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The Signs as Art Styles
  • Aries: Impressionism. Aries have a fascination and love for nature and colors, which is shown a lot in impressionism. They live in the moment and like to be present in time, instead of worrying about the past or future.
  • Taurus: Fauvism. Many Taurus's love expressing themselves. From wearing t-shirts with their favorite band or movie on it, to making their own stories or music. Artists that used Fauvism in their art use their art to express themselves. They are much like Taurus's in that aspect.
  • Gemini: Surrealism. A Gemini loves to explore their mind, delving into the depths of their creativity and learning all about themselves. Surrealism is all about exploring the unconscious mind, which is what Gemini's would love to do if they were artists.
  • Cancer: Naturalism. Cancers like to read people, and they drown themselves in their own emotions. Naturalism shows a range of expressions, gestures, and postures. A Cancer is much like art in Naturalism.
  • Leo: Cubism. Cubism was the first style of abstract art, and like a Leo would do, it started something new. Leo's are trend setters - they are not followers. They tend to look beyond what they see, and discover new things that they enjoy, they don't just look at what everyone else is doing.
  • Virgo: Dadaism. Virgo's are rebels. They don't like to follow the rules and they like to disobey, in order to prove a point. Dadaism was created out of anger for how things were at the time, in terms of the social and political state of the country. A Virgo would love looking into the history of Dadaism.
  • Libra: Post Impressionism. Libra's like to be independent. They don't care what the biggest trend is, they don't care how many friends they have - as long as they're happy. Post Impressionists were a small group of individuals who created their own independent styles, just like how Libra's and their group have similarities, but they are fully themselves.
  • Scorpio: Photorealism. Scorpios are blunt, upfront, and honest. Which sometimes makes them look like an asshole. Photorealism is a very realistic form of painting/drawing, which is like a Scorpio in the way that they're real and don't tell you lies.
  • Sagittarius: Abstract Art. Sagittarius are creative and imaginative, they like to look deeper into the things they see. They like to be interesting and they like people to want to ask questions. Abstract Art is just that - creative, imaginative, and it provokes questions. What does it mean? What is it? Some of these questions can be answered, some can't. Just the same as a Sagittarius.
  • Capricorn: Pop Art. Capricorns are fun, lively people who live freely and enjoy the little things in life. Pop Art started in the 1950's and 60's, bringing some light to the post war atmosphere that took over the US. Capricorns do the same thing, they try to lighten up anyone who needs - or even doesn't need - a little happiness in their life.
  • Aquarius: Scenic Art. A scenic artist has many skills, and can make their art using many different tools. Aquarius have different skills and they have many different traits - and most people enjoy a few of them. They're very likable and they work well with others, just as scenic art can conform to anyone's aesthetic needs.
  • Pisces: Expressionism. Pisces look into themselves. They, like Taurus's, love expressing themselves - but in a more emotional way. They don't hide their feelings and they're open to those they're close with. Expressionists used self expression in their art and showed themselves through what they created.

Portuguese artist Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso (November 14, 1887 - October 25, 1918) 

Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso arrived in Paris in 1906 on his 19th birthday and became a prominent artist influenced both by cubism and by futurism. He became friends with Brancusi, Archipenko, Diego Rivera, Apollinaire and especially Modigliani, with whom he staged a joint exhibition in 1911. By then Souza Cardoso had already shown his work in the Salon des Independants. He would show there again in 1912 and 1914, as well as in the Salon d'Automne. After leaving the Parisian avant-garde to visit Portugal at the start of the First World War he was barred him from re-entering France due to Portugal’s neutrality. He virtually fell into obscurity and died from the the Spanish Flu epidemic at the age of thirty.

Le Corbusier [Charles-Édouard Jeanneret]
Bull III [Taureau III], 1953
Oil on canvas; 161.9 cm × 113.7 cm
Tate; acc. № N06224

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anonymous asked:

Hey bb why do you like chino so much?

TLDR: I don’t really know either. She is simply just perfect. 

I love her jokes, she rarely jokes around but when she does it. She blows it.

I love that she is always trying her very best whatever she is doing. May it just be designing clothes, drawing a picture, talking to her friends or just learning how to dance.

I love it whenever she is embarrassed and tries to joke/lie her way out.

I love her drawings, it may just be because it’s a drawing from Chino. Because I usually hate illustrations drawn in a cubism style but it also just tells me that I love her so much I forgive all her mistakes and support everything she does and makes.

I love how mature, responsible and calm she is especially because she is only 13 (using the anime-never-age logic).

I love how she can be a dork sometimes aswell :3 

I love it when she is being tsundere towards Cocoa…

even though she actually likes her A LOT. (For example, she kinda did risk her life in S2 Ep 11 to get back Cocoa’s hat or that time she went out “alone” in the middle of a really dark night to get Cocoa medicine since she was ill)

I love how selfless she is when it comes to her friends (she shouldn’t though but that’s really cute).

I love the relatable aspects of her. For example, she finds socializing and having a conversation hard, like me, but she still tries her very best and I find this just beautiful.

And lastly it is the most insignificant and unimportant thing when it comes to true love, her appearance. She is the most cutest being in both real life and fictional I have ever laid my eyes on.

I could point out any Chino scene and explain why this was SO FKING CUTE. But I think I already got the point across.

There is but one thing I do not really call I would “love” this site of hers. She wants to have a better figure (i assume she wants a bigger chest and curves) but I believe that she will be always perfect the way she is. Don’t get me wrong, I would love her as much as I do now even when she has a bigger chest etc. But I want her to have more faith in herself and love herself the way she is.

TLDR: I also love her and am grateful for Gochiusa for saving my life

Also I am grateful towards her, because back then when S2 was airing. I was very depressed, to the point I was really suicidal. I had no friends (I still do not have any besides some on tumblr) and I don’t have a good relationship with my family. So I thought, why I am I still living? What keeps me going? For whom am I enduring all this pain? Then I started watching Gochiusa S1 because my dash was full of cute girls (especially scenes of the ending). So I was like, why not. As I watched this entire show I grew to love all of those characters. They gave me purpose. They cured my suicidal thoughts. I was still depressed. But at least I was still alive and that’s all thanks to Gochiusa and especially Chino.


Paul Klee

Paul Klee was a Swiss-German artist known for his highly individualist art style, combining Cubism, Surrealism and Expressionism, amongst others. He experimented with colour theory and wrote about it extensively, his works are held to be extremely important to modern art. Additionally to his work as a painter, he also taught together with Russian artist Wassily Kadinsky at the Bauhaus school in Germany.

Diego Rivera was born on this day in 1886!

Diego Rivera spent more than a decade in Europe developing his own style of cubism infused with symbols of his Mexican nationality. After his return to Mexico in 1922, he joined fellow creative thinkers and state officials in concerted efforts to revitalize and redefine Mexican culture in the wake of the Mexican Revolution. Rivera is well known for his murals, but less for his other works such as this painting, Sun, design for H.P. (Horsepower). See other works by Diego Rivera in our collection.

[Diego Rivera. Sun, design for H.P. (Horsepower). Watercolor on paper. Gift of Abby Aldrich Rockefeller. © 2016 Banco de México Diego Rivera Frida Kahlo Museums Trust, Mexico, D.F. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York]

(via Diego Rivera | MoMA)