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xsilversugar  asked:

Salutations from Vaile~! Have you ever met Rocco the hippo? If so, do you two get along? If not, is there anyone in your town who is a little cranky and what are your tips for dealing with them? Thanks also for just being adorable!

I’ve never met Rocco, sorry, d-d-dude. But I know Kabuki. He’s pretty c-c-cranky lots.

I t-t-think hugs are the best m-m-medicine!

Everyone could use a hug, d-d-dude!!!

The Cube

Novemberocean: How many times has “The Cube” come up in conversation?           

Four inches. Soft. Yes, we were in the studio for that statistic.

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Times “The Cube” has been mentioned: 35 Updated through Episode 81

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