How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Have you ever wondered how people solve a Rubik’s Cube in under 2 minutes?

My best friend Hannah shows you how in her video, “How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube”. It’s her very first video ever, and her first video for my truebluemeandyou YouTube channel - so please be kind.

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Steps for Solving a Rubik’s Cube

Step 1: The X - 1:05

Solve for the X on the top face. Make sure each piece lines up with the correct color on the front and side faces.

Step 2: The Corners - 2:26

Solve the corners on the top face. Make sure the front and side faces form a T shape.

Step 3: Top 2 Rows - 5:22
From this step forward you simply repeat patterns. I am going to write these patterns in abbreviated form.
T = turn the top face to the right
T" = turn the top face to the left
F = turn the front face clockwise
F" = turn the front face counterclockwise
R = turn the right face up
R" = turn the right face down
L = turn the left face up
L" = turn the left face down
B = turn the bottom row to the right
B" = turn the bottom row to the left

Solving a piece to the right:

Solving a piece to the left:

Step 4: The Bottom X - 7:29

Reminder: If you have an L shape, it should be in the top left corner. If you have a straight line, it should be horizontal.
Pattern (repeat until you have an X): RT"R"F"TFRTR"

Step 5: Align the X - 9:50

Reminder: Line up just one color before performing the pattern.
Pattern (repeat until all the colors line up): RT"T"R"TRTR"

Step 6: Align the Corners - 10:49

Reminder: The aligned corner should be in the bottom left corner.
Pattern (repeat until all the corners are aligned): RTLT"R"TL"T"

Step 7: Finish the Cube

Reminder: You want two corners correctly oriented, both on the left side.
Pattern (repeat until the cube is solved): RT"T"R"TRTR"LT"T"L"T"LT"L"