cucumbers in water

Rules for Princesses

1. no animal products
2. do not eat after 6 pm
3. weigh yourself three times a week
4. drink a lot of cucumber/lemon water
5. no throwing up, it is bad for teeth.
6. if you eat more than you should you must work it off.
7. you must work out for 2 hours twice a week, and 30 minutes 4 times a week.
8. you must stretch every day.


🙆🏻💧🌿Flat Tummy Detox Water🙆🏻💧🌿

This water is simple to make, delicious and hydrating.

1 cucumber
1 lemon🍋 or lemon juice
1 hand full of mint leaves 🌿
1/3 cup of ice❄️
A water bottle (any bottle works)💧
Measuring cup or large cup

Step One: Empty the water into a measuring and set aside

Step Two: Cut cucumber and lemon into slices or chunks (whatever you prefer)

Step Three: Add both the cucumber, lemon and mint leaves to your water bottle

Step Four: Add the ice and slowly add your water back in

Step Five: Shake up and enjoy

gotta say when i only managed to drag my animated corpse of a body to my morning class only using car-ride cold coffee with mystery particles and i see my classmate Susan there early with a glass canteen with fresh mint cucumber lemon water and organic rolled oat granola. i have nothing against you but. im discouraged


filtered water
organic cucumber slices
fresh mint
juice from 2 limes

Put all the ingredients in a glass pitcher.
Infuse for 1-2 hours at room temperature or in the fridge for 3-4 hours.
Keep refrigerated (cold) and sip throughout the day.

Fabulous for your skin, hair, nails!
You will glow ;-))


Secret to hair growth/healthy hair:

- greens
- black eyed peas
- carrots
- oranges

- water (obviously)
- tea with honey NO SUGAR
- cucumber & pineapple drink (homemade, easy recipe)
- cucumber water
- green smoothie (spinach, banana, almond butter)

Drink water daily. The rest of the drinks though… drink whenever you have time/feel like it. But always drink water.

- Indian oil (pre shampoo) ~ pre shampoo means leave in over night and wash the very next day (first rinse off with warm water. Then wash your hair with whatever shampoo you normally use. Rinse your hair off with cold water. Then condition with the conditioner you normally use and rinse with warm close to cold water (lol does that make sense?The shampoo and conditioner I normally use are Tresemme and or Pantene)

- Canola oil (moisturize/deep conditioning) ~ I’ve used this for 3 entire months last year (July-September) my hair was at shoulder length in July. Armpit length by September. October-December I never moisturized my hair. Just regularly shampoo’d & conditioned three times a week. I never use hot oil btw. Just room temp.

- Coconut Oil (moisturize/deep conditioning) started using late January till now (24/7, twice a day) my hair is now to my nipples, heeeeyyyyyyy 👌💁

Use the hair blow dryer to lock in moisturizer. I blow dry my hair for 20-30 seconds. Then I shake my head like a wet dog. Whatever


I don’t like putting my hair up, I barely do so unless I feel like “switching it up”.

I hardly sleep with a bonnet on. And I hardly twist, knot, and or braid my hair. I always comb my hair in the shower while conditioner is in and I rinse off with warm, sometimes cold water.

When I rinse my hair with cold water, it makes my hair shiny and soft. No frizz.
With warm water, shiny but frizzy and soft.

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21.10.2016 12.45 p.m. - Research never ends! Writing an essay for Constitutional law :) it’s really interesting though, so I don’t mind very much. It’s due in two weeks. Also loving my cucumber water :)
Hope you’re all having a productive Friday x We can do this!

The Secret Depth of Silly Songs With Larry

What do these songs really mean? Well, here’s a few alternative interpretations of older Silly Songs.

The Water Buffalo Song: Clearly this song represents the chronic single watching as all of his friends are getting married (water buffalos being symbalic of said marriages). The song is interrupted by Archibald informing Larry that everyone does not have a water buffalo, claiming that there will be those asking where their water buffalos are and why they don’t have one (obviously other chronic singles). Clearly this is a single’s awareness song that encourages those with spouses to stop bragging about being married or asking when their single friends will be married. The bit about baby kangaroos clearly is about everyone having babies, with the named colors even being the traditional colors for male and female babies (blue and pink).

The Hairbrush Song: This song is clearly about breakups and pining after one’s ex, only to find that the person they were with was never right for them in the first place and being glad that said person found happiness in someone more compatible. Larry’s friends signify others’ various reactions to someone going through a breakup, Pa Grape being the one trying to set Larry up, Junior being the one to claim that they were never compatible, and Bob admitting that he set the ex up with the more compatible match.

Song of the Cebu: Mad Cow Disease and hallucinations.

Dance of the Cucumber: Culture being messed up as a result of tourism. Larry dances better than “the tomato” because there’s no replacement for the original.

The Cheeseburger Song: This is a deeply disturbing song about obsessive unrequited love. Just as Jerry Gourd waits all night for his cheeseburger, so does the person who is obsessively waiting for the one he loves. In the end, he settles for someone he likes less, while never fully committing to her because he wants to keep his options open for the ones for whom he pines. An even darker interpretation could possibly be that, rather than dating some other girl, he hires a prostitute to fill the emptiness in his heart while still desiring the girl he wanted before.

The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: Clearly this is a social commentary about freeloaders who live in their parents’ basements and do nothing with their lives. Alternatively, this could be about people on welfare who refuse to work and merely take from the government while never giving back or being productive members of society.

I Love My Lips: Censorship in society. 

EDIT: This is satire. It is not meant to be taken seriously.

Cucumbers are such good people… cucumber sandwiches, cukes on subs, cucumber water, just straight cucumber

And then they get the glo up and become pickles? Iconic!

Castiel Wants you to: Drink Water

If there is one thing that I know, it’s that humans need water. You’re made of over 65% water at your adult age, so the fact that so little of you are drinking the proper amount is concerning. 

Dean seems to think that taste – or lack thereof – is the problem. Is it because you’re used to sugary drinks, or do you simply need flavor? Sam seems to favor adding cucumbers or lemons to his water, I’ve even seen him add in oranges. 

During Dean’s health kick, he mentioned to me that watermelon is 90% water, so perhaps that would help you get the water into your system, it doesn’t matter how you do it, only that you actually do it

 So drink your water, I’ll drink it with you..even if I can taste all of the molecules.