Cuckoo for Kukuru.

One of Zaoka’s fellow Triple Triad Cardsharps, a gentleman by the name of Guideon “Four Fingers” Greaves, who’s luck borders on the egregious side, has found himself in-debt to a Pirate Captain with a rather vicious sense of humour when it comes to people not being able to pay them the money owed. Needing to secure funds before he becomes known as “Three Fingers”, Guideon has learned of a La Noscean farmer who has cornered the market for a “unique” brand of Hot Chocolate, where specially cultivated Kukuru beans have been digested by his dodo’s.

Needing to secure a vast quantity of these beans, so that he could sell them off to the highest bidder, Guideon turned to his fellow Triple Triad enthusiast for help in finding able bodies to do the deed. Those bodies were found in the Company of Jackal & Hide and a plan was formulated between them.

The plan was simple enough: sneak into the farm, find where the processed beans were being stored and replace a large quantity of them with regular Kukuru beans. There was a catch however. Guideon did not want anyone being seen, nor did he want any fatalities to occur.

Once Zaoka had acquired enough volunteers for the operation, the Jackals set out for the farm where they found the farmer had put the small fotune he had earned to good use in turning his farm into a fortress. With stone walls surrounding the parameter, and frequent guard patrols about the premesis, the Jackals had their work cut out for them.

The Jackals were able to scale the walls of the farm with little to no issue, however one unfortunate Jackal did not count on landing in the Dodo pen and one sleeping Dodo in particular found itself becoming very distressed, having suddenly acquired a Miqo’te.

The group eventually found the Silo in which their ‘treasure’ was kept, however they needed a means of distracting the guards keeping watch over it. It was then that the guards found themselves dealing with a sudden Cloudkin Mutiny, with one very angry rotund Chocobo thrown into the mix as the Dodo’s were released from their pens and the Chocobo found itself in receipt of a boot up the backside.

Using this distraction to their advantage, the Jackals were able to unlock the Silo doors and plunder its contents and replacing them with regular beans. Two other jackals were able to sneak into the farmhouse itself and acquire some antique weaponry the Farmer had been collecting.

Having obtained the cargo, the Jackals made a quick exit from the farm as the guards had managed to subdue the restless Cloudkin. Once they had returned home to the Sunny Sea Salvage estate, Zaoka congratulated them on a job well done before reporting the jobs success to Kilid and Inarah.

ballroompink  asked:

Knee Socks, Hay Rides, Rainy Afternoons

Knee Socks:  If you were starring in a movie, who would you want as your co star?

Paul Rudd. So I could tell him about how he went to school with my brother for a year and came to his birthday party, so when I was about 6 or 7 I met Paul Rudd. Who would have been 10 at the time.

Hay Rides:  What fictional world would you want to live in?

I was thinking Pawnee but there are some really stupid people there. So I’m going to say Portlandia’s version of Portland.

Rainy Afternoons: What is the last book you read for fun? 

Right now I’m reading The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Language of Food. The last book I finished was The Kitchen House, which was kind of eh. Too rushed at the end.  


Hey Guys!

My first post in who knows how long. 
I was working on this small personal project with simple ‘concept.’ I love birds, and I love looking at royalty and the romantic depiction of them so I put them together. (technically just slapping on crowns on all these birds)
Just  tried to design and depict everything as something lovely.

These were all digitally done. 
I’ll have a couple more pieces I’ve done for this project so I’ll post after I’ve taken nice pictures of them.