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Good morning! I always get asked “do you cut your own hair?” and “who cuts your hair?” I don’t cut my own hair haha. I enjoy visiting fellow barbers and barbershops to get my haircut! I don’t mind paying full price for a quality cut! S/O to@hair_blender for this cut! I get a mid skin fade Sidepart! I style my hair with@layriteofficial


2% Barber Shop

Alexander Garcia

7908 Monet Ave

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739 USA

(909) 922-8080

Go get your dapper on at

Making up a small @farmerjohnla pork shoulder today injected with Jarritos Mexican Cola and @jackdaniels_us and then rubbed down with Brown Sugar and Hawaiian Pink Salt compliments of our friends, the Pereda’s, from their recent trip to Hawaii. 🐷👏 #makebbqnotwar .
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Dr. Henry Wolfsburg Joins Rockford Pages Outsider Poetry Slam Team

Rockford poetry will never be the same, as Dr. Henry Wolfsburg has signed a two year deal to join the Rockford Pages of the Outsider Poetry Slam League of America. 

Seen here riding a bike while his wife Diana Bingenbottom skates, Dr. Wolfsburg is an outsider poet, curator of The Hall of Bad Dudes, and an editor here at The Journal of Outsider Poetry. 

The signing, which should give the Rockford Pages a shot in the arm after they failed to win a contest in the 2016 OPSLA season, was announced Tuesday at the Taco Bell, voted Rockford’s best Mexican Restaurant, on Riverside Blvd. 

Wolfsburg celebrated the $10.78 contract by walking down the street and getting some one dollar ribeyes and macaroni and cheese at the Dollar Tree.

Several other transactions occurred this week in the OPSLA, including Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage joining the Chemung Shamans, and the fourth Dr. Who, Tom Baker, joining the Rancho Cucamonga Kookamungas.

It was also announced in the winter meetings that eight new teams will join OPSLA next season, including the Yakima Yakkers and the Hell Hollerers. It is unclear if Dr. Wolfsburg will step down from his position as assisstant league commissioner. 

I put up some black out curtains in the aprtment today, and by black out curtains I mean a yellow tablecloth and a fitted sheet Jenny gave me. But nonetheless they have cut down on the sun’s glare significantly and I feel much better. I’m trying to resist the urge to do an early fantasy football draft as I got burned last year drafting Jordy Nelson early then watching in horror as my second round pick tore his ACL in a meaningless preseason game.