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anonymous asked:

Could you please tell us more about the shitty things the Empire did? Ashlander genocide? Massacre at Senchal?

Sure!  There are probably things I’m missing but I’ve kind of fallen out of the lore loop lately, so I haven’t been keeping up to date on canon.

  • The first is implied with the following Morrowind dialogue: “The Imperials came out of the West and tricked the gods of the settled people, the false gods called the Tribunal. Now the Imperials act like they own Morrowind, and they claim we are ruled by their chief, the one they call Emperor. We think nothing of this foolishness, but they have great armies of soldiers in armor who come and burn our yurts and slay our children. So we hate them, but we must remember to be quiet and patient and cunning, as Boethiah has taught us."  You can get it if you ask an Ashlander about Imperials, so it’s a topic that’s pretty easily missed since there aren’t too many of them in game.  As far as I know, this is the only thing in game that references this happening but I’ve only done one play-though of the game and never touched most of the factions, so I might be missing a questline or dialogue that goes into this further.
  • As far as I know, the second is only mentioned in Redguard, which is a game I haven’t played and most of the current fandom hasn’t.  Here’s a bit referencing it from the ancient Redguard site: "Fiercely loyal to his Emperor, [Attrebus] has little patience with people who refuse to acknowledge the obvious benefits of the Empire. For a glass of the strongest local brew, he will gladly retell his part in the sack of Senchal (an event which has no part in the official history of the Empire), claiming to have put thirty catmen to the sword himself, "man, woman and cubling, made no difference to us - General Pottreid had given ‘em their chance to surrender.”
  • leyawiin: let’s civilize these savage cats and lizards with good ol’ fashioned Nibenese values.  serial killers make perfect counts.
  • I can’t remember what the specific dialogue is but I know there’s talk in Morrowind about corruption in Imperial agents.
  • not the empire per se but there’s a lot of xenophobia to be had in Oblivion once you look past the potato-shaped surface.

that’s what I can think of off the top of my head.  like I said, I fell out of the lore loop.

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