I got tagged by alone-with-my-scars. Tag ten followers you want to get to know better..

Name: Hannah

Nickname: Don’t have one

Birthday: march 17, 1999

Star sign: Pisces 

Gender: female

Height: 5'1 or 5′2

Sexual orientation: No clue

Favorite color: blue

Time right now: 6:52 pm

Average hours of sleep: idk like 10 currently

Lucky number: 2

Last thing i googled: Ark survival evolved 

Words that come to mind: find, blind, mine, time

Happy place: idk

Celeb crush: not really a celeb but im always hot for trott 

Favorite book: i don’t really have one

Favorite bands: F.O.B, twenty one pilots  

Last movie i saw: the cube2:hypercubed 

Dream trip: going japan,it will be forever japan 

Dream job: idk something that requires v little work

What am i wearing: leggings and a yogscast shirt

ima tag like anyone who sees this. You see this boom you’re tagged.