Lights Updated 2016-07-14

Today’s patch destroyed all CC lights, so here are all my lights updated. Let overwrite the old files with the new files.

  • Benjamin Table Lamp - lighting/table lamps
  • Contrast Table Lamp - lighting/table lamps
  • Holopets - lighting/table lamps
  • Christmas Tree Lamp - lighting/table lamps
  • Spectrum Table Lamp - lighting/table lamps
  • Ultra Lounge Cube Table Lamp - lighting/table lamps
  • Waning Moon Eagle Feather Table Lamp - lighting/table lamps
  • Contrast Floor Lamp v1 - lighting/floor lamps
  • Contrast Floor Lamp v2 - lighting/floor lamps
  • IKEA MAREK Lamp - lighting/floor lamps
  • IKEA STORM Floor Lamp - lighting/floor lamps
  • Waning Moon Eagle Feather Floor Lamp - lighting/floor lamps
  • Ultra Lounge Cube Wall Lamp - lighting/wall lamps
  • Ultra Lounge Nightly Light - lighting/wall lamps
  • Spectrum Ceiling Light - lighting/ceiling lamps

DOWNLOAD: mediafire / mega

Dealing with deals (closed rp w/ the-demonic-parvis)

[ @the-demonic-parvis ]

Why was it that things went only worse? Wasn’t it supposed to be getting better after getting worse? It certainly didn’t look like it. Their lives were a constant downhill slide with no ending in sight.

It had been a few days since the deal he had made with Mirrus. It was weird to say the least, but he had managed to pull through them just fine. That was until the greys decided to use him as their plaything and now he was under the effect of yet another spell.

For the past few days he had been tinkering with machinery in his bedroom-turned-workshop in order to create something that would help him get his ice powers under control or at least limit their use. Between noises of frustration and tools freezing, he had little to no luck other than managing to create a snazzy pair of gloves. They weren’t perfect, but they were something at least.

Will was on one of his breaks in the kitchen to grab something to eat when he was greeted by Mirrus and the sound of an annoyed meow reached his ears.

“Hey, leave Ozzie alone!“

I went to the Ai Weiwei exhibition the other day at the Hirshhorn and it was totally worth it. 

This piece is every bit as cool in person. The inscription read:

Cube Light (2008) Glass crystals, lights, and metal

Begun in 2002, Ai’s celebrated chandelier series includes large-scale installations composed of thousands of glass crystals. Cube Light, a seminal piece in this body of work, extends Ai’s interest in re-examining Minimalist artistic strategies and, more specifically, in questioning perceived solidity and exactitude of the iconic cube. The manipulation of materials that interrogate conventions of culture, history, politics, and tradition. According to Ai, an important inspiration for the series was a scene in Sergei Eisenstein’s 1928 film October, in which the shaking crystal chandelier suggests instability of a society undergoing profound change. 

P.S. When I have time for “free reading” (as if) again, this is on the top of my list. 

P.P.S. You can find more pictures here

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