cube dress


WonderBoy III dressed up with all new visuals and soundtrack, but still the same Sega Master System game I had so much fun with as a kid. Oh yeah. :D

Check out this awesome convertible Companion Cube inspired dress!

The most versatile dress for any wardrobe! The convertible dress can be styled an unlimited number of ways. The skirt can be a circle, handkerchief, longer on the sides, high in the front/low in the back, mid-thigh length, knee length, or floor length.

Check out this dress and tons of other designs at Little Petal on Etsy!

anonymous asked:

I could see Zelda's wedding attire going one of two ways. Dressing in a diplomatic way to incorporate both her royal colors as well as Ganon's themes. OR. In as many complicated choices as possible to make the undressing afterwards as annoying as possible.

LOL ether something appropriate, dignified, and diplomatic or RUBIK’S CUBE DRESS: the dress of challenge!