People to always appreciate

Jo Jinho


The main vocalist

The oldest member

1st place winner in SM Entertainment Everysing Contest

formerly known as, Jino

former SM Ballad Vol 1.member

former SM trainee

CUBE trainee

Pentagon member

overall trained for eight years ….eight

plays the guitar and piano

hits the high notes for days

rap god Jinho

speaks Chinese

dedicated Harry Potter stan

“cutest tiny hyung”

smol guy, big talent

dab master

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I used to have so much respect for Cube because they were the company that gave trainees second chances at their dreams but man, they’ve reached new lows. A part of me thinks it’s just a tactic but a part of me thinks they are really that shady. Beast and Hyunseung didn’t even know and all 6 of them were shocked by their announcement. Cube is trying to erase & replace their legacy - something they built for 7 years. Beast isn’t a top idol name for no damn reason. They made strides with their quality music in this tough industry. I’m absolutely appalled as someone who has been a fan of Cube Ent artists since 2009. If it was just the name Beast they weren’t giving back, I wouldn’t be so angry, but they have the gall to try and re-group, for what? For money? For pettiness? It’s absolutely frustrating. I know a lot has changed since CEO Hong stepped down and iHQ bought up most their stocks but this is just so suspicious and disgraceful.

A few weeks ago, I had a dream that I danced on a stage with Hyuna and was able to take a picture with her. Even though the dream did not come true in one way, it came true in another way. Not only was I picked by her, but I was able to talk to her and take a picture with her. That made my dreams of 10 years come true! I still can’t believe it but I actually got to meet my number one inspiration. She has inspired me so much in the course of that time and I thank her so much for everything shes done. She has an amazing personality just like shes always displayed and she is the best role model/ Ultimate Bias. Dancing in front of her was such an honor and I hope I get to do it again one day. Im genuinely happy. I love you so much Kim Hyuna! 💜 #hyuna #hyunatour #Aing

Boyfriend Kino

Requested by Anon

  • let’s talk about this bby
  • honestly a little pumpkin
  • a sweet little pumpkin
  • extra fluffy
  • c u d d l e s
  • would probably want you to feed him a carton of apple juice
  • gets really shy around you
  • pouty
  • likes tight bear hugs
  • when you’re cooking/baking, he would sneak up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist
  • “let’s cuddle~” he would whine every time you’re busy
  • dances for you sometimes
  • aegyo
  • wants your kisses all the time
  • clingy
  • when you’re sad, he’s sad
  • does anything and everything for you
  • you’re his bae, so he’s willing to spoil you
  • nose kisses
  • smiles too much
  • acts like a little kid
  • because he is a little kid
  • would take you to the amusement park for a date
  • holding hands while walking around the amusement park
  • would play a bunch of games just to buy you the cute bear you want
  • honestly a really sweet and caring bf
  • gets excited to see you all the time
  • always wants to cheer you up and make you the happiest girl in the world
  • even tho he doesn’t need to try
  • because you’re always happy when you’re with him <3
  • home movie dates
  • cuddling on the couch
  • sings everywhere
  • annoying sometimes
  • playful
  • likes to tease you a lot
  • he’s just a really fluffy and happy kid, give him some love

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