Pumpkin Compound Kills 85% of Breast Cancer Cells Vitro: Cucurbitacin D, a compound found abundantly in pumpkins and other squashes, was shown to kill up to 85% of human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) in this new study. Much more interesting, however, was that researchers discovered this pumpkin compound was also highly toxic to chemo-resistant breast cancer cells (which could not be killed by chemo drugs), wiping out more than 70% of them. Pumpkin extracts have already shown potent activity against endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and melanoma in past studies. And this super-vegetable’s health benefits are not just theoretical. Population studies have shown that eating three or more servings weekly may reduce the risk of breast cancer risk by 22%, lung cancer by 41%, and stomach cancer by 29%. Pumpkins are rich sources of other key cancer-fighting nutrients like potassium, beta- and alpha- carotenes, lutein and xeazanthin—which makes them a true anti-cancer superfood! And don’t throw out the seeds—women eating one 28-gram serving weekly of these (or sunflower seeds) had 14% less breast cancer risk in Germany. And alkaline diet fans take note, pumpkin is so rich in potassium, it has 160% the alkalizing power of pure lemon juice!
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