[–it’s been two years now, hasn’t it?

Alex wakes up at five AM and doesn’t leave his room ‘til noon, like most days, and figures that it’s about to be the most awkward day of this year because they’re all back, this year.]

[He doesn’t really look at the first person he sees, just grunts a hello.]


Wordlessly, she takes the shoes. Her jaw ticks. ]

Why does everyone keep asking me that?

Is not not obvious I’m not okay I’m fine? ]

[ Her hands drop limply back to her sides.

Surely her asking if Raven was okay wasn’t overstepping the line they drawn previously. Or was it? ]

I just thought–

[ She swallows down her usual sheepishness in favor of finding out what’s wrong, because this is Raven and there’s something wrong.

Her voice isn’t as confident as she’d like it to sound, though; in the back of her mind, she’s worrying about being on thin ice with her again. ]

You didn’t answer the question