Long time no post… Lol… i have not worked with my dolls for a long time and that us because they were put away in their boxes so i decided ti invest on a simple cube cabinet which is a great idea 😁 i’ll see them more often and i’ll be more creative because they are reachable now lol… i am restyling almost everyone… so i might start posting again bit by bit
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here are two more members of the Cabinet (the highest governing organ of the Cube Society).

the one on the left is the Treasurer, who controls the Cube Society’s funds and trade. the Treasurer happens to be the youngest member of the Cabinet. she has worked in her position for less than a year, while most of the other Cabinet cubes have held their positions for at least five years. the Cabinet doesn’t have any habits of discriminating younger members: it’s important for them to get the new ones into the group as quick as possible to maintain high functioning.

the right side one is the Disposer. she is a secret member of the Cabinet. the Disposer is the leader of all who work with the deceased: the Corpse Collectors, the Morgue workers and the Crematorium workers. like the cubes she directs, she officially doesn’t exist as a person or an individual, but only as a worker who has been removed from the ranks of the cube people. she takes no contact to the living cubes except in the Cabinet meetings, where she is present and speaks for her silent army of caretakers of the dead, and when she interacts with her workers. the Disposer wears a similar kind of uniform as the Corpse Collectors to hide her identity and protect her hygiene. however, since she is a Cabinet cube, her uniform is more decorated to show her higher position (and thus allowed to be less practical, with a long skirt instead of a shorter tunic and trousers). only the Cabinet, her own workers and the necessary staff in the Cabinet headquarters know about her post existing. when the Cabinet appears publicly in front of the people, the Disposer is never there and is never mentioned. she celebrates privately in separate premises with her own workers, who have no access to the public celebrations among the normal people.

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Can you do 5 things you'd put in a pentagram to summon each type?

  • ENFP: Shark teeth, at least 1 banana peel, the left over hair clippings from when your friend got an undercut, sea salt, and a new car smell air freshener.
  • INFP: 5 stuffed animals all named Timothy.
  • ENFJ: Freshly picked Daisies, an Atlas, Britney Spears’ used tissue, freshly baked bread, and 25 cents.
  • INFJ: George Orwell’s 1984, an old clock, 15 buttons, fresh tears of a failed author, and a vanilla scented candle.
  • ENTP: Just stand there and say “In my opinion…” they’ll appear in no time.
  • INTP: The almanac, the cheeto you found in the couch cushions, lobsters, anything space related, and a whole bunch of crayola crayons.
  • ENTJ: An ENTP, a box fan, combat boots, the tears of an ISFP, and a whole bunch of thumbtacks and yarn.
  • INTJ: 12 ice cubes, a filing cabinet, scotch tape, the fingernail trimmings of someone named Bill, and an annoying person who needs to be shut up.
  • ESFP: a puppy, an invitation to a birthday party, a chocolate cake, a bicycle, and light up shoes.
  • ISFP: water colors, herbal tea, chap-stick, converse sneakers, and a whole bunch of hugs.
  • ESTP: Just tell them no. They’ll appear and probably punch you in the face.
  • ISTP: A sword, duct tape, a wrench, a cactus, and 3 skateboards.
  • ESTJ: The blood of a traveling salesman, a clearance suit, breath mints, an empty egg carton, and a hot glue gun.
  • ISTJ: the sign from a pool that reads ‘no running’, 14 blue pens, a glass jar full of ladybugs, glasses, and an ESTP.
  • ESFJ: an iphone, season 2 of Pretty Little Liars, a carpet square, a freshly backed batch of cookies, an ivory soap.
  • ISFJ: the diary of an 11-year-old, a teen-romance novel, 8 chess pieces, a cardboard box, and the sofa in your mother-in-law’s house.