cubbies for life

Aiden had an evaluation because his doctor was concerned about his development. They were trying to determine if he might be autistic and after some tests they found out he’s functioning at a 12-month level and he’ll be two in a little over two months.
They’re going to put him in literally all the therapies; speech, behavior, etc.
My heart hurts. I know that he’s ok. It’s not like he’s in pain or that this should have permanent effects on his quality of life. He’s still the same cubby bear he was before they put a name to what he’s dealing with. And we can work with him in a way that will help him learn and develop now that we know more.
But I’ve been there with Izzy’s very different but very challenging medical complications since she was born and it seemed like Aiden was really just trucking right along. I keep hoping these kids will get to have some semblance on a settled, boring, waiting room light life.

I just want my babies to be ok.



Let’s all just take a moment of silence to appreciate this man for being on this Earth today and to value what he has given us from ftp. Now that Cubbie has gone it doesn’t mean that he’s any less or unimportant anymore. Cubbie has always been the backbone of ftp; he gave so much energy in his performances and was always so kind to fans and had never once let anyone down. I hope now that wherever he is or whatever he’s doing I just hope he’s happy. I wish Cubbie a long, happy life, with his beautiful family, which he deserves and I hope that someday he’ll be able to return to ftp. I’m still finding it a struggle to come to terms that he has actually gone, I just wonder if he’ll continue to make some sort of music which would be amazing. 

Happy 32nd Birthday Jacob, Cubbie, Fink; you have been a light in my life and have made me laugh and smile countless of times which has always gotten me back on track. I hope you never forget the thousands of fans missing and loving you continuously and I thank you for everything you have done for ftp <3

I need to blog this before it disappears

I had my FCC orientation today. I realized that U of A is my new home, that I have a family. That Cubbies for Life means Cubbies for Life. That I will be supportive of all my fellow cubbies and I will love all of them. I’m looking forward to a great year and it’s moments like this that I feel everything is right.