• America:I love hamburgers!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • Romano:I love pizza!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • Veneciano:I love pasta!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • Spain:I love churros!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • France:I love cheese!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • Canada:I love pancakes and maple syrup!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • Canada + Cuba:We love ice cream!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • Germany + Prussia:We love potatoes!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • England:I love tea!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • Turkey:I love sweets!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • Iceland:I love licorice!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • 2P!England:I love cupcakes!
  • Me:I feel ya
  • Norway:I love butter!
  • Me:what
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>Why does Prussia like Director Schnaas’s movies?

  • Because the director himself sometimes plays the role of the blood-thirsty killer.

  • He likes that the director shows his stomach sometimes.

  • He likes his camera work, which in overseas is known to be just like a security camera.

  • He likes that the camera sometimes shakes at very odd times.
  • He likes how the killer would just walk in casually when he makes his appearance.
  • He likes the polite killers who properly open the door and enter. Then they close them properly and go home. They don’t break glass to enter and such. Good boys.
  • Director Schnaas’s carefree way of thinking, like, “It’s New York, so they should have bloodthirsty killers.
  • Because he’s cool like a little bird when he watches his movies.

>The short stick England was holding, is it some kind of weapon? I thought it might be a tonfa, but his grip is a little different, would you mind shedding some light on it?

That stick is mysterious. I’ll have to ask the real British ninjas.

>Among the countries, there are characters who wear glasses and characters who don’t.  Do you decide who wears them and who doesn’t based on your inspiration?

There are countries where the glasses were completely by my inspiration and countries where the glasses have a meaning.

America becomes a hero when he takes them off, so it’s a prop to show you he’s normally disguising his power (the trope you see a lot in American cartoons where a boring glasses-wearer has a hidden identity of a superhero. America himself feels like a hero even when he’s wearing them though) and they also have a meaning as part of his land.

Austria’s glasses are music. He looks a bit plain when he takes them off, so he doesn’t do it very often.

Estonia has a lot in his mind, so the glasses play a role in concealing his facial expressions.

The more I draw Thailand, the more he looks like my Thai friend who I used as a model for the character.  He laughed hysterically when I showed him.



The mascot character of Fukushima Central Television. He responds to everything with “Chuu chuu!”

It says on his official website that he looks like “an Angel from Neon Genesis Evangelion”.  You sure that’s a good idea, Chuutere-kun!!?

Costumed Character Chuutere-kun.

The legs seem retractable.

It’s really obvious that there’s a person hidden inside though.  Are you sure that’s a good idea, Chuutere-kun!?

>Where might a character in Mr. Hima’s work who speaks Yamaguchi dialect be?

Choushuu intonation is both clear and easy to listen to, so it’s both cool and cute, isn’t it great? Maybe if a character were to speak it, I think that a country whose atmosphere fits Choushuu dialect would be good. [T/N: Choushuu intonation/dialect is a form of Yamaguchi dialect.]

The phrase “~de arimasu”, which became famous in the era of Japan opening where there were many government officials, is so cute…

Maybe a country with a warm climate would be fitting?

>Monaco is a man among men.

Errrr,I don’t speak english but I try to… I really love imagine Fem!cuba as a Chubby and lovely girl,I’m not sure if you like cuba or not, but i Think he deserves more love, Fem cuba… I think she has a lot of confidence in herself, because she doesn’t care what other people think about her.

she’s not scared or ashamed to show her body because she thinks she’s beautiful, she wears makeup, she buy lovely dresses like others girls and wears bikinis in the beach, why? she thinks Chubby or skinny i’ts only a  Tag.

I’m chubby, and I really want to be like her.

Before the World Meetings....


Canada, Cuba and Mexico:

England and Spain:










Ukraine and Belgium:

Belarus and Liechtenstein:


New Zealand:




Poland and Lithuania:



Sweden, Sealand and Finland:





Wales, Scotland, Seychelles and Ireland:

North Ireland:

Australia and Denmark:

Hong Kong:

Taiwan and South Korea:

I just found it.. XD

Have fun~

Me? It’s Canada groped me because Poland demanded it.. =_=