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This is probably one of my favorite images from my shoots in Cuba. While I was shooting Daniela Cabrera, this elderly woman got really close to her and just stood there watching her for the longest time. I’m almost certain she didn’t even notice me shooting. It seemed as if she was reminiscing about her own youth.

As she stood, I moved back to adjust my composition and include her into the frame.

Omar Robles

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How These Afro-Cuban Women Are Stamping Out Anti-Blackness on the Island
Women are at the forefront of Cuba’s pro-Black movement. MORE: 5 Campaigns for Black Lives in Latin America

Women are at the forefront of Cuba’s pro-Black movement.

While the country’s revolution helped birth a more inclusive Cuba, where afro-cubanos are given the same access to healthcare and education, institutional equality doesn’t mean anti-blackness has disappeared on the island. Racism permeates throughout society, from inside the homes to pop culture and media, and it’s something Havana’s Afro-Descendent Organization for Women fight to eradicate.

The group, started by Lucila Insua Brindis in 2012, works to crush stereotypes and stigmas Black women experience while fighting broader racial justice issues.

“The Cuban Revolution brought a lot of positive changes for Black women in Cuba in education and with access to resources, but the racial problem in Cuba is not necessarily a state problem or an institutional problem,” Brindis, 67, told Fusion.