cube cats


I’ve been having panic attacks cause I can’t breathe (which just makes the breathing worse) here is some gifs of me trying to calm down post attack

Gif 1: Rocking and petting Peridot (our older cat)
Gif 2: shaking my legs and playing with multiple sides of my fidget cube
Gif 3: rocking and playing with the roller side of the fidget cube


Been very busy and stress tried so gonna just post this little tool I picked up to try and help me stop fidgeting with my fingers and wrecking em worse than what my work does with some drawings of it with my Miss kitty the magical flying cat from outer space 🐾🖋✏️💕😊💜❤️💙💚💛🎀

It’s not a normal fidget cube and I’ve been mostly using spinners to help with attention deficit disorder/ADHD need to fidget

I just like to try everything that’ll help


Hi Miraculers! Original content, whaaat?

This is me, dancing part of the Korean Miraculous Ladybug theme song’s choreography. In the middle of Budapest’s shopping street. In heels for the first time ever. With no practice in a year.

Either way, hope you like it :’D the reactions are priceless :’D


Captain Solo, daredevil scoundrel and decorated Rebel general, gets completely confused by a small ice cube..

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apparently one of the leading name choices for the final 11 is ‘nuest and the boys’ but personally i think ‘nuest and the farm animals’ is much more appropriate 

i mean as of rn the top 20 has got baby chicks (cube trainees), cats (daniel), dogs (seungwoo), fish (jung sewoon; ponyo), turtle (kim jonghyun), alpaca (youngmin) xD