cubs play




Mountain Lion Cubs Playing by Anne-Marie Kalus
Via Flickr:

Tonight watching the Cubs play and thinking of changes in life, I thought back on one of my heroes… Michael Jordan who after massive success in basketball retired and played baseball from 1994-1995. I love that he took on this new challenge developing himself further as an athlete and person.

We humans are multifaceted. There are many layers to our dreams, goals, and challenges. Often there is much unseen and unknown by others that can seemingly be a roadblock in our path. Although, we are here to love and support, our journey is our own.

Because of our unique experiences, it is easy to forget that others do think or feel the same way that I do. Knowing that helps me be more patient, loving and seek for understanding. Being able to view actions and experiences from all perspectives takes practice. Overcoming fear does not happen immediately but is a process. Be patient. Be diligent. Be kind.