Friends With Tax Benefits, 4/?

They went back to the Deschutes County Courthouse that Friday to get married. They didn’t even get married by a judge or a justice of the peace, but instead stood in front of a clearly bored county clerk who spoke slower and more drolly then Ben Stein.

Their only witness was Stan (Soos was tied up with a sticky selkie situation back home, and Wendy was currently off the grid at McMurdo Station in Antarctica) and they each held a triplet.

Stan spent most of the ceremony looking disgruntled and holding his hand behind his back because Acacia was kind enough to puke in his hand.

Henry kept on the ring he had gotten from Mabel (there was no question of him taking it off. Period.)

Dipper had an old, battered silver band slid onto his ring finger, a tiny, tiny speck that was maybe a diamond but more likely cubic zirconia.

Willow stared almost disconcertingly at the air around Henry and Dipper.

Hank cried so loud at one point that the clerk lost his place and decided to start again.

It was kind of a hot mess and it was perfect.


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Multicolored Cubic Zirconia (scroll down to see the pics of the dyed ones)

gemsona of sorts? they’re genderfluid since CZ is so malleable, i’m not 100% on the hair colors yet & suggestions are welcome, i’m also not sure what i want their weapon (or weapons) to be yet, so those suggestions are welcome too

side note: they’re not twins, they’re two forms of one person, i just figured maybe some gems could have two physical forms instead of just one, or CZ here just shape shifts a lot idk (it was a cute pose okay)

Here’s what you’ll need to run homebrew on a 3DS ⊟

We now know what game you’ll need to enable homebrew on your 3DS once the long-awaited exploit is released: Cubic Ninja. You can snag a used or new U.S. version for pretty cheap on Amazon right now, and Japanese copies aren’t too expensive either (the game’s also available on the JP eShop).

From what I can gather, the exploit allowing people to run homemade games and apps requires a copy of Cubic Ninja and a special file saved on your 3DS’s SD card. Once you have both, you will be able to install a Homebrew Channel onto a standard or New 3DS, no matter what your firmware. From there, you’ll be able to launch unofficial programs. Please note that this exploit does not support commercial or pirated games at all — the Pokémon and Zelda icons in the photo above are just there as placeholders (they’re actually an FTP app and homebrew first-person shooter Yeti3DS).

French hacker Smealum intends to release the exploit later this week. As you can see in the image above, he’s updated his Minecraft DS project for the 3DS to show off the exploit. It seems like the game and the Homebrew Channel are still a little rough, but these are important first steps toward developing a healthy homebrew community for the system. Thanks, Ubisoft and AQ Interactive, for helping make homebrew on the 3DS possible with Cubic Ninja!


Crystal of the Day: Apophyllite

Source: Britain, Australia, India, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Italy

Appearance: Cubic crystals

Apophyllite creates conscious connections between physical and spiritual realm and facilitates conscious astral travel. It promotes introspection and correction of imbalances. Aids seeing future, and stimulates intuitive vision.

Position: Hold or place on the third eye, especially for channeling



Audio Visual installation by Jaap van den Elzen and Augusto Meijer is enclosed mirrored space with cubic lighting:

Hypercube is an art installation in which the viewer is immersed in an audiovisual environment. The cube-shaped space of the Hypercube -surrounded by mirrors and dynamic lightlines- guarantees a stunning multi-sensory experience. Infinite reflections, lack of spatial reference, intense focus, disorientation and a distorted sense of time and space are key. Hypercube gives its own definition of how space can be experienced and adds a new dimension to one of the most cultivated building blocks known to mankind: the Cube.

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A stunning garnet

Resembling something designed and built by the BORG collective, the piece in question is a Spessartine/ite garnet from Brasil that has been etched by caustic fluids at some point in its geological history, probably by partial dissolution when the granite that parented it was slowly cooling and stewing in its own juices. Named after the town of Spessart in Germany that was the original type location they vary from orangey yellow (mandarin or malaya garnet) to red. 

Spessartine forms a solid solution series with other red garnets, with the mantle sourced pyrope garnets (along with chrome diopside a diamond indicator mineral that erupts in the same kimberlite that carries the diamonds up from the mantle), the mostly metamorphic iron Almandine garnets and these that form mostly in Earth distilled granitic rocks. Garnets in a rock are used as both geobarometers and geothermometers to gauge the ambient temperature and pressure conditions in which the rock formed, and hence the volcanic or metamorphic event. 

The colour is caused by manganese, and it can also be recognised by its inclusions in a hand lens, which consist of veil patterns of fluid and crystalline inclusions. Major sources include the Umba valley in Tanzania and Kenya (also famous for corundums), Nigeria and Namibia. Colours are natural as these gems are not treated. This crystal is a floater that grew without contact with the walls of the pocket, measures 7.5 x 6.5 x 3 cm and weighs around 215 grams. 


Image credit: Rob Lavinsky/



Crafted. That’s the word that springs to mind when looking at these images. Crafted, and to perfection. This five floor stucco-fronted property in London’s Notting Hill has been redesigned to create an exciting contemporary home that’s filled with bespoke touches.

This house on Ladbroke Road was redesigned by Cubic Studios. Indeed every element of this interior has been designed and manufactured by the studio, from the raw steel and glass stairway that connects the five floors to the polished plaster walls and the polished concrete sanitaryware in the top floor master suite, which was cast on site.

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Dean Martin’s 1962 GHIA L6.4

This unique Dual Ghia L6.4 was ordered and built for singer and movie star Dean Martin. It remains in its original, unrestored condition. 

Although each Ghia L6.4 was specifically built for each customer, Dean Martin nevertheless found this car was still not exclusive enough for him and had it customized by noted Hollywood car customizer George Barris.

The car is finished in black with oval headlights - a Barris touch - and Nardi steering wheel. Its chrome wire wheels and whitewall tires are accented with thin chrome trim around the wheel wells and rocker panels.

Power is supplied by a 335 horsepower Chrysler 383 cubic-inch motor fitted to a TorqueFlite three-speed automatic transmission. Finishing touches are power steering, power brakes and air conditioning.

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