Here are some stills from The Lost Boys

I would have never been able to achieve the lighting and the mood of my film without the immense help from my sweetheart Debora Cheyenne, who figured out the passage of time in my ambiguous color script, and is the supreme After Effects master and who achieved the final look of my film.

I’m one lucky animator! Thank you so much Cheyenne-sensei! <3

I went to the Ai Weiwei exhibition the other day at the Hirshhorn and it was totally worth it. 

This piece is every bit as cool in person. The inscription read:

Cube Light (2008) Glass crystals, lights, and metal

Begun in 2002, Ai’s celebrated chandelier series includes large-scale installations composed of thousands of glass crystals. Cube Light, a seminal piece in this body of work, extends Ai’s interest in re-examining Minimalist artistic strategies and, more specifically, in questioning perceived solidity and exactitude of the iconic cube. The manipulation of materials that interrogate conventions of culture, history, politics, and tradition. According to Ai, an important inspiration for the series was a scene in Sergei Eisenstein’s 1928 film October, in which the shaking crystal chandelier suggests instability of a society undergoing profound change. 

P.S. When I have time for “free reading” (as if) again, this is on the top of my list. 

P.P.S. You can find more pictures here

Asia Day 23: Harajuku Girls

Last day in Tokyo, and Rebecca and I sure tried to get it all in. Went to Hachiman Gou Temple in Kamakura and then to the Giant Buddha.

Headed to Harajuku for a spell, and was able to catch some Harajuku Girls out shopping.

We saw so much on this trip. Highlights: Transformations at the MCA Tokyo and Ai Wei Wei’s Cube Light at Misa Shin Gallery.

Last night in Tokyo. Headed out for udon at the noodle shop + drinks at Klein Blue Bar above the Game Shop.

More soon!