ABC project ! Women of the world (Only finished 20/26)

A: Australian Aboriginal Person 

B: Brazil (Kayapo)

C: Cuba

D, E: —

F: Fiji 

G: Germany

H, I, J, K: —

L: Lakota

M: Mexico

N: New Zealand (Maori)

O: Omo (Ethiopian)

P: Philippines

Q: Quechua (Peru)

R: Romani

S: Spain

T: Thailand

U: Ukraine

V: Vietnam

W: Wodaabe (Niger)

X: Xhosa (South Africa)

Y: Yakama

Z: Zulu

paulnicklen This is the kind of encounter you hope for. He was a large and impressive animal, and it was humbling to enter his lair. As this American crocodile swam out from the mangrove forest in which he resides, I knew that, in the absence of mangroves, encounters like this wouldn’t happen. This is what an ocean looks like when you protect it. Filmed #OnAssignment with @Sea_Legacy in the Gardens of the Queens, Cuba.