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Thank you for everyone who didn’t give up the fight for Sense8. For all of us who hoped and prayed for this magnificent series that touched our hearts and minds. We fucking did it. It goes to show the power we have when we speak up and when we unite and work together to fight the good fight (isn’t that one of the messages of the show?). We’re “either defined by the system or by the way we defy the system” right? So to our courage, I offer a toast 🥂, a tequila cubed (or squared) toast 🍻. We FUCKING DID IT!!! We DEFIED the system!! We showed we really are a global cluster.

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Jim doing more important work in his cubicle while the heat is on (literally).


The Cog Warband Breakfast Kebab (COG)

For a bunch of beat up and misfit scrappers, the Cog Warband seems to do alright for themselves. If you need them, just poke around Nolan in the Diessa Plateau for a little while and one of them is bound to turn up to chase you off before you stumble across their ‘secret’ strawberry patch. But you didn’t hear about it from me if they ask!

- MJ & K

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Twenty-One | Meet the Tuckers | Part Two

Onyx |

Because I wanted to make a good impression with Ms. Tucker, I decided that I’d make some breakfast. I knew Tremaine wasn’t gonna fix it ‘cause he made it well-known that his mother was responsible for every meal of the day. He missed her cooking tremendously but, it’d be best if mama’s boy waited until tonight for his home-cooked meal. “What to make, what to make?” I sang, biting on my fingernail. I didn’t want to make a meal that was 


 lavish or, 


 basic. Impressing a parent was challenging and I loathed this part of being in a relationship. I dealt with it a total of three times and hopefully, Tremaine’s mom would be the last time.

Hint, hint


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