[RUMOR] CUBE artist’s scheduled comebacks of 2016:
  • 4MINUTE - Feb (Confirmed)
  • Apink - March (Rumor)
  • CLC - April (Rumor)
  • B2ST - May (Rumor)
  • Pentagon - June (Rumored Debut Date)
  • Troublemaker - July (Rumor)
  • BTOB - August (Rumor)

Again, these are just rumors, there have been no real confirmations yet but at least now we have something to look forward to.

Sources: OneHallyu / Melody for BtoB Int.

So, Jihyun said at 4MINUTE’s showcase that whether they renew their contracts with CUBE is largely dependent on how successful their new album is.

I’m glad I pre-ordered it, then. I wish “Hate” was charting better, because I really don’t want to see them disband. I know there’s a chance that they’d just all go to another company (like B.E.G), but I also know that there’s a significant chance Hyuna would just go somewhere to be a solo artist, and then Jihyun might sign with an acting agency, and… I just don’t wanna see them disband.

Please buy Act. 7

I dont understand why people say Cube is bad at promoting. Apink is in the top three biggest girl groups in korea and b2st is in top three boy groups (in terms of fanclub numbers for 2015). BtoB is well known for great variety skills (especially because of Sungjae and Ilhoon). 4minute is in the top ten girl groups also (and hyuna is one of the most known and successful soloists). Clc isnt very popular, but slowly getting there. People dont want to admit theyre a good company overall.

Cube Entertainment artists "ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE" holds close to heart; Cube President Hong suffers from ALS

While the K-Pop world begin to learn more about ALS and the conditions that many of those who suffer with it face, Cube Entertainment artists have always been familiar with the plight. 

Their founder and president, Hong Seungsung is long known to suffer from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig disease.

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