cuban league

Fidel Castro and fellow revolutionary Camilo Cienfuegos with their amateur baseball team, Los Barbudos (“The Bearded Ones”), prior to an exhibition game against a team of military policemen at Gran Stadium (now known as Estadio Latinoamericano) in Havana on July 24, 1959.

The exhibition was part of a doubleheader also featuring a game between the Havana Sugar Kings, a minor league affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds, and the Rochester Red Wings, a St. Louis Cardinals affiliate at the time. Castro, a pitcher in college for the University of Havana’s baseball team, pitched two innings for Los Barbudos and struck out two batters.

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I know you're a huge fan of race bending in media and so am I. If you could come up with alternate races for characters of the bat fam which would they be and why? (Bonus Question: Apply the same race bending question to the Justice League)

you know me so well >:)

  • Bruce: black African American
  • Dick: Romani (full)
  • Jason: ½ Korean ½ white (mostly Scottish and Irish)
  • Tim: Indian
  • Cassandra: ½ Chinese ½ white
  • Stephanie: ½ Mexican ½ Afra-Latina
  • Damian: ½ black ¼ Arab ¼ Chinese
  • Selina: white, Cuban

Justice League:

  • Bruce: African American
  • Superman: deep tan skinned Kryptonian
  • Wonder Woman: ? ? ?
  • Aquaman: mostly Native Hawaiian, some black, Chinese, Japanese, and white ancestry mixed in
  • Oliver Queen: Lebanese
  • Black Canary: Bangladeshi
  • Hawkgirl: Central Asian
  • Hawkman: Egyptian
  • Wally West: Native American
  • Roy Harper: one Japanese/white parent, one Japanese/white/Navajo/Mexican parent
  • Kyle Rayner: ½ white ½ Mexican
  • Guy Gardner: white-passing fuckboy who’s actually part Indigenous Canadian but doesn’t know until adulthood
  • Hal Jordan: Indigenous Central/South American

Some of these might seem random but I put a lot of thought into ALL of them… and have backstories…. help now I’m mad these aren’t real………..


Newsreel footage of opening night of the 1958-59 Cuban League season.

Ebbets Field - Santa Clara 1938 Ballcap | The Santa Clara Leopards won the Cuban League title in five of their eleven seasons. The team featured an assortment of great Black American League stars, including Josh Gibson and Oscar Charleston. Since the Cuban League played in the winter, Black American league players were able to extend their season - and thus their paychecks - by signing on to Cuban clubs, who did not segregate on the basis of race.