Nobody sane loves working in an office, It’s against human nature to be locked up in a cubicle all day long.

Please fire me. I just had to literally move my desk as far away from my boss’s office as possible because virtually all visitors automatically assumed that the only young woman in an open space office full of guys naturally has to be the boss’s secretary. I’m one the lawyers.

Please fire me. My coworker refuses to turn off a giant fan near her station. Whenever she farts the fan pushes it directly into my area. I work in the corner of the room. It’s like I’m trapped.


15) 2 Become 1

Saturday // Roni

I awoke before Harry. I lied in bed watching his chest rise and fall with each breath, his lips slightly parted for probably a good twenty minutes before finally deciding to get up.

I stared in the bathroom mirror as I brushed my teeth, my other hand grazing over a purple mark that Harry had left on my collarbone. I spit out my toothpaste, replacing the brush in its holder. I bit my lip, grinning at the extra toothbrush next to mine - the one that Harry had used the previous weekend. I’d left it there for him purposefully.

I was flipping the fried eggs in the pan when I heard the water run in the bathroom. A few seconds later I heard footsteps behind me on the kitchen tile.

“Good morning,” I greeted him without turning around.

“Morning, love,” I heard him say before his arms slipped around my waist.

“Did you sleep well?” I asked as he kissed my neck.

“Mm hm,” he sounded. “Very well.”

“Good. Breakfast is almost ready.”

Releasing me with a sigh, Harry took a seat at the table. I set a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him before grabbing one for myself. Then pouring two cups of coffee, I sat down across from him. With a grin, he shoved a forkful of eggs in his mouth.

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