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Camila’s full speech on how her mother was her inspiration and the reason why she’s here. What a wonderful way to honor the woman who birthed you! And of course thank you Sinu for giving us everyone’s favorite Cuban rising pop star!


Cuban born, lucha libre star Konnan got wind of some dude on Twitter saying Mexican-American star Rey Mysterio Jr. wasn’t a Hall of Fame-level performer. He wasn’t pleased.

Something should be written about Mysterio, that really delves into his career. Incredible in-ring performer, that alone makes him a Hall of Famer. That’s not even mentioning the other layer to his legacy. He was a legitimate ratings mover for years, the second biggest merchandise draw (behind John Cena) for about a decade, one of the key box-office attraction overseas (not just Mexico, but in Italy and Spain, where he helped create business boom periods there), along with Eddy Guerrero brought in key demographics that didn’t watch WWE before they showed up, was one of the top draws among children in company history, and he did all that while never really having a lot of support from WWE, since seemingly they always held him being 5'3 against him. While he had three runs with world titles, the way WWE handled those runs was always questionable. Randy Orton and Dave Batista – who treasure Mysterio’s work, love working with him and will probably admit that he’s far better in the ring that they are – had far more opportunities and support from WWE than Mysterio ever got. 

His career seems like it’s about to be coming to an end. He’s 39 years old, which isn’t old, but he started wrestling in tiny cantinas along la frontera when he was only 14 years old. That’s 25 years, where he worked a very high impact style all around the world, and his body is riddled with injuries at this point. He had to work so much harder than everyone else to overcome some of the prejudices he had to deal with over the course of his career. He’s pretty much set for life, financially speaking, so if he retires, it’s been a great career.