Wow!  There seems to be a lot of fans that are a-okay with Harrison Wells killing countless innocent people, running his own private Meta Jail, and not being honest with anyone about himself and his true motivations.  Just making sure I understand why everyone is so concerned over Iris investigating STAR Labs, ok then

you guys were so quick to harass younger fans (14/15/16) for saying they’ll date 5sos because it would be pedophilia/illegal with the age difference. yet when talking about how 16 year old michael dated/slept with a 27 year old y’all are like “omg go michael what a guy!” “michael scored this is amazing!”….. i see how it works…….

I seem to remember distinctively reading about the article written in my native tongue of something along the line ” 15 Men clothes and accessories Women deem totally out of tune”; one listed among other things was the Waistcoat and I was like HELLO that freaking invention is the definition of Hotness. Scorlling through the feeds on Tumblr the other day, I decided to post this as the evidence in support of my Thesis.
Seriously, How exactly is *this* “antwacky”?