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Everyone always headcanons Tony as hating mornings and Steve as the early bird, but just for a minute I want y’all to imagine rumpled, grumpy, morning Steve. 

“I don’t wanna get up.”

“Then don’t; stay in bed with me.”

“But I gotta go run.”

“Go run, then?”

“But I don’t wanna.”

And imagine Steve on the first few miles of his run, bleary eyed and mumbling to himself every time a traffic light stops him, or he has to slow down so he doesn’t plough into some woman taking her kids to school. He flips the paparazzi off as he goes past and pulls his hood up to avoid them. He’s a little shit with his “On your left” to other joggers, because if he has to get up this early, he wants everyone to be as annoyed as he is.  

Not a morning person!Steve Rogers ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

okay but tony stark and babies though. you cannot convince me of anything other than the fact that tony stark absolutely loves babies. he doesn’t trust himself to take care of them alone, but if there’s one in the room, chances are it’s in his arms and/or space. tony is the guy that likes to (very politely, and only with predetermined permission) touch the bellies of pregnant women, because there’s a baby inside there!!! 

tony has gone to galas for orphanages before and pepper’s had to stop him from adopting all the babies and smol children there, because two minutes in their presence and he just wants to snuggle them and give them the world. 

tony stark lowkey wants nothing more than to be a dad, partly to prove he can, partly to prove his father wrong, and partly because babies are cute as hell and he wants one of his own. he doesn’t particularly think he needs a partner for this, but at some point he’s definitely going to have to get himself a baby. 

The stage became a great playground for me to express feelings, and in my household there wasn’t a place for me to do that. It was a great venue for me to hide in a character and express rage and sadness, and I created these really disturbed, complicated characters. (x)

All I want is fics of Laura Barton being elected in as the Avengers’ honorary Mom. 

If Pepper’s away on business and Tony’s been in his workshop for almost two days straight, Laura Barton is called in to usher him out into the kitchen for dinner and then bed. 

When Steve has a PTSD attack in the night and doesn’t want to wake anyone up, JARVIS has Laura Barton on speed dial; she’s always happy to talk to him until he feels better, no matter the time of day. She ends every phone call by telling him he’s loved. 

If any one of them is having a bad mental health day, Laura Barton appears like some ethereal goddess with cartoons, a blanket, and home-made casserole. 

Natasha getting extra little touches and hugs, just to remind her that she has friends, that this is real, and that she’s not alone. 

Clint should really be jealous that a bunch of fully grown adults seem to preen whenever his wife hugs them, or gives them kind words, but he understands the calming effect she has on people, too, and can’t find it in himself to be mad. 


manorabrucelee  asked:

HC,Steve sneaks to Bruce's lab every other night to get a crash course on whatever it is Tony is working on at the moment.He actually carries out the conversion very well till ofcourse Tony goes too deep and Bruce is stuck texting Steve what to say


And Tony’s getting steadily sadder because Steve is texting while he’s talking to him; is he boring him? Steve started the conversation, but maybe he just doesn’t know how to tell Tony gently that he doesn’t want to carry it on?

But then, of course, he spots that it’s Bruce who’s texting Steve and he goes up to Bruce like “yo man I love you but back away from Steve okay he’s oh Captain my Captain not oh Captain your Captain”, to which Bruce explains what they were doing. Tony swoons and immediately runs over to Steve to kiss his silly face.