@starfoozle and @rockatransky tagged me to list ten of my favorite characters who are all from different franchises <3 so:

  1. grantaire from les miserables
  2. rust cohle from true detective
  3. sherlock holmes from sir arthur conan doyle’s stories
  4. luna lovegood from harry potter
  5. spock from star trek TOS
  6. shadow from american gods by neil gaiman
  7. dana scully from the x files
  8. chief from one flew over the cuckoo’s nest by ken kesey
  9. m. gustave from the grand budapest hotel
  10. and i know jack kerouac was a real person obv, but all the pseudonyms he uses for himself in his books are collectively one of my favorite characters

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“When the fog clears to where I can see, I’m sitting in the day room. They didn’t take me to the Shock Shop this time. I remember they took me out of the shaving room and locked me in Seclusion. I don’t remember if I got breakfast or not. Probably not. I can call to mind some mornings locked in Seclusion the black boys keep bringing seconds of everything-supposed to be for me, but they eat it instead-till all three of them get breakfast while I lie there on that pee-stinking mattress, watching them wipe up egg with toast. I can smell the grease and hear them chew the toast. Other mornings they bring me cold mush and force me to eat it without it even being salted.” -Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest