cuban frog

Reptile keeper PSA

HEY GUYS! so, I know a lot of us use Exo-Terra plastic plants in our enclosures, and I’m no exception, since they’re so cheap and look decent.

but I just pulled one out of my Cuban tree frog’s enclosure, and I found this

that would be rusty wire sticking out of the plastic.

so I went and checked all my others, and sure enough, almost all of them had some protruding rusty metal wires.

Exo-Terra, are you fucking kidding me? how can you tell your customer base that this is terrarium-safe?? 

reptile/amphibian keepers: PLEASE remove these from your enclosures! don’t let your animals get exposed to potentially toxic levels of rust! 

I have had a few mysterious amphibian deaths recently and I’m starting to wonder. 

so please use these ONLY in arid/desert enclosures… or better yet, don’t use them at all!

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meet stephanie!! look at how nicely AND professionally she posed for this photo - she’s a real beaut. stephanie is one of the (invasive!!) cuban tree frogs i will be studying this semester!!! we get to look at their stomach contents and measure and weigh them and lots of other fun stuff!! im really excited to be working on this project tbh


@toadschooled A baby (toad?) my mom found on our porch. I’m not really sure though; we have a small congregation of cuban tree frogs that live in the broken porchlight cover so this could be their spawn but I’m pretty sure this is a red-ish southern toad which would make it the first toad we’ve seen here since we moved to this house almost 9 years ago! Can I have your opinion on this little sprout? I’m keeping them in a small tupperware container with a large leaf and some soil while I’ve been trying to get better photos.