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I’ve been having panic attacks cause I can’t breathe (which just makes the breathing worse) here is some gifs of me trying to calm down post attack

Gif 1: Rocking and petting Peridot (our older cat)
Gif 2: shaking my legs and playing with multiple sides of my fidget cube
Gif 3: rocking and playing with the roller side of the fidget cube

Amethyst’s Room is Awesome!

You can see a bunch of fun stuff, mainly from video games such as:

  • a backwards Snorlax from Pokemon
  • a super leaf from Super Mario
  • a Gyroid from Animal Crossing
  • a brick block from Super Mario.
  • a Chao from Sonic (or a slime from Dragon Quest. I can’t really tell)
  • a Question Mark block from Super Mario (Again lot of Mario stuff in this castle temple)
  • the Wheel of Fortune… Wheel
  • and a lucky cat sitting on..
  • a GIANT Rubix cube (that would be really difficult to spin)

There are a bunch of other things in there, but tell me if you can figure out what the red dragon-like thing is from first picture or the wing chair in the third picture is.


Seems like it’s time for a yearly update on this blog :D

My fav’ pen wasn’t working anymore due to the HHHHEAT so I did some doodles to make it work again and guess what? MADOTSUKI, yep.

It hasn’t been that long since the last post but wow, so much things happened during those last month, that’s a strange feeling to think back about it :|

Anyway, drawing Mado’ with her best smile is always a greeeat source of motivation and courage! Wish you those feelings too!

And now it’s time for tea. See you next time!


Haciendo una de las cosas que he aprendido este año gracias a @joakotattoo ❤ con abrazo de Mayo incluido jajajaja 🐱

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Apo-chan being friendly with elgang, demanding pets and cuddles and their reactions to it.

Elsword laughs and snuggles the cat cube.  Add’s weird, but at least his pet is cute.  Oh, it’s not a pet?  It’s a rubix cube of death?  Uh….

Aisha would love to cuddle Apochan.  Unfortunately, it sneaks up on her when she’s reading.  Apochan gets smacked with a staff.

Rena is curious as to how Apochan is sentient, but scratches it behind its ears and is delighted when it purrs.

Raven flat-out denies the cube.  He doesn’t really like sentient Nasod stuff.  However, when he’s reading, Apochan can nestle up next to him and Raven will absently pet it.

Eve of course pets Apochan.  It may be created by Add, but it’s still her subject.

Chung is wary of it at first, having seen what it can do in dungeons, but slowly comes to realize that it’s harmless when in cat mode.  Cuddles ensue.

Ara wants to cuddle it.  She really does.  Unfortunately, she trips and accidentally almost breaks Apochan.  It avoids her after that.

Elesis is programmed into Apochan’s system as a dangerous person, because Add does not want to fight Elesis.  So it stays away from her.

Add smacks it away and threatens to change its coding.  He doesn’t sleep with Apochan cuddled in his arms, though.  Nope.

Lu doesn’t get a chance to cuddle the cube.  It’s too busy being doted on by Ciel.

Ciel absolutely spoils Apochan.  He might also die of cute overload.  Lu is teasing him.  Apochan is happy.

Ain also smacks Apochan away, but without Add’s tsundere affection.  Why should he care about this thing?