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(ive been reading thru ur blog and bless u u deal with so much drama-fight tht good fight) smn truly amazing abt the voltron fandom. half of the ppl who hate shalidan ships for "pedophilia" r the same ppl who don't see a problem with erasing lance's identity cause some of the ppl in his family "look" white, and dont get y ppl want lance to hav a cuban last name so bad. like. honestly reminds me of that quote from community, "i can excuse racism but i draw the line at animal cruelty." lmao

LOL i noticed that too, it’s pretty wild like you’ll go some of these blogs that are like:
“um Lance is FICTIONAL and he obviously would never reflect what Cubans are like irl i mean jeez get over yourselves sjws” 
and in the same breath be like: 
“how DARE you ship these two characters you are a vile evil human and you CLEARLY don’t realize that fiction and reality are THE SAME THING” 

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is that song "only told the moon" just a leaked song, i mean love incredible leaked during january. and someone said it (only told the moon) was recorded a long time ago. i am hoping that this is another camila's song to be released any time sooner. :)

Apparently “Only told the moon” might be an old song indeed and won’t be on CC1 - which I think is good because from the billboard interview it seems she was going for a more r’n’b/cuban vibe so I don’t really see how it would fit in there

the paladins + their favorite music genres

lance: pop punk, pop rock, alternative hip hop, latin rap, cuban hip hop, chillstep, contemporary r&b, timba, cuban lounge

hunk: old school rap, early 2000’s pop, electropop, soft rock, traditional samoan music, contemporary samoan music, carribbean hip-hop, k-pop

pidge: indie folk, punk rock, several types of edm/techno, chiptune, the soundtrack to her favorite videogames, classical

shiro: triphop, traditional r&b, neo-soul, pbr&b, whatever was the ‘teen pop’ in his day (ie. big time rush, etc.) metalcore

keith: indie/alternative rock, grunge, electropop, korean indie, contemporary country, emocore