So Saturday morning we were up before the crack of dawn so that we could get to the race by 5:45 am. My body is sooo not used to that, but at least the time difference worked in our favor this time.

We got to the race, puttered around a bit, took a selfie, etc. I was scared to really warm up because a) we were in the last corral so we had to wait a while and b) I can barely run 6 miles as is. I didn’t want to tire myself out warming up. So I didn’t, which resulted in sore, sad calves for the first chunk of the race. Oh well!

When it was finally our turn to start, everyone took off running. Now my normal pace is like 12:30ish per mile, and we ran out first mile in about 8:30? Not even kidding. I was just trying to keep up with everyone and there’s that internal battle that you have when you get passed, but clearly some people should have been in earlier corrals. My goodness!

As we ran, my legs felt crummy, but I refused to walk before at least three miles, so I just kept chugging along. Pete was the sweetest and ran the whole race with me even though he was supposed to be up in corral B with the fast people.

The course went under the McCormick Center (weird) and down Lake Shore Drive before crossing over and coming back up through the park between the highway and the lake. So stunning. We had gorgeous views of the skyline, and lots of people stopped for pics, but I just couldn’t. Pete and I only walked through two water stations, but otherwise kept going. We even skipped the slip-n-slide because of there was a line and I didn’t want to stop!

When we finally crossed the finish line, we received our medals, as well as Rice Krispie Treats (😍) and other goodies. Most people stuck around for a party after, but we were out of there pretty quick. Showers and a nap were calling my name!

Afterward we ate lunch at Portillo’s and then headed over to Wrigley to watch the Cubs vs. Phillies game where the Phillies guy pitched a no hitter. So cool to see, even if I don’t know much about baseball. (I feel like a-yogi-who-wods would dig this.) My cubbies lost, but at least they lost in a really special way haha. And it was the most perfect, glorious way to spend a summer afternoon.

To be continued…


Two Adorable Inseparable Lion Cubs

Rescued in a refugee camps in the Gaza Strip, these two adorable lions have been inseparable since living together at the Rafah Zoo for two weeks. After the zoo’s destruction, a Gaza resident purchased the two five-month old cubs and named them “Shalom” and “Salaam.” Eventually the animal welfare group Four Paws took custody of the lions for safety reasons.