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Seems like it’s time for a yearly update on this blog :D

My fav’ pen wasn’t working anymore due to the HHHHEAT so I did some doodles to make it work again and guess what? MADOTSUKI, yep.

It hasn’t been that long since the last post but wow, so much things happened during those last month, that’s a strange feeling to think back about it :|

Anyway, drawing Mado’ with her best smile is always a greeeat source of motivation and courage! Wish you those feelings too!

And now it’s time for tea. See you next time!

Amethyst’s Room is Awesome!

You can see a bunch of fun stuff, mainly from video games such as:

  • a backwards Snorlax from Pokemon
  • a super leaf from Super Mario
  • a Gyroid from Animal Crossing
  • a brick block from Super Mario.
  • a Chao from Sonic (or a slime from Dragon Quest. I can’t really tell)
  • a Question Mark block from Super Mario (Again lot of Mario stuff in this castle temple)
  • the Wheel of Fortune… Wheel
  • and a lucky cat sitting on..
  • a GIANT Rubix cube (that would be really difficult to spin)

There are a bunch of other things in there, but tell me if you can figure out what the red dragon-like thing is from first picture or the wing chair in the third picture is.

This is for my very very lovely @rutobuka2 , to whom i wish all the best with all my heart; you are a precious friend and a precious, sweet sinnamon bun

sailorsetsuna7  asked:

Hey ^^ Got any headcanons about Add x Ara? (Every job may count, but I care less about LP and YR)

Ara tried at first to get close to Add but with shunned. It was only after she saved his life that he started warming up to her. The friends turned into lovers soon enough

Asura: Given that she now shares one body with Eun, Eun’s kitsune possessiveness takes over Ara sometimes. Asura will not hesitate to tear someone to pieces for just looking at Add the wrong way

MM: He is possessive of Ara but in a more or less violent way. Example: Someone brushed against Ara’s hips and grinned at her. He simply summoned Apocalypse and let the cat cube do its thing.

SD: She is shy and blushes at the simplest kisses on the forehead or cheek from one the Adds.

DiE: DiE tries to be there for Ara and help her with her quest to save her brother. but he saw what happens if he succeeds…

Neko Atsume: Maximum Cat-pacity Build

I’m sure we’ve all seen this specific yard before, correct?

Well thanks to modern technology and five minutes of researching, you too can get the same results as seen above!


*3000+ regular fish (you’ll need extra if you want to keep buying Frisky Bitz)

*155 gold fish plus a lil’ extra if you want fancy foods

*Full set of The Cubes

*Cat Metropolis

*Bureau with Pots (or Cat Condo Complex if you want matching decor)

*Giant Cushion

*Any other small item of your choice

First off, buy your supplies, obviously. If you’re short on fish, restrain yourself from buying anything for at least three days and continously collect fish after you’ve slept and in the evening, occasionally refilling your food bowls. Let Tubbs eat and leave and get your daily fish, kids. After saving up all your fish, go ahead and grab your supplies for your yard. In the large spaces, place your Cat Metropolis and either the Bureau with Pots or Cat Condo Complex (it doesn’t matter which, they both hold 5 cats). Place your Cubes, Giant Cushion, and an item of your choosing around and voila! You have successly made the Maximum Cat-pacity Build! The catconomy will never be same again!


*In your extra goodie spot, I’d recommend placing a Zanzibar Cushion for Xerxes. He gives an excellent bonus along with your hourly fish earnings! 

*It won’t matter what Remodel you have, they all have 10 small spaces or in other words 2 large spaces and 6 small spaces.

*Edit: I’ve been informed that if you put out the Lacquered Bowl, you get a chance of getting 2 more cats, Kathmandu and a regular cat!

If you have any questions, please message me!