cuban kitchen

Prodigy Lance Fic part 1

Lance noticed from a young age that he was different. He saw the world in a way that no one else did. Not like his brothers or sisters. Not even his parents. He saw the world like a maze. A puzzle. And his brain created ways to solve it. Strategies, plans, routes all raced through his brain. A prodigy is what they called him. Creating brilliant plans in a blink of an eye. They called him special. Lance however, never thought so. He was just a boy from Cuba.

It wasn’t until Lance received the letter from the Garrison that he started to believe that he was special. Lance and his family was shocked to say the least when they received this letter. Lance? In the Garrison? Of course he was always fascinated by space, with his glow in the dark stars splattered all over his ceiling, but he never wanted to use his gift to hurt others. He didn’t want to fight or be apart of the war. He wanted to stay with his family and watch them grow. Lance was about to disregard the letter when something caught his eye. If he accepted, he would get grants. The Garrison would pay him for the plans he created. He quickly looked around his Cuban home. Outdated kitchen and sinking floors with a crumbling foundation. He looked at his brother and sisters. All of them were wearing hand-me-downs, including himself. He looked at his parents. Dark bags under their eyes, wrinkles formed by worry about money. Always money. Lance loved how large his family was, but he knew if often come at a price. He knew, right then, what he had to do.

Being at the Garrison took some time to get used to. Although Lance was always busy studying and coming up with new military strategies to ensure his position, he managed to make friends along the way. His roommate, Hunk, became his best friend almost immediately and the two became inseparable. Then the duo became a trio when Pidge came into the picture. He was happy and trusted them, but whenever they asked what he wanted to do at the Garrison, he always lied and said he dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot. He didn’t want his new friends to take pity on him and his family because they were in such financial need. He had been bullied all his life for it, and didn’t want to risk others to find out and history to repeat itself. Lance was grateful for his status as a cargo pilot because he would never have to fight others or train to kill. He could continue to make new strategies and send all his funds to his family without getting caught in the middle. Everything was finally looking up for Lance and his family.

But of course, all good things must come to an end. Lance was promoted into fighter class.

(Never written a fic before and thought this might be an interesting prompt? If you would like for me to continue, please let me know! Comments/questions are welcomed!)