cuban beauties

how I imagine bilingual lance

keith: wow speaking Spanish must be so cool it’s such an amazing language 

lance: me quiero matar :) 

keith: what does that mean?? 

lance: oh I just said “I look good today”

bonus: hunk sniggering and or yelling at lance in the background because you bet my ass lance definitely used that stuff around hunk all the time

CAMILA CABELLO DID THAT. Camila sang Man In The Mirror by the Great Michael Jackson and it was flawlessly. so beautiful. While doing that she made a statement with her shirt #RESIST !
What is even more inspiring is that Camila born in Cuba & her dad is Mexican & they all Immigrated to the United States when she was young. She is Living the American Dream with her family. Such an Inspiration truly to all of us. She has always been vocal about helping others and immigration & I love that she took part of this amazing Event Welcome to fight against all the hate and the immigration things that have been happening and to bring awareness & raise money to the ACLU. Thank you For this Camila 🙏 Love You❤️ @waakeme-up