cucumber cocktail

anonymous asked:

Ehh, you’re a pretty cool cucumber, Snake. ~ mental illness cocktail anon

I remember in 4th grade, we came in from recess and everyone but me was sweaty, so my teacher (one of my favorites) called me a cool cucumber. Thank you for that memory and the compliment.

- Mod Snake

gather_here I know it’s hard to understand what I do on a feature film since I teach people to sew and I embrace #handmadefashion in my everyday life. I didn’t make the #ghostbusters costumes - awesome people like @avrilm26 and @_buttonbutton_ do that. But I did make this adorable #ghostbusterjumpsuit for Kristen Wiig’s dog for her birthday at Melissa’s request. It may be my greatest contribution to the movie. That and making an awesome cucumber gin cocktail.