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Hi! I don't know if i should consider myself a little or not. At times I do feel like a little. And I don't know how to address this with my boyfriend (I already call him daddy at times). I've been looking into the Lg/Dd community a lot. I'm just so lost on everything and I don't know how or where to start. If you could give me some guidance that would be greatly appreciated!❤️❤️

Hello, sweet Anon! 🤗

(Let me preface this by saying I am certainly no expert on all things little, there’s a ton I probably don’t know. With that out of the way..)

Well, I and many others always say “if you feel like a little, you are a little”!

There’s no rule book of littleness, no right or wrong way to be a little, no one size fits all little. We’re all super different and wonderful! Even if you don’t like something that most of the littles you see like (or like something they seem to not like), that doesn’t mean you’re not a little! We all look at littleness differently, some kink, some not, some both, some coping, some just because they enjoy it, I could go on for days!

With that being said, that unfortunately means there’s truly no guide on how to be little. The closest you’re likely to get is identifying with some of the things you see other littles do and describe, the way they talk about their littleness. But again, keep in mind, we’re all different.

What is it that makes you feel little? Does feeling that way make you feel good, comfortable, happy, safe? The answer of whether or not you’re little ultimately has to come from you. There are plenty of people who have a ton of common little characteristics that don’t consider themselves littles, plenty of people with little to no common little characteristics that *do* consider themselves little. It’s all in how you feel, what you feel comfortable identifying with.

As for talking to your boyfriend about it, what exactly are you having trouble with?
If you’re looking for guidance from him, or support, all you can do is sit him down and just come right out with it. Tell him what you’re feeling, what being little is to you, how it makes you feel, anything you feel he needs to know or could be helpful in offering you support/guidance.
If what you’re asking is how to ask him to be your DD, I would suggest figuring out what you really want for yourself first since, as of now, you’re unsure. After, all I can offer is just sit him down and let it out. Explain what it is, (if he doesn’t know), explain why you want it, how you think it would benefit the both of you, ask how he feels about it.

I’m sorry I don’t have much to offer you ☹️ if you feel like asking again (or messaging me) with more specifics, please do! Then, I’d likely have more to give you!

No matter what, I hope your life brings you lots of happiness and fulfillment! 💕


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I'm kind of new to the little community and I really want little friends, but I really don't know how to go about that. Any suggestions?

Hello, sweet little!

Welcome to the community! I’m so glad you’re here!! 🤗🤗😙😙💕💕

My only suggestion is, if you see someone you think you’d get along with, just say hello! 😊

You can always send them an anonymous ask first to see if they’d be open to making a new friend, to maybe ease some worry. You can also check their about section to see if they state that they are open to receiving messages or looking for little friends.

But, you never know unless you say hello! I know it can be really, really scary to put yourself out there like that 😞 but, once you say hello, the scariest part is over!
There are also plenty of posts going around that are essentially “I’m looking for little friends” (if I see one, I’ll add it to this post).
You can even create one yourself and I’d be more than happy to reblog it to help you find some little friends! 😊

There are a lot of friendly people in this community looking to make new friends! The only way to find those friends is to reach out to them! My 2 best friends on here reached out and said hello to me and we’ve been talking almost every day ever since! 😁

So, whether you decide to message someone, create a post to look for friends, or wait to see if I (hopefully) find one that’s already established, I hope you find a super wonderful friend! Every little deserves little friends! 💖




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Uh, a dingleberrry means a particle of fecal matter attached to the anal hair of an animal.

Oh, man. I can’t even believe I’m about to say such a silly word so many times but, here goes..
I didn’t at all think dingleberry would be this big of a deal.. I mean, dingleberry can’t be the hill anyone wants to die on.
I know the definitions of dingleberry, which is why I said “I know it’s yucky, but non sexual” then made a joke “correcting” myself because, some people *may* find them sexually appealing because, well, different strokes for different folks! 😁 who am I to judge?

I did notice that you repeated the one definition word for word so I feel like you must have seen the other, informal definition for it’s slang use and am unsure as to why you left it out 😕

I really hope it wasn’t in an attempt to make me feel bad or talk down to me over something so trivial😞 I always hope the best for people’s intentions so, I believe that you wouldn’t do that, stranger! 😊

I have said poop on my blog probably 500 times (“I’m sorry you feel like poop”, “today is a poop day”, things of that nature). So, I really didn’t think anything of it. I’m sorry.

But, either way, thanks for dropping some knowledge about dried poop balls! 😝

Have a wonderful night!