Female Characters Appreciation, Villains: Part 1

“Isn’t it time to acknowledge the ugly side? I’ve grown quite weary of the spunky heroines, brave rape victims, soul-searching fashionistas that stock so many books. I particularly mourn the lack of female villains — good, potent female villains. Not ill-tempered women who scheme about landing good men and better shoes (as if we had nothing more interesting to war over), not chilly WASP mothers (emotionally distant isn’t necessarily evil), not soapy vixens (merely bitchy doesn’t qualify either). I’m talking violent, wicked women. Scary women. Don’t tell me you don’t know some. The point is, women have spent so many years girl-powering ourselves — to the point of almost parodic encouragement — we’ve left no room to acknowledge our dark side. Dark sides are important. They should be nurtured like nasty black orchids.”

Tony volunteering as a guest lecturer for a semester at NYU or MIT or wherever.

Tony giving the students his email address and telling them to email him if they’re struggling.

Tony chastising students that email him past 11pm on a school night, because only he’s allowed to stay up that late at night (but then still giving them the help and support they need).

Tony bringing muffins and coffee for everyone who attends his lectures.