Simple Color-Contrast (feat. Catrice Cosmetics Cucuba Collection eye products)

One more European brand I’m enjoying exploring! Catrice is a well-known German brand with tons of affordable, fashion-forward colors. This season, the Cucuba collection features delicious rich browns, warm  coppery-bronzes, interspersed with tropical mints, yellows and corals.

Here are 3 of my absolute favorite items from the collection and descriptions so you can look for similar products if you can’t get Catrice:

  • Havana Drum pigment - a rich metallic bronze that goes copper on the skin
  • Take It Mint pigment - a shiny mint green shimmer
  • Take It Mint Liquid liner - pearly mint green liquid liner

I picked these colors because of the sharp contrast between them. You can substitute the copper and mint with any other color you want, but to get the same effect, just make sure they are not too close to one another. (E.g. try gold and lavender, green and pink, blue and bronze, etc.)

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