of him fondly since he didn’t pass peacefully. One of their puppies, named Lilo (because my cousin loves Lilo and Stitch) is a spitting image of him and I only wish I could get a few pictures of her so i could always honor my baby.”