cube plush


Happy birthday my dear angel~

It is hard to celebrate it with a character who doesn’t have many official merch, so this shall do. I only use the props which are official (SAS and card) and things I commissioned (the nendo and cube plush).

Also, even if I end up making it DJD (I don’t ask for candles but the cake shop gave me anyway AND IT IS FREAKING BLUE AND YELLOW I CAN’T), I don’t put all my DJD stuffs because hey, this is Jonathan’s birthday…. DJD shrine is for later when I make my DJD itabag lmao

i have had 3 plush companion cubes to date

the death of each one has been determined by my pup’s voracious love for anything soft and destructible


okay, some more cool pics from our event!
pic 1: this was an activity for visitors - literally “throw a core into an oven” game
pic 2: closer look at chell’s portrait
pic 3: part of stand decorations - plush cores and turrets (every single one found its new home after the event)
pic 4: handmade portal gun and licensed replica one - can you tell the difference? also some mugs for employees - a lot of coffee was drunk that day
pic 5: mirror portals are always epic win. also test subject preparing a mischief behind the scientist’s back. and a plush companion cube - that one ended up living at my place
pic 6: closer look at mural replicas. stunning work of two talented artists


My nephew is looking for some of these talking and/or glowing plush toys from Portal 2. He’s ten and totally going nuts over the game now that he finally has it but now he wants to collect absolutely everything he can from it. Plush, shirts, figures, guns, Lego … just like he got to do with Minecraft, except Minecraft they actually catered to kids and didn’t price everything like ultra-rare collectibles. How do I be the cool, gamer aunt that I am without breaking the bank?!
Garnet Cube Plush Tutorial - Part 1
Part 2 - Embroidery Machine Version: Part 2 - Sewing Machine Version: Part 3:

Garnet cube tutorial is up!

It’s in 4 parts due to two versions of the cube, one with an embroidered face, and another with a sewing machine appliqué face.

Part 2 Embroidery Machine Version:

Part 2 Sewing Machine Version:

Part 3 Sewing Garnet Together:

Mun: Well… Sorry if I wasn’t around (pretty busy this last days) but when a wonderful event happen, my girls and myself won’t miss it.

@allesiathehedge , a brilliant artist and creator of Timetale, surprise us with her lovely couple Salphys (Sans x Alphys) few days ago: they become parent of a adorable little girl named Korinna, born at December 16th.
Congratulation for the new family from all the girls and myself!

So! We’re thinking to bring them some gifts for their lil’ princess. It’s little but enough to give a smile to a little sunshine and family. :3
Here the gift from each of us:

- Metana: pastel blue pijama writed “Daddy’s Lil’ Princess” on it and a little gold bracelet with her name writed on the recto and her birthday date on the verso.
- Dreamy: Random baby toys (rattle, piano, letters cubes), Freddy plush, shiny Mew plush and white rabbit plush.
- Lilly: The Annoying Dog plush and Temmie plush.
- Yume: Polar bear plush.

Hope you like it and early merry christmas for everyone!