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The ones who surprised me the most while recording were Sergio, Cristiano and Jesé. They can sing really, really well…it was quite a surprise to see how well they did and how much fun they had.
—  Producer RedOne to Cuatro TV about the recordings of “Hala Madrid…y Nada Más”

Cristiano Ronaldo and his son Junior watching Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey-game vs. Cornellà from the VIP-box at the Santiago Bernabéu | 02.12.2014 [Source: Cuatro TV]


CuatroTV: “Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance much above Messi’s during El Clasico.”

“Ronaldo barely found anyone to pass to, because most of the time he was running alone, without being accompanied by any of his team-mates. Messi kept messing up pass after pass, barely even had a chance to get the ball. Therefore, both Messi and Ronaldo did not shine during El Clasico. But Ronaldo’s individual performance was higher than the Argentine’s.”